Friday, November 17, 2017

They Say That Catching Up Is Hard To Do

They say that catching up on blogging is hard to do. Or am I the only one who says that? Never mind, 'cause now I know--I know that it's true. Well, it might hard on some whom I'm in letter debt to. It's the not knowing if I've died or not, huh? Those of you who haven't heard from me in a while are probably wondering if you should erase me from your permanent address book, or perhaps you have already and I just don't know it. And if it's true, I just know that it could very well be true, but instead of breaking up . . . Well, it's okay. I don't blame you one bit. 

But, on the other hand, if you're like me, and you believe in Letter Amnesty, then you'll always have mail. Surprise mail, that is! And nothing else beats a surprise. I know. Because I get the loveliest "Hey, you!" surprises that letter life can spring on a body when I least expect it. And when it happens I feel like Snoopy does when he's working his happy dance. Heck, I probably look like him too. 

Don't get me wrong. I have my "Good ol' Charlie Brown" moments. And I have me some Lucys. So I keep dragging this 'toon out from the morgue, give it a good dust, and present ad nauseam. *grin* Life is good.

I might cry three times a year. Not from joy. Joyful tears don't count, right? Sometimes there's nothing wrong with a good cry. And Nikki's been in my rowboat for a few years now. She's not there to help me replenish the well-salted Sea of Tears. No way. She's on the opposite shore whispering, "Others have been there too. Come on back home. Welcome to No More Tears, USA." Can you see me paddlin'? No? Well, I am. *grin*

I got to shop for food yesterday. JC's been doing it for a long while now. What did I see? Another penguin. Hey Jacob. Are there penguins in South Africa?

Oh! Sorry. I drifted. Catching up is the topic at hand. And, in keeping with my chosen topic, here's my show and tell:

Ever make envelopes ahead of the letters? This is from several years back. It's finally winging its way through the mail and fingers crossed, I'm catching up. See? Plus I'm doing it smartly. See? In every mail-life, some rain must fall, and we all fall behind. Make some make-ahead envelopes and . . . Make some make-ahead envelopes and you'll be ahead of the catch-up. *groan*

I promise you you won't regret it. Even 9 x 12s are do-able. They'll save your bacon when you run out of store-bought. Use a sheet of Canson 14 x 17, 80 lb drawing paper, arrange some of those old Tim Holtz Salvage Stickers you've been hoarding for far too long, and you're in business. 

What's good to go inside? How about artsy newsprint? Yep! Newsprint for your own personal newspaper. Collaged of course. I bought eleven sets! Eleven!

There's denim.


Le Pen and ink, and other cool writing stuff.

The everyday.

'Hoods and houses.

The place where Little Red Riding Hood hung out. The forest! Wait. If she wore a riding hood, why was she walking? Her Mama let her walk through the woods all alone, knowing there were wolves about? Someone should have called Child Protective Services! 

Each page is a double spread. 

 and etc . . .

The hard part is deciding which set to send and which set to keep. Aargh! 

Old postcards with images of Houston are pieces of local history.

Everyday images that look like alphabets are fun. I bought a bunch at Hobby Lobby a few years back, hoping I'd collect the entire alphabet. It didn't happen. So I'm finally releasing the last of the bunch. And E remains.

I missed my V. D. post but it's okay. I wrote one but didn't post because it wasn't finished until midnight. Houston and the last minute parade didn't make me proud so perhaps I should have. 

I can't explain everything.

And perhaps I shouldn't even try.

On the other hand, some things speak for themselves. On those, I shall not dwell. 

I do like a Flow letter-in-an-envelope. They're good for what ails you when you're ailing too much for a good long, chatty letter. May they never cease to exist. We can all use a little Flow in our lives.

And we can make it up as we go. With a little help from Flow. Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold. Both are precious.

