Saturday, October 21, 2017

"The Book Of Anna" As Told By Me In A Saturday Evening Post

"The Book of Anna" as Told By Me In a Saturday Evening Post is filled with more photos than words, which is unusual for me, but "The Book of Anna" is a most unusual book. It's the second such gift made by Anna and owned by me. It's not the second time Anna has managed to take my breath away and leave me speechless either! But I'm sure you know that, so I'll just keep my word and remain speechless as I show you what I mean. Gaze on . . . 

Okay! I can't do this! First, there was the box. Even JC was intrigued because who wraps a box as lovely as this? And it made its way from across an ocean to Katy, Texas intact. Imagine that! Now my lips are sealed!

Ahh, now you see, yes? Words aren't necessary, right? Because you can see that "The Book of Anna" is gently, and sweetly handmade, therefore it speaks for itself.

I'm glad I was born! 

Page two is as lovely as its predecessor! It begs to be touched and touch I did. In my mind, there are gentle scents--cinnamon and nutmeg--to be sure. It's Fall after all. Imagined spices smell best, I assure you.

The map! Oh, the map of maps! The map of living treasures! My first Anna Map? A keepsake Mappa Mundi. And little personal telling of The Hereford Cathedral. Our penfriendship has been one of sharing and teaching and taking me along. I wish I could say that I've reciprocated but the truth is . . . I live in Katy. And I've told of the rice festival, the old rice queens--one of whom happened to be Rene Zellewegger, and the old railroad that gave Katy its name. No, the old railroad was never rice queen, so stop that!

How very clever-clever. I followed the map my second time around and was just as fascinated as on the first. I'm sure I could not do the same had I thought of the idea myself. Or perhaps I might. My landscape isn't half as large as Anna's. Okay, it's do-able yet not half as interesting.

Lovely notes find lovely places to be tucked in. Clumsy fingers turn timid. Burning curiosity turns five thumbs into lady's fingers! I'm equally fond of satin and grosgrain ribbons, aren't you? Especially if they come in such lovely colors.

Note the nests. All those empty nests!

Hope is the thing with feathers. What? It's not a bird?

Fine feathers and dainty doilies.

Such specimens beg to be touched! Anna's a very good guide and she knows her specimens well. Some of the items are the first I've seen, having only read about them, or seen them in magazines or books. Anna, I cannot thank you enough but please know that each of the too many thank-you notes I've sent is heartfelt and sincere. Who else gets the outdoors sent to them in their indoors from thousands of miles away? I really am blessed beyond measure. 

You remembered my being plagued by pollens and scents! Although I am the first to bury my nose in a bouquet instinctively, and should know better, as JC frequently reminds me. I'm trying to remember to use the prescribed nasal sprays pre-emptively before we go out on high allergen days, but memory does not always serve me well. *grin* Let me wander off this path for a moment to share this little gem:

I found this pretty little flower at the base of the rounded steps that lead to the entrance to the Saltgrass, and naturally, I embarrassed JC by stooping to save it from the soles of all the feet going to and fro, poor old thing. The best place for it was my wallet, which is where it stayed until Monday night when I snugged it onto my journal page with crisscrossed strips of cellophane tape. Ahem. Anna uses the sweetest little mini bags for specimens. My backup is waxed paper. *grin*

. . . to be continued. I must go through the 30,880 photographs to find the image I wish to show you here. Read on. Please read on.

Don't you just imagine Peter Rabbit waiting ahead of you to leap across the path in his search for carrots? Or maybe Henny Penny might cluck a warning to stay out of her way 'cause she's shopping for dinner? And what about what's in the brown folded paper that's closed with two fasteners and a ceramic butterfly on a string? Uh-huh. Anna leads and I follow--imagination going full steam ahead!

I've taken far too many photographs as you can see but you do understand how hard it is to choose just one. Close-ups are as necessary as views from different angles and in different lights. A bird's nest! Did you see the nests in the tall-tall trees? 

Oh, there's more! So much more . . .

. . . to be continued.




  1. Wow. I mean WOW. Wonderful!!!

  2. that is a wow and lovely moment oh yes it is ....glad you are back thanks so much for sharing I was blown away .

    1. Sharing is fun. I wish you could see it in person. There are actual pottery shards included! There's more to come. :)

  3. Yay! I have internet today! I am so happy that your book arrived without being crushed. You know, when I saw that paper I wrapped the box in, I knew you would like it. It's actually a sample of wallpaper. They very foolishly put out sample rolls instead of cards so you can tear a bit off and I pick and choose over all of them, not so many for the walls as for my mail and arty stuff but none gets wasted.

    This book was a labour of love. I enjoyed making it so much, and I'm happy you took so many photos because my camera broke and I couldn't take any. The landscape has changed since I made that map too. The high winds of Ophelia and Brian brought down one of our giants. The Honey Balm at the end of the wall by the tennis court is laying down on the path into the woods. It came down with an almighty crash and hit so hard all the leaves came off. The garden had the beautiful scent of honey all around that day.

    I am so pleased you enjoyed the book. When I got the idea, I had a hunch you would. I made copious notes as I walked and took photos on that day and picked up samples and pressed flowers, then I had my bang on the head and work stopped. I'm sorry it was late but I'm glad it made your day a little brighter. I saved that bird's nest for you but during the time it sat waiting it wilted and collapsed. It was mostly made of moss. I was going to send it, I knew you would want to see it in person.

    Thank you for loving it as much as I do.

  4. Hey! And yay! I think beautifully wrapped packages survive the Mangler because beauty hath charm to sooth the savage beast. :) Mangler tires of all the plain old brown wrapping paper, don't you think? :) I appreciate the lovely wrapper. So thanks for that too. The texture is soothing.

    I bought wall paper samples once upon a time when I lived in South Carolina. I used samples for journal covers. LOL. And art projects. Great minds still think along the same lines. ;)

    A labor of love indeed! The love is in the details and I yet marvel at your eye to detail. I've written detailed thank-yous at least twice. I'm just that touched. And I'm still reading the little notes tucked in with such care. I don't want to damage anything! I took way too many photos but there's a third photo shoot in the works-- I charged the battery for the Olympus! They'll be so much better than the ones from my phone.

    I'd never heard of a Honey Balm until you. I can only imagine how delicious it must smell. You practically live in a wonderland.

    I cherish my new book. I look at it every day. You're the perfect naturalist for the likes of me. I love nature and my innate curiosity encourages my desire to know what's what and why and how. I'm sorry for your head injury but I'm grateful for your knowing me so well. I'd have loved the nest too, but I understand. Alex and I share a love for abandoned nests and egg shells. He has the best one between us. It's made of straw, twigs and mud!

    Thank YOU for loving nature too, and for sharing your treasures. My world is quite dull in comparison. You are richer by far. I have to draw make-believe birds, and worms, and trees, and leaves, and skies, while you've earned the privilege of living in moments of it all. I like that.

    Thanks for making me so happy. I, too, am working on several secrets. :D We do what we can. :)