Monday, October 23, 2017

I'm Mad As Hell & Halloween Is Coming!

Well, I've never seen Hell mad before but this is how I imagine it would feel if it were. 

On October 20, Informed Delivery informed me that a postcard and this letter from Jean awaited me in my post office box. The postcard was there. The letter wasn't. Until today.

This is what JC gave me just minutes ago. Well, Jean. Thank goodness you had the foresight to put my address on the flap too, or it might still be afloat. I hope and pray it wasn't the Tidy Bowl Man who rescued it. *grin* No matter. This will make it into my mail memoir just as it is.

Now that the madness is over with, let us move on to better things. But wait! It's interesting how the stamp never broke a sweat. Thanks for the lovely letter, Jean. It remains intact. *very big grin*

With two more days of antibiotics left to hang my hope on, I'm doing what I can to whittle down my lovely stack of mail, so postcards aplenty are accruing in the mini out-box on the bed next to me. Television and satellite tv really stink. I realize just how bad it is when I'm confined and have to depend on false entertainment to keep me company. Blurred vision means reading is out--not all blurred lines below; audiobooksbooks talk me to sleep, which means I'm getting in two naps a day and still manage a full night's sleep. 

I keep catching "John Wick 2" at the half-way point but I don't think I'm missing out on much. As much as I like Keanu Reeves, "John Wick 2" is a bloody mess with no rhyme or reason. I've begun to sour on "Ray Donovan" too since the same plot loops over and over until it's beyond predictable. Mickey refuses to go gently into the dark bad night he so richly deserves! "Thelma and Louise" for the seventh or ninth time was the best time I've had in bed since this bacteria thing floored me four weeks ago. Well, four weeks come Friday. "Brideshead Revisited" felt like a mercy viewing compared to the other offerings I passed on. 

So with lap desk and almost all my markers at hand, I set out to make it up to Halloween for forgetting its upcoming celebration. Not so much that we celebrate anymore, but because I needed something to do between naps, that was creative. 

It's time to buy at least two more packets of these babies. Peter Pauper Press sells them, markers make interesting happen on both sides, and they like just about any pencil. You'll need a really good eraser though. And they are ab-so-lute-ly bleed proof. 

I made two sets. A set per day. Five cards for one set, four for the second. The idea was to mail a card a day in a timely fashion so they'd be in their new home before Halloween. Ha! We shall see. But here's one set:

Halloween is coming
When we'll be
Dressed in funny clothes
And then we'll see
Pumpkins in windows
Shining bright
Oh, we'll have a good time
On Halloween night!


This just in from Secret Agent Davidson! Further investigation required! A Special Report to follow! Stay tuned for further updates.

This message might self-destruct in seconds, so I hope you can read really fast!
(*Special Agent Merlin)


  1. I'm confused. How did you get an image of the envelope before the ink was washed off?

    1. Jean, I'm sorry. Weird things are going on with my comments moderation. Informed Delivery is the answer. :)

      A postcard came the same day I received the Informed Delivery notice but your mail didn't actually appear in the box until days after. So how it had a bath between the announcement and delivery is beyond my ken. Indentations show it was forced into something round. It looks uglier in person than in the photo.

      An even stranger thing occurred after I filled out a complaint online. I guess I'll just have to do it in writing.

  2. Wow, what a lovely envelope from Jean; it's a tragedy it got erased by the PO. What a clever idea to put your address on the back too.

    I was going to ask you about your postcards. The ones I aren't as thick and I worry they will get mangled, but the one you sent me arrived without a scratch. I've got my thinking cap on about what to send in return.

    I like your Halloween cards. I haven't made any cards as yet; trying to find a moment to sit at my desk has not been easy these past few weeks. A lot of work makes a cranky crafter! Then my printer ran out of ink...then all internet evaporated for days. But, J is home this week and we are doing things so I am happy.

    1. I agree but at least I have a photo of the original.

      The thicker the stock the stronger the postcard. Too many arrived with shredded edges or bits torn away. I think some of the equipment is just old.

      I'm pleased to hear you like my Halloween cards. :) I never know if my ideas are good or just out of step with the times. My critics have me second guessing more often than I probably should, but I cannot help being who and what I am. My "stuff" is different because I'm different and I'm so uncool I'm almost hot. :D Thank you, Anna. You do so many things wonderfully well. Just do your thing too. :) Be happy.

  3. Love your artist's tile cards! So fun!

    1. Thank you! :D I had a world of fun making them. I remember that Halloween song from grade school and it brings out the kid in me. There's another one about five pumpkins on a fence. I'd intended to do it again this year but ran out of postcards. Ain't that just the life is? :D

      What's on my art table for Halloween? I even bought a book of Jack o'lantern postage today, a whole four days late. LOL.

      Happy Halloween!

  4. oh man I would have been mad as hell too . I have re injured an old injury so I'm in a knee brace again for the umpteenth time thanks mother nature she keeps insisting to remind me of my age LOL . I have been busier than a one armed wall paper hanger but glad to see you are slightly on the mend . I think I am getting a cold as well and I try not to write letters when I'm sick at all so I have let mail pile up a lil to keep from spreading the illness take care my dear and be mad as hell for as long as you want too.

    1. :) Aren't we humans funny? If hell is a place or a state of being, how can it be mad, huh? LOL!

      Oh, tell me about old injuries and hurting them all over again. All my old basketball, track, hiking, leaping, and just plain old living injuries do the same things to me. So you have my empathy and sympathy. I have a small collection of post-op and rehabilitation hardware in my closet. The first time I got rid of a set of crutches I honest to God did not imagine I'd ever need a new pair. Guess what. I kept the second set. :) I tell you I have something for bones from my neck down to my feet, but thank God not a single helmet for me head. :D

      I'm sorry you're paying for that ski trip. I read your blog post. But it was worth it, huh?

      Thank you. The antibiotics did the trick. I shouldn't have waited so long before seeing doc. I don't like sending cooties in the mail either, so I hope your cold doesn't linger. If we were neighbors I'd bring you tea a chicken soup. I'd wear a face mask though. :) Don't fret. The mail will keep. We tend to write better mail when we feel better anyway, so people don't mind a little time between hellos. Just take care and be well. :)