Friday, September 8, 2017

. . . continued Part II

I don't think I've ever gotten dud mail in all the years I've had this space I call OWM. Everyone who's written leaves a mark in their wake. Marks like invisible tattoos, if you can imagine that. I was ISO a couple or three pen friends to help me fill a void created by the long-standing two I'd lost after a complicated surgery that kept me from writing. The debilitating depression that followed left me cut off from the world.  

It took awhile but eventually life got better and here I am. Soon enough I discovered there were others who loved writing as much as I still did, but y'all had upped the game on me. Things changed while I was away. Some of y'all drew on your mail too! And there were no holds barred when it came to tartin' it up. Ohh-wee-man! 

I had a mentor who taught me bunches. Remember Patty? If she ever writes her memoir, I pray she doesn't mention what a pitiful thing I was. But no matter. My shingle was out there, and some of us have been together for what feels like a third of my life. Thank you for visiting. Thanks for staying long enough to hear me out. And thank you for coming back again and again. Thanks for writing. Used to be there was so much mail I couldn't keep up, and while I might not have kept my promise to answer every piece, it wasn't for lack of trying. My writing finger has a slant from leaning against a pen all these years! *grin* I remember more than I recollect speedily enough. I still wonder what happened to certain people who've come and gone like comets arcing across my sky--leaving words in their wake-- like the good soul who wrote to me just once. To ask for advice on how to improve their handwriting. 

I searched and searched some more until I found what I believed to be the perfect teaching tool. A book it was, of course. *grin*  It cost me thirty-plus dollars of my pen money. If you've ever been on a strict budget you know what that was like. God bless Amazon. I sent the book the day after it arrived, and I never heard from the person again. They're probably writing lovely letters to world leaders and innovators, movers and shakers, and making a real inky difference. I still wonder about them though. Some memories of penfriend correspondence come when I need them the most. They help keep me here as much as anything else. 

Honestly? Frankly? Openly? I don't understand why OWM has survived as long as it has. My family doesn't get it for sure. They think I'm nuts. In y'all's defense, I holler back, "They know real people when they see 'em, that's why!" I tell myself, "They just feel compassion for the loco, but that counts too, girl," and I keep on keepin' on. Regrets? I've had a few. Rewards? Ooh-wee-yes! More than I deserve. 

Tyrus Wong! If you love "Bambi, watch the Tyrus Wong bio/documentary. He's one of the most interesting men on the planet. He's someone I'd like to meet and talk to for a long while. But he's dead. He left us last year at a hundred and six years of learning and teaching and following his wife's advice to "go fly a kite." 

Ever notice how dragon feet look an awful lot like chicken feet? Hmm.

But anyway . . .

Susan's photography is like the fine wines I cannot drink. All I saw for the longest time was the nibbled petal. What eats roses? The petals -- not the leaves. The pink is just too pretty to be eaten. Lovely photographs make lovely notecards.

A pink ranunculus. Still one of my favorite flowers. The eye makes me "be still" like my mama never could. I used to buy these every spring because I'd forget where I stored the bulbs. They don't do well here because of our spring heat. This one will keep! 

And then there's this. It came yesterday! I consider the writer and artist to be the equivalents of my favorite funny person, Shel Silverstein. I like clever silly. Silly silly is just plain senseless silly, but Uncle Shelly is the best silly ever. 

Michael Rosen's Book of Nonsense makes me laugh out loud, if you can believe such a thing. Some of the drawings are a little scary, like the clown in the new Stephen King's "It." No. "It" is a lot scarier. "It" is so off-putting I cannot, will not watch. I hated the story more than anything. Why King made children do things children don't normally do isn't worth reading. 

From cover to cover this Book of Nonsense is filled with its share of scary but funny-silly "rhymes, poems, wordplay, and limericks." Thanks for knowing me well enough to know I'd like this, Anna. The cover has an added bonus that I look forward to enjoying just as much as I enjoy the interior. 

A fried egg on your leg? A ghost on cheese toast? Flies n fries? A slug on a jug?

A loaf of bread loafing in bed? Oh, dear me!

And what might the moon be watching? It can't be good! I know! I know! It eclipsed! And reflected the event. No? Okay, then what???

Hmm. This one's as wild as your imagination! Thumbing through, for the likes of me, a limner who cannot wait for little bits day-by-day, is like trying to be good in church in the spring before they could afford stained glass windows. So I'm like Burger King, 'cause I still believe that I can have it my way!

Oh what fun comes in the mail when you can never imagine it. You never see it coming. Well, you can if you're psychic. *grin* 

You know there's fun under wraps, especially when the wrapping makes you grin!

. . . to be continued


  1. Oh my gosh, that loaf of bread! You know what I love about your blog and your letters? I learn so much. In this world where everyone has their faces in their phones, it is refreshing to hear from people miles away. And, then you tell us about other people you've met along this journey. It all matters. To me, it does. Write on!

    1. I know! Some of the illustrations take awhile to hit the brain bulb but when they do I laugh out loud. Seeing how other artists see the same things is fascinating. I'm slow to humor so when I get it it's like a double whammy. LOL.

      What you wrote makes me less embarrassed about having a brain that's wired so differently. Thank you. Once in awhile someone points out the differences, or I see them in a glaring light and it leaves me wondering what gave me the nerve to blog in the first place. But I learn so much more than I ever thought I would from the people who write to me, and I get visual aid with other people's photos on their blogs. :)

      There are blogs that I openly follow but I have a long list of blogs I've bookmarked. I still enjoy doing it the old way.

      You have a good eye and you let us see what you see. Surely you know how nice that is for us. Two of your photos are still on the wall behind me. I don't know if i ever asked for permission. Sorry. They're for personal pleasure only. :)

      Thanks for your kind words.

      I hope your air is cleaner! Be well.

  2. I knew you would like that book as much as I do. There are so many little things lurking, you have to look at it at least a dozen times to see everything. Clare Mackie is one of my favourite illustrators. You can see a little bio of her here: You are right, this book is quirky, silly, funny and I love it too.

    1. I agree. There's so much to see. Such art never gets old. I've grown to recognize Mackie's work. I remember the first pieces you shared, one being a green grasshopper. Her style is just as unique and fresh as Uncle Shel's.

      I explored her home on the Internet. I was there for awhile! Thank you. :) Very much.

  3. And Patty makes three. I also love the lurking quirkiness on those pages!

    1. Hey girl! Hey. :) A perfect trio! Thanks for popping in and leaving a footprint. We miss you. Hugs!

      Be well.

  4. oh my goodness what fun that book must be , it looks fun . great post and thanks for sharing with us . take care and be well and stay well and I will try and do the same .

    1. It is. It'll make you giggle and laugh outright. :)

      Be good.