Thursday, September 7, 2017

. . . continued

I didn't know what to think when I saw the return address. Had the Mangler struck again? Who did I know in Tennessee? Had I broken a mail law? Does nude art on a postcard count against me?

My hands shook so hard it took a minute to get to this. Then I grinned. 'Cause I got it!

You have no idea how tempted I was to send a load of these. I should have. I really really should have because this is such a cool gift--a gift everyone would like. Thank you, Philip. This was worth the swim to the post office. *grin*

The card inside is just as cool. 

I left an impression on more than my psyche. Isn't that interesting? Some people are quite clever and willing to try unique opportunities instead of believing no one will care, be impressed, or realize the importance of events . . . Or is it just me who doesn't always know someone who might enjoy such a simple momentous act of magical-thinking-come-true-and-captured-in-ink? Another lost opportunity. I live in a world where I'm the only one . . . Does this mean I'm a mail nerd? Oh shucks. *grin* Philip, how'd you know? *laughing* Thank you for an experience I'll tell anyone who'll listen. So far Minuet has been my only audience.

And there's this. It identified itself the second I saw it. There's one of the prettiest little weeping willows in the front yard of the first house you see when you turn into our subdivision. It's all I see through the windshield and window. My willow is different. It's big and tall and not at all dainty. It just grew from out of nowhere, and it was love at first sight. It bows gracefully and before the wind. I imagine its susurrations are in a secret language that's singularly their own that don't require decoding, since I'm the only human who understands it. It's personal like that. 

There's poetry all around. This makes me smile each time I read it. Whorls in snail shells were the first thing to come to mind unbidden. Sacred geometry. Mmm. And tea. Thank you, Anna. I'd meet you beneath the willow, we'd drink purple tea, and discuss the sacred geometry dude willingly and happily.

Thanks for such a gentle reminder too. I wish I'd remembered it when I talked with my aunt earlier. I've had a string of need-to-wear-my-invisible-crown-days lately. Friends make them bearable and forgivable. Penfriends especially. Ben Franklin, thanks for the US Postal Service. 

All this came in a single day's mail. Note the rainbow. JC laid them out on the kitchen counter where he knows I'll make my first stop. Junk mail seldom makes it past the common table. 

Penelope Pig's cousin? With rainbow wings no less! When pigs fly, huh? *grin* All that rain and nary a rainbow appeared. I'm still shaking my head over that one. 

I've worn such a skirt. Would have skipped the sausage casing dress though. 

This cat among tulips appeals to me on a number of levels. I kept running my fingertips atop the images. I had a black kitten when I was in college. The poor thing ran away one night. This cat reminds me of yours, dear Anna. Are the eyes golden and oracle like? *grin*

Such a treasure trove! 

I made these when I was a teen! Mine were always done on black mat board though. Sorry. I didn't do the hearts! I mean I did aestheometry. It was a painfully precise undertaking because I did it without a thimble, and my tools were very basic: a pencil, a sewing needle, sewing thread, a protractor, a compass, masking tape, an Exacto blade, and mat board. 

People were so impressed. My first ever art commissions were for aestheometry. Can you believe it? Teachers asked for the pieces! Our home economics hung my art on walls in her home. She never paid me a penny but I was Miss Future Homemaker of America one year, so maybe she saw freebies as payback for having taught me how to be a great future homemaker. Further proof that I was a nerd, huh? A nerdette. *sigh* Lord have mercy. Anna, you're something else. *grin* There's so much to share. Thank you for all this, and for what's to come. 

. . . to be continued


  1. oh my the mail you receive . what a lovely post . I'm off to make food see ya in the mail and on the blog . stay well and be well and glad mail is moving again .

    1. It's some of the best mail ever! :) JC gets a kick out of delivering it and needles me on the off days when one of the boxes is empty.Like he gets good mail or something. LOL. I think he knows how it makes me feel connected. There was a long time when I couldn't go out because of the chemical sensitivity. People wondered why I had to wear masks and my skin looked weird. :) Mail brings the world inside. It's a wonderful feeling for the likes of me.

      Thanks for talking to me here. It's like we're CB pals or something. LOL.

  2. I love, love, love that eclipse envelope and the card! What a great design.

    I'm glad you liked the things I sent, there are a few more things on the way, including part two. I just found something that I wanted to include in that envelope so there will be a part two point five I think. When I was mailing part two of the forest mail, the new clerk at the post office looked at the sentence I wrote on the back, and I saw him do a double take!

    Yes, the black cat reminds me of my beloved Jett. She lives on in my heart. I have several little black cats around the house.

    I remember those string projects. I wasn't so adept at them myself, but I liked them all the same. I know yours were something to admire.

    1. Isn't that one of the coolest cards ever? And I'm so glad the ladies at the Letter Writers Alliance gave out those links. There's still time to take advantage of the the special postmark services of the clever-cleaver folk who do that.

      You made me feel like I'd won the merry mail lottery! Talk about being surprised! I forgot to grieve for the survivors for a little while. So thanks again. I've had a lot of surprises this week and look forward to telling anyone who'll listen all about some of them. Another of your packages came today. I'm speechless, if you can imagine that. I just sat on the patio reading and touching and being amazed. i forgot to feed the birds and boy did they let me know it.

      The Trust has always been something I've read about or saw bits about in documentaries. Who knew there was a Trust Magazine? And who knew Peter Rabbit would be on it??? I'd give a lot to be one of the gf to have a picnic with Susan Branch at his creator's estate! I'm willing to settle for the book Dodson gave me, along with all the other goodness you've given me. I'd never survive the passage there and back. LOL!

      Jett, may she rest in peace, had to have been a lovely familiar. ;)

      I never took geometry because I didn't think an artist would ever need it. Such a silly me! :) And I don't recall how I ever discovered the art form, but I spent lots of babysitting money on matching colored threads. You're very kind to think my endeavors might have been admirable, but everything about it fascinated me. I've always needed to learn and do something new, and life in Oklahoma was so boring. Tornadoes were major excitements--fearful and thrilling.

      Goodness! I'll be reading your mail front to back now. What can make a mail clerk do a double take? *very big grin* You're one of my best antidepressants. :) Thank you. {{{Anna}}}

  3. You receive the greatest mail! I truly enjoy your joy in all of it. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Thank YOU for investing your time by visiting and commenting in my "guest book." And I agree, y'all do mail like nobody else. Thank you. :)

  4. There is definitely a bit of a mail mystery here... the envelope received the pictorial postmark, then went through the mainstream on its own - gaining the Chattanooga postmark. Then somehow it ended up inside a USPS envelope mailed from Athens. I see that the barcode on the envelope has been covered with marker... I wonder if the barcode was incorrect the first time???

    Regardless of the intrigue, I am glad it made it, and glad that you enjoyed it. The ghost imprint is fascinating.

    1. You might be surprised if you knew how much time I've spent with this. :) It's treasure, a mystery, and the wonder isn't over. Thanks for choosing me as a recipient for this memorabilia. I wish I'd done the same for you and a handful of others. I had no idea anyone else would be interested. I hope people sent you bunches.

      I still have not figured out how the images were ghosted. Thank you all over again. :)