Saturday, September 16, 2017

And Then . . . This Is What I Did

So. Remember yesterday, when I told you what Anna said? Well, I took her advice, and this is what I did. I immediately set to working making stamp people. 

Everyone knows a layout always follows the push aka idea. It's all about what's pleasing to the eye. 

So a shift to keyboard middle creates an entirely different perspective. A triangle forms between the butterfly, Ida B. Wells, and Nelson Mandela. Another forms between the flesh tones. Then there others with the reds, the blues, the black and whites . . . And then there's the king in the crown against a red background. Outstanding.

Hmm. The almost black L makes some colors pop. I like.

More? Or less? Background has a story. A backstory, huh?

Thoreau looks like Johnny Cash. Cool frog legs and waterlilies. Ida's cutting' her eyes at what's his name. And the triplets are all about that bass. 

You've guessed where this is going, yes? Yet again. It's so much fun. 

I chose three different papers to work with but prefer the Lasal photo matte. The Bright white Hammermill just didn't cut it. The Estrada was overkill. All that rag would be wasted on postcards. The Lasal offered up crisp, rich,  delicious colors, and the stock is good for postcards and notecards. Moab has been one of my go-to workhorses for at least a decade. Try it, you'll like it. It elevates handmade to a lovely new level.

And the best tool to come between my great big ole Epson 1400 printer and the finish line is  . . . my old paper trimmer, which also happens to be one of the best I've ever owned. The black skid marks on the wall are my fault. 

See for yourself. It's easy to tell which postcard was printed on what. I printed ten. Or six? The stack went out in today's mail. Thank you, JC. 

I discovered a box of lovely notecards that are over ten years old. They smell. They're out of print which means I cannot toss them. How they smell of smoke and snuff baffles me so a warning is called for. I aired them out, and they'll get a good baking soda bath tonight just in case. Heaven forbid I make someone else ill with musty smelly mail!

There are two letters to keep the postcards company. Wait. My math doesn't work. I wrote eight "stamp people" postcards, three Don't Shoot postcards, and two letters. See? They really are "Stamp People." You get it, right?  Oh stop!

Yeah, stop. We need to talk. We need to talk about IT. In light of what's going on in St. Louis and across America, I could have gone dark. It's open season on hate. 


  1. you are so creative my dear totally pop yes you do . I love all of your posts because that creative spark comes across . I have not been feeling well lately , nausea sets in and I must retreat to rest . I don't think it is serious just tired and run myself down . I must stop doing that but hey this too shall pass take care stay well and be well and I will try and do the same .

    1. Ohh, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Promise to get a check-up if it keeps up, okay? I hope you haven't picked up an early bug or something.

      Keep us posted. Be well.

  2. Replies
    1. Yesss! I'm having to learn a whole other way to create a cool new breed. Sometimes a notion takes over a girl's life and there's little room left for anything else. But I do love learning and experimenting. What I wouldn't give to accompany you just for a day though. You have more fun than the law should allow! :)

      Be well.

  3. I love those postcards. It's amazing how paper can make or break an image isn't it? I bought what I thought was better photo paper and after I printed the photos they started to just rub off the paper. Very annoying because it was a waste of ink.

    St. Louis and London are having the same issues here. Hate does not make hate go away. When will people learn?

    1. I'm so happy to hear you say that! Your stamps and Patty's inspired me to take a risk up a new alley, and I'm having to take time to learn a new way of doing things. It's fun but I'm slow when it comes to figuring out techniques. :)

      I think I sent you one of each postcard to say thank-you since I ran out of ink and cannot print even in black and white. Of course I keep forgetting what it is I asked JC to go out and get for me until after the ink seller has closed. See? I forget if it's Office Max or Office Depot these days, but I do know they sell the ink I need. LOL.

      It's indeed frustrating as all get along when ink and paper conspire against each other.

      I have come to believe the problems are world wide and are magnified these days. When will we learn? Will we learn? Aren't we sad little people in this great big world? And now we want to spread our hate into space. Poor us. I'm grateful for the lovely people I know. :)

  4. Your postcards are so creative..Love the stamp people page. Like your eclipse stamp idea too!

    1. Thanks for saying such a lovely thing. Thanks very much. It's all just so much fun! :) I get so much good mail in return. It fuels my fun and ups the fun ante. LOL.

      Be well. And make more postcards too! Have some of my fun. :)