Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Turned Up Tuesday

Of the 31,244 images in my iPhoto, these spoke of Halloween. "Turned Up Tuesday" is just as good as throwback Thursday, so here we go, back down Halloween Memory Lane. 

The stamp on the right never fail to bring old Ed Gein and Norman Bates to mind. [shiver]

Aha! You thought these were super short ghosts? Nope. They're Halloween thumbs.


I uncapped my marker, and there he stared.

JC opened the mailbox, and the mailbox screamed . . .

Happy Halloween!

I opened the door, and there they were.

I sharpened my pencil, picked up a Moleskine, and this is what happened. Old Egg Head was at it again.

I closed the cover. 
And everything escaped. 
Perhaps they're hanging out 
with the five pumpkins 
sitting on a gate?

Have a fun, silly, safe, and sweet Halloween (or a reasonable facsimile).


  1. wow what fun and what bright and beautiful colors ! so much talent . Yesterday what happened in NY you made the world seem a little brighter and safer . Even when there is bad you always being the pretty . God bless you dear .

  2. LOL. Thought I could print some of the old Halloween cards in lieu of drawing and coloring a bunch of new ones. Lazy is as lazy does, right? :) We've searched high and low for the artist tiles postcards, and cannot find them, so printing the earlier draws seemed like the logical alternative.

    Yesterday it was NY. Today it's an ocean away. It's all so sad. We cannot let darkness win. You give me too much credit, but that's what friends do, right? Thank you, I need all the help I can get.

    Be well.

    P.S. Why harm or kill innocent people? What does that accomplish? Do you have any answers? I ask because you might know. I long for someone to explain the why of it. I try to imagine how it might feel to deliberately injure someone, and I flinch at the memory of being stuck with a needle. I cannot imagine wounding another human. Do you feel sorry for those who can? Thanks.

  3. I will tell you this I believe in a mighty and powerful God who does punish those who do evil and bad and he sends them to spend enternity in hell for the crimes they have committed against the innocent , That is what I believe . I also believe that those who do injure the innocent have no compassion and are soul less if that makes sense . I don't want to offend anyone because that is not my intention . I do believe in the good book and people reap what they sow . In other words if you do bad you will be given bad in return . that is how I get through the days , the nights and so forth .