Saturday, November 18, 2017

My Saturday Evening Post

Fifty-eight drafts and I still forget to rig them to post automatically. Burning my candle at both ends might make for a brighter light but all that wax meets in the middle and waxes where and what it will. Then you have to clean up. So that's probably what I should do. I should clean up my drafts and see what happens. Instead, I keep on writing and saving. Perhaps things will change after I run out of reasons to write. Until then . . . I'm still playing catch-up.

Here's to one down and fifty-eight to go. One for the money and another for show. Good Sunday to you.

So, starting from back to front here's what I did. I cut a long strip from my good old workhorse of a drawing pad also known as Canson's and drew a Berd just for Davia. One cool drawing deserves another. Right? The balloons remind me of grapes somehow, although I've never seen a pink or blue variety. Imaginations are so cool. 

I flipped it and did some other stuff too. I wrote a little letter to make it look better. Using colored pencils is a Zen exercise, especially if you color in circles.

My last mamegama (?) eraser is tucked inside. "Gohan mada?" What's for dinner? Hmm. Davia, I hope you learned enough Japanese to know what this means. I've forgotten 99% of all the Japanese I learned.

Scrolled, rolled all nice and tight . . .

A covered roll from the waxed paper I like, 

. . . with each end tucked just right . . . 

And we're off to the races! Well, off to the post office. Thanks to JC. She should have it by now so it's okay to share and tell. Um, show and tell. Be well.

Have a moanless Monday! Sayonara, and goodnight.


  1. how lovely you are and funny as well . I hope you are recovering nicely it sounds as though you are . I finally blogged about a few things and boy am I glad I did . I m as happy as a pig rooting in mud yes very happy . I will leave you with that and Blessings to you and yours .

    1. Aw, gee, thanks for saying something so sweet. Few people get my humor. It's nerdish, or so I'm told. LOL.

      I caught up with my blog reading. Am glad you did too. Wallow and root, girl! It keeps a pig cool. ;)

      Be well. Be happy. And laugh! Hugs.