Sunday, November 19, 2017

I'm in Need of a Little Help from My Friends

Oh boy, do I have a story to tell! You won't believe what happened unless I do. So here it comes, fast and fresh!

I followed these great big footprints through the kitchen. Something had walked in the butter and left a trail of evidence all across the tiles on the kitchen floor, and out the door! I dashed upstairs to grab my spy kit and sped after in hot pursuit. It didn't take long before I bumped into the hind end of something so big I bounced back on my heels, caught myself in the nick of time and avoided landing on my bottom in the big flower pot of jasmine growing on the patio. I sat down so hard I saw stars! 

What quickly came into focus made me wonder-ponder with delight! What I spied did not bring on fright! No indeed! Seeing me, the front end of the hind end took off to catch up with the rest of itself, then the head turned, and, what should appear to my wondering eye but this?

Oh, what to do, what to do? Why I grabbed my camera and took picture after picture after picture until my index finger was sore. The big friendly beast simply grinned and trumpeted a lively greeting before it promptly fainted? Well, maybe not so much fainted as simply vanished in a cloud of stars and petals that whooshed up into the air! I squeezed shut my eyes in amazement and disbelief, then uttered a prayer of innocent wishful belief, "Please let it be more than just my imagination! Oh, let it be real--the real deal!" 

Inhaling while crossing my toes, I opened my right eye for a quick peek, and . . . Whoosh! Everything turned buttery yellow and all softly mellow . . .  just as the elegant elephant went "poof!" Wha-a-at? It was all a spoof? No one would believe me if I told. So. In utter disbelief cloaked in hope, I ran back into the kitchen, did a skid across an ocean's width of tiles, and up the stairs, I galloped. "Move Minuet! Not now!" I hollered. "Mama's on a mission!" And, lickety-split uploaded the images I'd taken. Proof! Not wanting to be from some dream awakened if I had mistaken a fanciful illusion to be true and real, and holding my breath until I saw stars, I saw! A fanciful imagination is quite a big deal! But still. Sometimes, so is the fanciful truth. 

*sigh* Dreams do come true. I remember this pachyderm! Um. From The Simple Life??? I saw it, lost it, and Anna gave it back. Oh, joy! She sent it in a card with lovely things said. I'll forever remember what she wrote; it's inside a card but it's also inside my head. Everything she wrote went to my heart first. Thank you, dear Anna. Lovely people make dreams come true.

The end.

Well, not really the end since I'm working on a reply. But first, just in case you don't believe? Take a look-see at the spot where the elegant elephant went poof! What goes up must come down, and there lay proof that magic can make make-believe real.

Here it is.

And ever since, the spot has been a-buzz with bees. There's enough pollen flying about to make an elegant elephant sneeze!

And a truer mystery cannot follow than this. 

The leaves have the same scent lightning bugs leave on your hands in summer. Or baby wild onions. The little buds look so familiar. There's a baby growing next to it. Patty and I can't figure out what it is. Do you know?

I photograph this almost every day but it hasn't changed in three days now that the weather has cooled. It simply showed up one day beneath the willow--between it, the white rose bush and the fence. The base is turning faintly woody. Could it be . . . No. It can't be that. I'll tell you about the little fairies that might be living beneath. But only if I can catch them with my camera first! Seeing is believing.

Be well. And don't believe everything you see! 


  1. I'm sorry cant help you on the plant id , I wish I could but don't have a clue and I'm stumped as well . The elephant story was cute and very clever as well . I will post some more of my thrift store finds today on my blog please take a look if you have time . thanks and blessings to you and yours and May the Good Lord watch over you and yours .

    1. Thanks for trying. I'm glad you liked the elephant story. :) The longer version is better but it would have taken me all day to tell the embellished version. ;)

      I saw the post, the phone rang, I started gabbing, forgot to leave a comment the second time I visited. I wanted to ask if they're salt and pepper shakers. I opened another window to Google "Eiffel Tower salt and pepper shakers," was distracted by some of the photos and the rest is history. :)

      You and your mister really cleaned up, huh? Wait. I'll post a comment on your blog instead. :) Leave the light on, I'm on my way!

  2. oh no not salt and pepper shakers just lil mini Eiffel towers and I love em . It is so hard to find a dress anymore that you can afford so when I see one in a thrift store and my size I grab it . I'm now on the hunt for some decorative plates for my plate hanger in the kitchen .and also some deeper coffee cups you know gigantic ones LOL .

    1. Ah, I see. Thanks.

      You sound like a smart shopper who knows a good deal when they see one.

      I find the prettiest decorative plates at Homegoods. There's even one atop the bookcase in the livingroom. I'll send pictures if I ever remember. My printer is getting to be cantankerous. It took an hour to print two bluejays and two other photos. It's been a workhorse so maybe it's time. Epson makes printers that last. :)

      Deeper coffee cups sound like mugs! :) You'll find them. I just know it.