Saturday, November 4, 2017

Another Saturday Evening Post

So my Halloween cards finally arrived today. One postmark has October 17 as the date sent. Informed Delivery said I'd have it October 30. JC brought it home today. Thank you, Patty & Maria! Another envelope was paired with the Oct. 30 Informed Delivery notice but only God and the post office knows where it is. I've filed a complaint with the postmaster . . . 

I was so happy when I left the postmaster's website I threw a parade! Almost one million people showed up. Perhaps my parade date coincided with the Astros winning the World Series? And since I'd already planned a parade there was no sense in doing two, huh? Hmm. "One never knows, do one?" asked Fats Waller.

We're still talking about it. Some of us are stuck on trying to figure it out, while people like me are drawing postcards and stuff to commemorate the date. I think the eclipse had something to do with it, but one never knows.

Wishing you a satisfactory Saturday., and lots of mail delivered on time.

Be well.


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