Sunday, October 1, 2017

What Was I Thinking?

A rad postcard. What was I thinking?

An odd size business envelope. What was I thinking?

"Hate to waste" can leave you to wonder what were you thinking.

The old looking glue on the flap, the way it tore loose when I tried to open it gently because I was intent on reusing it made me wonder, "What were they thinking???" Who . . . What business still uses the old lick-the-glue type envelopes? Do secretaries still use sponges to dampen the glue? I wonder if anyone ever got diabetes from licking flaps? Do you think their tongues ever scarred from repeated paper cuts? Did you ever lick all the flaps on your mama's envelopes when you were a kid? I've confessed stuff to my mama, things I did as a kid, and it made her laugh so hard I cracked up too. Growing up, we rarely had sweets. Everything was healthy. Glue on flaps and paste in a jar was as good as being in a candy store. I imagine it must have felt like being as happy as that bratty girl touching all the candy in that jar in "The Fastest Gun Alive." 

Licking all those flaps was far less dramatic than the day my sister licked her index finger, then stuck it in a box of Epsom salts, and told me to lick. Then she said, "Now you do it." I did. Grandmother, the aunts, and Mama always knew to go on alert when we went missing or were quiet. It meant trouble. Aunt Pauline knew just where to look, and she found us with our mouths rimed with salts.  No one even suggested spanking us, which was a first. I figured out why later. But what was she thinking that day, my sister? Mama dressed us like we were twins, everyone treated us like we were twins, people talked to us as if we were twins, and we were punished like we were twin conspirators. My sister and I are finally addressing some of those twin-ship issues, and some of our childhood rifts have healed post-heart to hearts. I always got in trouble when she did wrong, but she never got in trouble if I messed up, and she never 'fessed up to her leadership in the wrong doings. It was always, "Do what Sister says 'cause she's the oldest." So why did I get in trouble for obeying my parents and my sister? Hell, what were they thinking?

Y'all are better than and cheaper than any therapist! Thank you.

Hahaha! Surely you know what I must have been thinking here. Right? *grin*

I know what I was thinking with this. But I can't explain it so you'd understand. Tie me up, tie me down, tie me with a bright red bow all around? 

I can't explain it. I don't know what I was thinking. But I was thinking. Perhaps remembering. Postcards make strange message boards.

I know. What was I thinking? Paper loves white ink from white ink pads. And I've always felt the Purple Heart stamp was way too small. So why I bought more is beyond my ken. I wasn't thinking.

What can I say? Strange things leak through graphite often when I'm not even really thinking. You'd think I'd be embarrassed, right? "Game of Throne" thoughts? I dunno what I was thinking when I did this but it still makes me laugh.

I thought, "Why did I do that?" after all the time and energy I invested in making this envelope. Yeah, "What was I thinking?!?" Right? Well truth is, I don't always know what I'm thinking, and I don't always think a thing through first. But I do know that I'm thinking sometimes stuff just happens. It's not always lovely or justified or capable of making sense. Sometimes doing trumps thinking. I'm hard at work doing some of the things I've thought through and some I haven't. And I do, I really really do like that first postcard. It can still work, don't you think? I'm rather fond of this last one too. One of my favorite things is the little film "stamp." And I'm four minutes late posting this to beat the midnight hour. 

I'm behind as usual. There's a lot going on in Limnersville at the mo'. Write the righteous write. And be well.

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