Monday, October 30, 2017

It's Just an Overnight Away!

Here are those five little pumpkins again. You'd think they had a lot to say, but nary a one has a tongue. Only the one has ears. The higher up on the pole is the lookout but cannot turn its head. The other has its eyes on the sky. Hmm. I wonder why. Wait! Why I do believe I was brooming across the sky that day. Stranger things happen to happen in the scary month of October.

I'd have liked being in the audience for this production, but since it's not about to happen, the next best thing to being there is reading about it, right? Well, read on: Dracula.  Oh, what fun! Dracula! Oh, Gorey! Your own Dracula! It went out into the world as a postcard. [insert scream]

Because scary always comes in threes . . . Then there was Drood. Edwin Drood. Uh huh, I missed that too. 

Halloween is just an overnight away . . . [shudder] Did you beat the calendar? Posted all your scary mail, did you? Yes? Well, ghoul for you! Buhahahahaha!


  1. Oh, My! Thank you for the links! I love Edward Gorey and can't wait for the winners of the 2017 envelope contest to be posted! Here is a link to the 2016 winners that you might enjoy.

    Love your pumpkins!

  2. Jen, you're quite welcome to all the "Gorey" details. :) I sent the advert/postcard to my friend the actress/director. Hoping she's a Gorey fan, too. Thanks for the link! I'm off to see last year's winners.

    Thank you. And BOO!