So. Aside from trying to decide which newsprint set to pair with whom, I really have been writing letters, as you've clearly seen.  Between making oversize envelopes, sticking alphabets on, reading other people's letters to other people, writing my own, and weeping with joy, I'm catching up. It isn't so hard to do. And, now that I know that it's true, it's okay to say that this is the end . . . But instead of breaking up I wish that we were inking up again.

I ask you not to say goodbye. We should give our penship another try. Come on, my penfriends, let's start anew. 'Cause breaking up is hard to do. I'm writing as fast as I can! Because I appreciate you writing when I couldn't. Here's to you, Page One. Thank you. Show and tell's coming up soon! 

Write on. Letters do make a difference. Until next time . . . I'ma keep readin' As Always, Julia. And Edna Lewis' The Taste of Country Cooking! And Julia's Kitchen Wisdom. What's on your letter-writing pad? Um. What are you reading? Don't let it keep you from writing when you're up to it. Thinking of you.



  1. I love the envelopes you decorate. You make it look so easy and then I try it and make a mess. Sigh. Perhaps I should try to make the envelopes first that way I'll make more time to create. I'm usually running to get things packed up to take to the post office and don't take enough time to think about the envelope. I'm still trying to think about postcards. Time just keeps getting away from me.

    1. Aw, gee, thank you. I pore over yours--even the stamps are worth the time and use of my trusty magnifier. Make-ahead envelopes are due to on-the- spot bouts of inspiration. You know what I mean. It's like looking at what's in the fridge and coming up with a tasty dish made from what's on hand--including leftovers. :)

      Speaking of postcards! I came across some from Strathmore that I'd bought a long time ago. They inspired me to use the watercolors from Dodson, D. and it was bedtime before I knew it! I'll show you the mess I made. In fact, I'll send it. Think pumpkins. :)

      That elusive devil, Time! It likes making merry with us. I'm meant to be starting dinner but here I sit with a mug of tea and a keyboard. I'll catch up in a minute. :)

      Be well.

  2. Letter Amnesty! I'm all for it. I get in moods when I think of things to write about, but sometimes nothing comes to me. I'll start a letter and sit and stare and get up and wander around and still...nothing. When those moods hit me, I avoid the idea of replying to a letter. Sometimes I'm writing letters in my head as I go about daily chores, a surfeit of things I want to say.

    Sometimes...I just send a postcard with little text at all because I've had fun decorating the card. I could do like Jean Wilson and decorate an envelope and label it empty.

    The urge to write comes and goes. Now I can invoke Letter Amnesty and plea for time. :)

    1. There we go then! I hear you, feel you, and raise you an envelope. Or does that sound too much like Texas hold 'em? I think of responses to letters throughout the day and even take pictures of things I want to tell someone about, or show that I've found something they've mentioned, then totally forget it come writing time. Or I'll crawl into bed with all my writing stuff, get comfy, then realize I've forgotten the letter I'm supposed to be answering. Last night I found a letter I began in 2016! Seems I have a habit of writing, going all drowsy, putting the writing pad away, then forget there's an unfinished letter inside. I've found letters subbing as bookmarks!

      Thanks for reminding me that this falling behind too, is a common human trait. I pack letters in a writing bag to write from the patio or even the kitchen, get busy, forget everything, then can't put my hands on them. I discovered a letter in a peck basket, tucked around the potted plant inside. I remember securing it after the wind blew it off the patio, and thinking it'd be safe there while I checked out a feather under the willow. I'll take a picture if I remember. :)

      I'm with you on the postcard. Seems the best parts have been said in the creating. LOL. While I do like pretty envelopes I live for the letter. I love getting to know people. I enjoy hearing opinions that differ from mine. I alwo learn a lot from letters. I enjoy re-reading as a form of remembrance. I just like mail in general. People put effort and creativity in a protective layer, put a stamp on top as a seal on a tacit deal they see as a promise that I'll reply in kind. Lord knows I do try. :)

      Letter Amnesty! Invoke at will! :)

      Thanks, and be well.