Thursday, September 14, 2017

If I Should Write Before I Wake

I hope my letter the mailman will take.

Because I'll forget about it if it's left in a Rhodia tablet, a pad of stationery, a stationery pouch . . .

Here's another "Ambien letter." It's almost a year old. I wonder if I wrote a replacement. Does this ever happen to you, Ambien or no Ambien?  

Do you know tracing paper makes excellent stationery? It's different. It's exceptionally lightweight. And another cool thing to do with it besides writing is draw to a lovely something before, or even after you write. Tracing is cool too, since it's tracing paper after all. Make it a full drawing/tracing, and it's like a fun watermark!

Never ever ever handle your phone if you have argan oil on your hands. It fooled me into believing I needed a new phone. Again. Since I do it wasn't a difficult convincing. Mine is an iPhone 5s. See? I hold on to the things I like. As long as they do what they're supposed to. Such a thing brings out the loyalty in me. I think that's one reason I don't particularly care for love songs. Or love poems. They're flowery lies that don't hold up under use. JC tells me that's what love songs and sweetheart poetry are all about. They're like the male birds that puff themselves up and strut mightier than a peacock just to impress the lady bird. I especially like the little bird that builds an elaborate nest to lure a potential mate. And he's willing to steal from another male just to put some icing on his cake. 

I'm sure you recognize the print I used to make the envelope above. Large sheets are sold practically everywhere but I get them from Aaron Bros. and Texas Art Supply. I keep buying this design for reasons I've not examined yet. It's much prettier without my iPhone "oil filter." Sorry. The letter inside is on tracing paper. I've since cleaned my phone. 

Maybe not. I know I've said it before but it needs repeating. There's mail or mail related things in every room of our home. I'd be on a therapist's couch if I'd discovered this in the fridge or freezer. Being in the cupboard doesn't phase me as much. Oh. I forgot to rescue it. Aww come on. Stop judging me. I was cooking at the time! I'd still give you the shirt off my back the back of my envelope if you needed one though. 

The shirt off the back of my envelope! Whew! They think it's hilarious too! 

I've got a lot going on this week. Last night was filled to the brim again so no mail went out today. JC brought mail in though. I wish I'd develop the habit of reading all my mail in the same place. No. I need to develop the habit of keeping my mail in the same place. If I did, it'd be easier to put my hands on when it's time to sit down and answer. To quote Letty:  A girl can dream.

I'd have a single drawing pad too. I wouldn't draw on back of envelopes. You should see the latest from Jimmy Carter. I saved the stamp just now. I should save the envelope too. And all those sticky notes. It hard to believe I share as many bad drawings along with the awful. Some are more like awful thumbnails I guess. 

Our instructors were right. Someone invented thumbnails for a reason. Have you ever tried drawing your hand while you drew? This is what it looks like.

So I'm working on something fun. Yes, it's mailable. I get to illustrate my version of a popular lullaby. My little baby looks more like a zombie burrito. A cute baby zombie burrito though. 

Ideas often come at bedtime when my brain should be settling down for the night. So there's a letter writing kit and several pads for drawing in bed with me. And now you know why some of your letters are all creased and wrinkled. There's never drool though!

Who else sleeps with an artichoke in bed with them? Yep, I sketched it last night and it wasn't from memory. The spy glass is a different story. The binoculars are on the floor next to the good side of the bed, just in case.

I have a pad of storyboards someplace. It's just never around when I need it. 

Now you see why some answers are slower to arrive. They take longer to write! Good mail deserves good mail. And I do get some good mail. It's unique, inspirational, showcases talent galore, and it makes me feel so special . . . I have to try my best to do unto you as you do unto me. My draw muscles are rusty since my cartooning muscles get the workout instead. Fun is fun, so combining the two is fun doubled. Squared? 

Scary mail art means I'm still learning how. Poor Downtown Julie Brown. So I'm cutting and pasting and distorting and squinting at possibilities. There are so many things to try!

See??? I told you! I'm stuck. Don't know how to finish. My Mail Art folder might disturb you.   I cannot blame the eclipse. Or the pending mosquito spraying. I'm all that's left. 

I need time to perfect improve my watercolor skills. This poor lighthouse will never shine. So it's time to move on, right? 

I need time to dig in the earth and study things I long to draw well. This is one of my favorite plants. The stalk and branches are red! I do like botanical art. Yesterday there was a grub that got washed up-ground during the raised bed watering. I picked it up and put it on the ground next to me. Will it die tonight? Tomorrow, where ever it is holed up? If there's an outbreak of zombies anytime soon, please remember my warnings. I'm drawing vials of vaccine sometime tonight. The syringes will have to wait until I choose the right color for the vaccine. Clear will make it seem invisible. Some might think it's just water. Hmm. This requires more thought and extra time at the drawing board. 

Leftover bits and pieces of of 12 x 12 sheets that morphed to another stack of homemade envelopes, serve me well. I have three sizes of postage stamps stamps; the tiniest are good fun. 

Such a cool L on its side. And it's not an envelope. 

The too-dark gray was meant to be a silver swath. I couldn't bring myself to use actual silver ink. 

This is an envelope.

And this is another post-ecliptic postcard. These fifty sisters that married fifty brothers and killed them still have me shaking my head. Eclipses affect some people in ways that are quite detrimental to others. What a cool basin though, right? You know they had to have developed some strong arms, backs, and calves with all that bending and hefting they've been doing through eternity.

Such a cool idea I had to try my hand at drawing it. *groan* Some puns were meant to happen. 

So I expanded.

