Friday, September 15, 2017

Searching for Balance on an Earth that Spins as it Revolves

There's more room out than in. May your In Box never be empty. That goes for your Out Box as well! May balance prevail. Envelopes just don't look well or right without an address. There's a remedy for that! Oh yeah. It came to me a blink ago. You'll see my idea soon enough. No, it's not rocket science. But ideas are good. So are single responses. One is better than none.

I drew through my spare time last night. And it was over before I was ready. Not this envelope though. It's from the night before and I didn't discover the miss until today. Impulse drawings are amusing too. Teachers pet turtles and they pet armadillos. Or, armadillos can be teacher's pet as well. *grin* Used to be I saw my fair share of armadillos along the roads at night. Hitchhiking, trying to get out of the headlights, or running for their lives, it didn't matter. They were there and I was there to bear witness. Now I'm making pets out of rats that seem to fear me less every time we meet eye to eye. I have to stamp my foot before it scurries back through the fence to home. And how can a Doberman not be a good rat catcher?

This mama's always got a brand new bag, but here's one of my old-but-currently-still-in-use multi-tasking bags. JC gave me this a few years back. It's a company bag but he had two, so I got the non-leather one, and it's been a workhorse. It's so heavy that taking it down to the patio needs a set of wheels these days. But there are enough zipped spaces, pockets, and stash holes to hold everything a limner-letter written could need, including space for a watercoloring water container, and a Klean Kanteen. Stationery never wrinkles! Oh. And it doubles-triples as a lap desk when I flip it over. Anna, I know what you mean. 

Meet my best warrior to date. There wasn't enough time to draw her cornrows, hair balls, and the rest of her scarifications, but since she's a work in progress . . . I'm wrestling with coloring her armor silver or copper. Gold is out of the question since it's so soft, and I cannot conjure up a likely amalgamation of metals that will be strong and lightweight. Not yet anyway. Perhaps it's made from material that fell from the sky, or is already on-planet, like dragon glass. Hmm. 

Her headgear isn't finished quite yet either. Those dots and microdots on the armor aren't just weldings. Her skin's a dark lavender or tree frog green. I wanted jet black but it's the most difficult color for me when it comes to skin. I saw a young man on the sidewalk in front of Barnes & Noble one day, and his skin was so dark the purple highlights jumped out! He had curls so big and round . . . I stopped where I stepped and just stared as he walked past us. I guessed he was Indian because of his accent. He was so beautiful. 

I had my camera and wanted to take his picture, but I was afraid he'd say no. Had he declined I'd have been heartbroken. Erin told me I should have asked. It's not like I've never been refused before. I have my memories though. Anyway . . . "She" fights with a crystal rod the length of a sword. It's icy blue and goes to gold and green and red and . . . It changes colors with the degree of need. And that's not all. But I've misplaced my Moleskine. 

This is cute, right? Thank you, Carla. Talk of mice and lighthouses, and ta-da! Mice eating strawberries aren't cute at all though, not in real life. They're not cute when they eat my figs either! Oh. Sorry. I try not to get too attached to mice and rabbits and armadillos. Or birds. Neighbor will kill the rats or JC will. So. 

(A letter to my daughter dated 1992.)

Being a big girl, I went on a search for the wee trap from the last time we tried rat-catching. The rescue trap didn't work so we went for the other kind. Both were in the garage last time I saw either of the two. I saw plastic storage tubs from the storage unit instead. Curiosity led to a cache of goodness and memories. Questions too. How can silverfish survive a plastic container? I get how chemicals might be activated by Texas temperatures, but silverfish dined on paper I look forward to sharing with you in a future post. It's a head scratcher for sure. 

Save your letters. Save your letters! Save your letters! I cannot say it often enough. I'm reading through stacks of sent and received, and it's an adventure. Wow. I was such a different person in the nineties. I wrote better letters that's for sure. *grin* My handwriting changed for the worst. Well, maybe not. No. It might have. I still have trouble opening my loops. Handwriting analysis reveals closed loops means you're hiding, you don't reveal much of yourself, you secretive, shy, closed off. Well from the looks of the O in for, I'm an open book. The closed part of the E means I've got secrets or something. I'm bi-lettered? Open and closed? I'm a woman of two minds? Probably! Hahaha! Or am I simply balanced? Balancing? Seeking balance? Working on it! Yeah. I'm working on it.

. . . to be continued


  1. I love everything here including and most of all the bag ...OMG I love love love that bag woo hoo . I agree that is a bag for every occasion . awesomeness pure and simple . Be well and be good .

    1. You're precious. I found the leather version two days ago! It's a mess from having been inside a storage unit for a decade of Texas summers. JC always brings good freebies from work. LOL. He was like Santa year-round.

      You be well.

  2. Funny you say that (saving) I have every piece of mail you have ever sent me (yes all of them). I have may 4 people and all family I save, special place for all of them. Yours (most of them anyway) are (envies) going to be part of a pen-pal display for Kaylees 5th grade class. I am sponsoring her class (materials and postage) for an international pen-pal project.

    1. Whoa! Seriously, dude??? You sent me backpedalling, wondering if I passed on gossip or ever vented? LOL. There's no escaping it if I did, huh? LOL. I hope I didn't do a mail Kevin Hart. :) Did I draw dirty cartoons? Racist ones? :D

      Dodson, you keep me on my toes. I mean, really? Thanks for using only envelopes! LOL. I wish I could recall some of them. You're always full of surprises. And you're kind. I think we all know you're a great dad, and Kaylee's greatest gift. Seriously.

      Take lots of photos! Tell us all about it??? You're just the right person for the project.

      Be well.