Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Marching to Climb Jacob's Ladder

I'm on an emotional roller coaster, or so it feels. Seems like there are penguins everywhere I turn lately, and naturally, I'm reminded of young Jacob. I wonder how he's doing and I don't want to. He has to be where he is, how he is because that's the way it's supposed to be. So perhaps all the penguin reminders are just that--reminders that all is well. 

I see these guys every day. They've been waddling into the wet since I chose them to appear at random intervals across my Big Mac. The photo is from a few days back--a spontaneous response to a signal from my heart-to-brain--an unconscious reaction done on a subliminal level of consciousness. Right? Thoughts of Jacob may never go away but then that's okay too. So I took a photo of a photo to paste in my journal along with thoughts of Jacob. I enjoy imagining the penguins going to join the boy who sneaked into my consciousness for a reason. Hopefully, they're there by now. Fingers crossed they're not smelly and raucous. They're more like the imaginary vanguard of a special spiritual totem for a little boy who likes penguins. A vanguard for Jacob's journey. That's what I hope anyway. This is what I hope and imagine because the idea makes me feel better. And my heart's in it. And it's as deep and full as the one in the photograph of a photograph from my monitor.

Life in Limnersville has been something else for the longest. But the truth is I'd be worried if everything came wrapped in roses with a side of iced tea every day. I'm training for the Olympics of Life here, so a girl's gotta sweat, fall down and skin both knees, get back up again, refocus and realign. That's what I'm doing. Rehab promises I'll be back in marathon writing form before the new year. I'm good with that. How are you?

Seems I meet more nice people when I'm ill, recovering, or getting a do-over. And I didn't have to kick a can down the street first this time. We met a lovely person, one Rodney, yesterday during my quest to find a new vendor for heel lifts. There will be no more ordering online! I'm back to doing it locally after the bad experience with the company I've done business with for so long I've forgotten how long it's been. The medical supply company we'd used years before that went out of business. If you can't get it on Amazon it can't be gotten, right? Well, I'll be doing my getting from For Your Toes and Feet from now on. 

 Rodney and I talked as much about the chai as we did about my feet, our common ex-employer, heel lifts, and life. The extended conversation started over that little charm--one among many--on the three bracelets I wore. The sound the tinkling silver bits make always make me feel better. How he managed to zoom in on the chai still has me shaking my head. JC said it's not such a mystery seeing as how Rodney's Jewish. But I'm not buying the easy answer. He, Rodney, not JC, wrote the symbol for me in print and cursive. I learned how to do it with a calligraphy brush. Did you know it has a numerical value of eighteen? The marks for chai, not the brush. When numbers are reduced to the lucky number eight, there's a whole other story to tell you. Since I'm feeling better day by day I'll save it for later. I'll tell you about Davia's latest letter first.

Her cursive is impressive. I'm so impressed I cannot help giving her a mental gold star. I wrote like that! Erin wrote like that! Cursive is in good hands again! Thank you, Davia, for restoring my belief in the American school system. You've become my very best penmanship girl. 

Davia's drawing of a koi is lovely. All those perfect scales. Lily pads and lotus blossoms! I watched "The Gift" again the night before last and those koi reminded me of Davia's. To learn more about the fish use this link: Koi Fish Facts. Packed away in a corner of my past life lays a cross-stitched gift of koi in a pond from an old friend, Auntie Stas. Koi in a pond aren't likely to happen here. Koi in a letter from Davia more than makes up for it. Ain't mail cool? Thank you, Davia. You're one of my favorite artists. Don't forget to sign your work, okay? Artists always sign their creations. *grin*

How's your mail flow lately? Good, I hope.


  1. oh the koi you brought back a memory from childhood our cousins who were on the wealthy side had a koi pond in their backyard and they taught the koi to come up and get piece of food from their fingers . it was so much fun , Those koi are so gentle and sweet . Thank you davia and Limner for bringing back such a wonderful memory . I too find Jacob on my mind lately . I wish him and his family well .

    1. I'm so pleased to hear that something I wrote took you back to a happy place in time. You are so welcome. I've read how koi do that, and how they survive winters. I keep forgetting they're carp though.

      Davia is a delight. I'll try to remember to relay your message to her the next time I write. I'm sure she'll like hearing the lovely thing you said.

      Thanks for thinking of Jacob too. You're a dear. I hope he can feel your goodwill.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that you are ill! I'm sending a few healing thoughts your way and hope to hear that you are perkier and marathon-ready soon.

    I love Davia's drawing--what a uniquely charming Koi!

    I was horrified years ago to learn from a fourth grade teacher that cursive was no longer in the curriculum. Homage to young Ashley (I actually taught her when she was a senior), who was continuing to teach cursive in her classroom. Now, I am grateful that the trend is being reversed and cursive is recognized for more than an obsolete form. Davia has a lovely and very readable hand :)

    1. Hugs to you! And many thanks. I feel like I need to explain my long absences but hate to be a downer. I only want to write about the good things, and am working towards that goal. Good health is a premium so I'm so happy when I can come back from something that drags me down.

      I love that koi! Davia's quite the artist and she's already writing cursive. She's something else. :) She's been to Japan! That's so cool.

      Is Ashley your daughter? I remember worrying when I heard cursive would no longer be taught too. It's unAmerican. Every country in the world teaches cursive! You mean the tide has turned? My homeschooled neighbors haven't heard the news since they're still struggling with printing, which is sad.

      I'm going to write to Davia again just so I can pass on your and phonelady's comments. She'll be so proud. And her mother will too. Thank you. :)

  3. Oh, cursive writing, how I love thee. This made me smile!

    1. Wow! Another lovely comment to pass on. Thank you! You have a lovely hand too!

      I'm still grinning. :D

      Be well.