Thursday, October 26, 2017

Channeling Jon Snow

You know how you fly by the seat of your pants when you try something new, and ignorance really is bliss, especially when things turn out well in the end, and you go, "Wow. I did it." And you say it without an exclamation mark because awe is wonder and not an exclamation. Remember those moments? Well, that's what happened when I decided to try my hand at lino carving back in the early 90s. 

I bought the most basic tools, drew directly onto the block and commenced to carving. The lino cut like butter; today the stuff is so hard I practically need a mallet and chisel. Or is it just me now that I'm older? That chipped tooth wound up looking intentional, so I didn't even try to neaten it up. Proofing it was just as much fun as the carve. Black first, then orange, and today the black looks purply-blue, and the orange looks red instead. Time is a true tester. 

I'd like to print a bunch of these but the lino block is fragile. Brittle bits fall off here and there when I handle it, so maybe I should stick with drawing this year's Halloween mail. The only problem with that is this:  I'm out of the postcards. There's one card left in the block of twenty-five. We searched all afternoon for a new supply and came up with nothing but promises:  "We can order them. What's your phone number?" Or, "We sell them but we're just out right now. They should be in by next week." Halloween won't wait. The Great Pumpkin will arc across the sky before we know it and then I'll be drawing turkeys instead of being one. *sigh*

Jon Snow declared, "Winter is coming." I say, "But only after Halloween! BOO!"


  1. companies are getting lazier and lazier and they are hiring lazier people . I just had a company send me a gift card only the code to use it is wrong maybe a misprint or something but should they not have checked that before sending them out ? now they will have to deal with me and something they will not forget for a long time and how they goofed and not me this time LOL . take care and have fun drawing write on .

    1. I laughed quite unexpectedly at your comment because someone else said basically the same thing in a rant. I watched a cool interview recently in which two guests said some of the same things, only they called it incompetence. Seems we are on the down side of evolving and no one seems to know what to do about it except to let it slide. And the realization that it's true has made me so sad. I've begun asking myself "Why bother?"

      I'm sorry about your gift card, and I hear you. Okay, I'm laughing again. Imagining you straightening things out does that although I feel sorry for the person who'll get straightened. LOL. At least you still care, so right on. :)

      Thanks. I try. :)

      Be well.