 But only after I remembered that drawing your own hand as you draw isn't the smartest thing to do. The perspective keeps changing! Duh. You might not want to draw after an Ambien either. *grin* Although the results are more interesting since you wonder about yourself the next morning when you see what you did the night before. But we know my Shame-ometer is broken. No shame, no game. Run-on sentences are like hit and run accidents. They're deliberate. Karma at work. 

This is me in my Martha Stewart wrapping space. Uh-huh. Yep. The one true thing about this draw is my hair. I really do wear it balled, and I wear more v-neck, three quarter and long sleeve tees than any other style top. I prefer three quarter lengths and pushable long sleeves because I'm always dragging my cuffs through something.

Buttons frustrate me, and they rarely match up with the right button hole. I look like, as my family tells me, like I dressed in a dark closet. With my eyes closed. And both hands heavily bandaged. Oh. And my head is a lot larger. I get three rows of long plaited balls in three sections in front and sides, nine in back, and there's always stray hair. So that when I'm outside lately, I'm constantly slapping my face, ears and neck. Texas has more mosquitoes that Alaska right now. The Texas "air force" is spraying us tonight for two nights in a row to combat the skeeters. You know we have a local baseball team called "The Skeeters." All these years I thought they were little league . JC, in a rare moment of incredulity, told me they're adults. People with respiratory problems have been warned to stay indoors. What happens if people don't watch the news? Poor things. 

Have I told you before that there are fewer birds about now? There's leftover food ever day since the storm. I didn't really need to read the article that reinforces my suspicions, but backup helps deal with  skeptics and those who don't seem to care. Birds died too during Harvey's assault. Too many. Now they're spraying an insecticide that's been banned in Europe. I don't mind wearing long sleeves and . . . Surely there's a better way to handle the mosquito invasion. 

I like the Burt's Bees mosquito repellant. Yes, I know mosquitoes carry diseases. We need a better way to control them without endangering people and nature is all. The easiest way is not always the best. 

A mosquito bit me. Now my finger is all weird. It bit the back of my hand though. *grin* Any excuse to deflect my attention from an afflicted digit turns me on. Now you know the truth: Writing takes longer. Did you know a mosquito will find a way up your long skirt, and bite your ankles, calves and thighs? They love my blood type too. 

Weird. Right? Yesterday it itched. Now it doesn't. That didn't stop me from writing through the side effects and the weirdness. Three pieces for the house mailman aka JC. And guess what! He delivered three pieces of mail in return! Oh, I like this math! There's no telling what's at the post office! 

As the world turns, I write. And so are the days of our lives. *grin*


  1. Oh my I do love the soap opera reference at the end . Kudos to you and I so agree with you on the mosquito repellant . Maybe the birds will come back sometime within a 6 month time frame . I only feed the birds during the winter time and that is because I read somewhere that they ran studies saying that it was not good to teach birds to rely on humans for food they need to learn to forage for survival . I guess it also applies to other wildlife as well , I m not sure but I do believe I read it somewhere . Anyhoos another great post dear . Be well and stay well .

    1. LOL. I watched "As the World Turns" for years but don't know why since my mother never watched a soap in her life. I've never watched Days of Our Lives. :)

      I've fed them since they began showing up during the loss of their natural habitat. Rice paddies and reserves across the road from us have lost ground to developers and the new homes. Birds take over during migrations and they eat fast food and bad foods they find in parking lots. Audubon and other organizations, but also magazines like Birders explained the need for supplemental feeding instead just feeding them during cold months.

      While I cannot help the egrets, I do my best to help the dailies, the migrating flocks, and the displaced. Yes, birds need to forage but what happens when their habitats no longer exist. Songbird numbers are low. Cats are as much to blame as losing their habitats. Cats kill millions of birds annually.

      Sunflowers, grains, fruit . . . They're all things I grow in our backyard, so they're gonna eat whether I want them to or not. I let them have all the figs they want, grapes too. :) They eat our berries too! LOL.

      Thanks for your comment. Things change because we humans are like blundering fools, thinking only of ourselves. Used to be once the rice harvest was in, the birds moved in and finished off the leavings. Amaranth too! I bought amaranth seeds but have yet to sow them, but birds love them too.

      Be well.

  2. I like your lighthouse. The sky is lovely and I like the sharpness of the lighthouse in the sunlight. I think you should finish it.

    I hope the mosquitoes find a better target. I was told to eat garlic to repel them, but of course everyone else stays away too!

    I always enjoy seeing what you are working on. Our internet dropped out this morning so I was left in suspense until now to read the rest of your post. One day we will have normal internet. Sigh.

    Be well, Limner.

    1. I've always been fond of lighthouses, and my heart thumped every time we passed the famous Bolivar lighthouse when I was growing up. I took pictures the last time we rode the ferry and it felt like old times. I'd give a lot to be able to go back in time to see the lighthouse of Alexandria. I'd love to be skilled enough to finish this one. It's in one of my books of lighthouses.

      I'm a garlic addict. :) A bowl of box choy, fragrant broth with loads of garlic, a little shrimp and I'm good to go. Okay, a bowl of veg broth with garlic and I'm good! I think there's truth in the blood type theory. A friend from New Zealand visited one summer and never suffered a bite. They ate me like I was water for chocolate.

      You're a dear. Thanks for liking my stuff. I want to share more but my styles are so different from anything I've ever come across. It makes me wonder if I blissfully ignorant. :) I want to tell you about a lovely interview I watched last night, in which a musician confessed to being insecure about her own style, and how she finally stepped into it.

      I feel you. I feel so lost when weather and recent sun flares yank access to the Internet. I can live without television. Internet not so much.

      Thanks, Anna.

      Be well.

      P. S. Thanks for getting the little drawing. :)))