Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's Saturday???

What happened to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday? Saturday's holding them hostage or something? And what's Sunday gonna do? Pray for their release?

Does time fly faster when you're busier? I think that's it, because you're so busy doing one thing after the other that you don't pay attention to the sun's changing positions, and before you know it, there's no sun to speak of. And the more you do the less there is to do, and you end up with more time to do other things--leisurely, creative, personal things. As if that's what's going on with me. Heck, I still have laundry and cleaning and gardening and reading and . . . Mine is a mixed bag of must-do and I-wanna-do but you won't hear me complaining . . . Unless you're reading this and only imagine I'm complaining, but actually all I'm doing is writing down some of the day's observations, in case you're interested. 

Guess what. Yes-yes-yes, there's more new mail today. More mail went out too, thanks to JC. Oh my goodness! I paused and glanced through the window at movement that caught my eye. The back neighbor does indeed have more rats. I thought I saw one a couple of days ago but dismissed it as aging-girl-confusing-shadows-and-wind-moving-ornamental-grasses-since-said-aged-girl-wasn't-wearing-glasses. Even told JC, "They still have rats." Well it's been confirmed now since I just saw one running on the board near the top of the fence. How on earth do they climb the fence? Never mind that though, right? They're after the bird food. No, it wasn't wearing a waistcoat and bow tie. The rat, not the fence.

Oh well. 

"Pack your parcels carefully." Very good advice, yes? The orange background is prettier in person. I wonder how long Elizabeth's visage will grace the company's postage stamps? I cannot imagine any other, unless Charlotte . . . No? Maybe? No? Just wondering. I'm willing to bet no one will ever pack a parcel as well as Mrs. Bucket though. There was a time when I was close to being Hyacinth-esque when it came to affixing postage. Crooked? I'd peel, reposition, peel, reposition and eyeball it 'til I got it right, but a ruler was never ever involved. 

I wonder how well Elizabeth's penmanship holds up under scrutiny. It's better than her consort's, I'd bet. *grin* I wonder if she has pen friends. Does she send postcards? Do you think she's ever licked a stamp? We're not talking about the letters her secretary handles. Our collective inquiring mind wonders about her personal girlfriends kind of lady-girl correspondence. And I wonder if she sends notes to her grands with pounds notes tucked inside birthday cards. My grandmother and Aunt Pauline forever sent single dollar bills no matter how old we were, and you know what? I annoyed the heck out of my sister Mina with one dollar bills on her birthdays too, up until the day she died. I always told her it was seed money. She was not amused. She liked my gifts better though. 

She called me Cade, and she'd phone to say, "Oh, Cade, thank you! It's so pretty . . ." And Mina always paid her betting debts. The t-shirt she forfeited because I bet on her own Dallas Mavericks and she bet on Houston, and I won, still hangs in my closet. Unworn. I continue to come across birthday cards and letters from her. Fading ink on the envelopes bear witness to sisterhood written down on paper. Letters seal memories, don't they?

Do you know 1.33 BPS (British Pounds Sterling) converts to $1.76 in American dollars? Would you cut back or cut off sending mail internationally if it cost $2.50 per letter? $2.00? For the longest time I wondered why the bird was positioned so. Weeks later it occurred to me that it's quite possibly a woodpecker. What do you think?

This little bat finally convinced me that British stamp approvers do indeed have a sense of humor. How expensive must it be to cut a die just to accommodate a single design? Well done, huh? Thank you, Anna. 

Wouldn't it be cool if a cool magazine did a philatelic piece on how postage stamp designs are commissioned or selected, and include interviews with the actual people involved? Or has it been done, and I missed it? 

Have you heard how the USPS might be on the brink of bankruptcy? Again. Or did I dream it in a fit of self-induced delirium? Is it more "rumor has it" propaganda? Is it pigeon-training time? Owl training? I'd go with sparrows myself. They eat less, work well in groups, and fly twice as fast as a big bird. Is it Train a Real Snail time? Will we be forced to rely on mail smugglers in the near future? Mail mules? Letters in bottles? Developing our telepathic powers? Ooh-wee, but you wouldn't want to read my mind! Someone has to save snail mail instead. But it's only Saturday. A whole new week looms. We've got time.

Write until your pencils bite! 

P.S.  FLASH:  Have you seen this? Why are these people still there? If this happened in Galveston you wouldn't be able to see me for the dust. Run, Forrest, Run!


  1. There have been a number of articles about stamp designers and the process. I'll be home in a couple days and will look for the ones I saved. There are also some online. I'll look for links.

  2. Hey Jean, I know you're enjoying your no-homeowner-responsibilities-while-away-from-fun. :) I can use some of that myself. It'd be cool if they held a contest and let the people vote on designs for stamps at least once a year. That'd be a dream come true since I know at least five people I'd encourage to enter. The post office needs to come up with a few clever campaigns to save their pitiful selves. They're wasting tanker loads of money on all that useless stuff no one ever buys. I often shake my head 'cause I wonder "what were they thinking." They waste more than they earn.

    A great annual campaign will increase sales. And I know if they have the contest, and let the people see what goes into making postage, grands, parents, students, and millions of average Joes andJoe-ttes will buy stamps just because. They could do a special contest for schools. Kids love creating art, and their schools would garner much needed recognition. Lord knows we need to get people writing again.

    I remember when we were in fifth grade or sixth, we got to visit the local cola plant. What a field trip! Coke's sales increased by the number of people in our town. Every household bought more Coke. African American students never got the free bottle of soda that the other school did. But we swallowed our spit until we were back at school, and out teachers patiently allowed each of us to quench our thirst at the water fountain before returning to our classroom. That cold water washed away the bitterness of being denied a taste of that BROWN nectar. :)

    Remember those short green bottles of cola? Pepsi was a blessed relief because I never bought Coke and don't drink it to this very day. I don't even buy American soft drinks. But i sure do buy a lot of stamps.

    Thanks for any links. I'm sure you have some I'm not read 'cause you're smarter than the average Jean. ;)

    Be well.