Monday, November 20, 2017

Thank You

Thanks for sending Jacob a Christmas card. I like to believe he died knowing we cared.


  1. My heart is heavy today to learn of Jacobs passing and also of teen idol david cassidys passing as well . so sad both of them . Okay I'm sad now and no words can express it . sorry I have no words .

  2. I have someone wondering what kind of adhesive you used on the doily that you adhered to the very pretty envelope you sent a while back. If you have time, we would love to hear what you use for collage on envelopes. Thanks.
    Here is a link to envelope - in case you do not remember it.

    1. Hey, Jean. I use the Lineco adhesive. The small bottle is great for small spaces. The formula seems to have changed though. It's only half as good as it used to be. Sorry. I still recommend it, because once it sticks, it's stuck.

      Thanks for asking. :)