Friday, September 1, 2017

You Know Who Your Friends Are

They're the people that you meet when you're writing down . . . Okay, they're the people that you'll "meet" in the mail, but will never really truly meet, yet they'll answer your query in the comment section of your blog. Lordy, where's a Sesame Street rhymer when you need one? 

Have you heard the song that goes "God gave Noah the rainbow sign, no more water but a fire next time?" Well, that single line is being acted out even as I tell you this. Texas does a lot of foolish things for the sake of money. Some greedy, ignorant politicians allow businesses from foreign companies to come here, set up dangerous chemical companies that won't be tolerated in their home countries, and kill the very idea of putting regulations in place that protect innocent citizens from disastrous effects when shit goes wrong. Like flooding. 

There are chemical fires poisoning the air we breathe. The fires started because power failure prevented refrigerating systems from doing their jobs. So there were explosions. Now there are fires. The homeowners there are desperate and frustrated. That's code for "afraid." The company, ARKEMA, did not issue warnings or information about the dangerous chemicals . . . organic peroxides. First responders were affected and had to leave. It's so unsafe on-site, the only thing anyone can do is "let it burn." 

If God gave Noah the rainbow as a sign to say that "the rain had stopped, it's safe . . ." Wait. I wonder if that flood was a 500 year flood too? Noah's song says "For forty days and nights it fell. . . ." Or is that the Johan song where he was in the belly of the whale? I forget.

We got 40 inches. The flood waters aren't safe to wade or walk through. People are advised to get tetanus shots because of the dirty waters. Perhaps we need to take better care of our Earth home before disaster strikes. Wow. I just looked up and did a double take. The flowering bush in the yard behind us is raging with color. It's top-heavy with an abundance of great big flowers! Looking out right now, you'd never imagine we had so much rain such a little while ago. Turn on the television and it's a whole other story. So . . .

4 God gave Noah the Rainbow sign,
Don't you see? Don't you see?
God gave Noah the Rainbow sign,
Don't you see? Don't you see?
God gave Noah the Rainbow sign,
No more water but fire next time,
Better get a home in a that Rock,
Don't you see?
Folk Songs of the American Negro (No. 1), 1907
I'll take the toxicity of the chalk paint as a sign too. It says, "Girl, don't even think about it any more." So again, thanks for your comments and suggestions, hopes and experiences. You know who your friends are. They're the people who'll help you make informed decisions. *grin*

My nails are in recovery mode. They're chewed so badly it hurt to pick up a coin, wash dishes, keyboard . . . Too many washings and too much gnawing; they haven't looked like this since high school. Hmm. More signs? Signs of stress? At least they aren't still bleeding. *grin*

This bit of fun is on the wall at the bottom of the stairs. The idea of it . . . Okay, it's supposed to be for messages and food lists. I'll finish this one too. Sooner or later. I need to stop watching news coverage. It's depressing. It's hard being happy in the face of all that's going on. Empathy hurts too. Is there such a thing as too much empathy? It goes deep, and it hangs on even when you're doing happy things.

I'm happy for the Health Label on my pastels. I'm happy. Really I am. Irma is headed away from us. I'm happy for that. Minuet isn't crying. I'm happy for that. The sun's shining! I'm so happy for that!!! There's an off button on the remote. I am happy for that.

Last night's envelope is ready for a letter. I'm happy. We cannot be happy all the time. But I am happy for all the times that I am. So I'll go write a letter. And in it I'll tell you just how happy I am. 

Be well. It's all aces.


I happy for some close-ups too. And I'm happy for all the people who read my posts. And the comments make me happy too. They're like little chit chats --mini visits. Like I said. It's all aces.

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  1. I barely could watch the news last week and when I did, I cried.