Friday, August 25, 2017

Should We Lose Power . . .

Both the sky and atmosphere are eerily quiet and interesting. The birds on the fence look and act like they're at a wake. There are no cars speeding and splashing; the yards are absent of children. I am so sleepy I'm practically nodding off between sentences.

JC helped me cook up simple easy dishes in case we have to reheat food by candlelight. I even made a boxed (yick!) gingerbread, and will never do that again. I reminded him that we can heat our soup with the big Christmas candles, and even get in a grilled cheese if we have to in a pinch, but I believe we'll be good. He asked if I wanted to "go somewhere." I don't tolerate heat well, but trying to leave here would be a foolish thing to do. 

Feels like I've cooked up a storm. Pun necessary. *grin* I had a dream about the storm and I remembered it after I woke. You know how we tend to forget dreams unless we write them first thing upon waking? Well, this dream was so fresh and clear, I still see the colors. I remember the yellow sky! I remember thinking how foolish everyone would feel, because nothing bad happened in the wake of all the urgings and disaster preparations. We dodged Harvey. That's what I woke to. To quote the Captain Jean-Luc Picard, "Data, make it so."

I watched "Unforgiven" for the umpteenth time last night so I figured it'd be great background noise for writing. I had to send something out ahead of the water--before the byways are too flooded to get mail in or out. One envelope turned into two with a postcard in between. Here, see for yourself.

I was paying way more attention to Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman than to what was going on before me, because I ended up addressing the notecard/letter! Then had to write backward/inside/forward. Then do the envelope. Fun is where you find it, right? I even added a little faux postage stamp from Flow, who almost always saves my bacon.

I saved this little alphabet for myself. L is for limner, as we well know, but it is the start for other lovely names as well. There's Lucy, Larry, Lisa, Liza, Lincoln, Luke, and Lycanthrope, just to name a few. This is from a series of photos of "things that look like our alphabet." Hope that explains it. 

I love trees. And I enjoy watching trees we pass when we're out and about. JC drives and I get to eyeball things. Up close, some trunks look so painfully gnarled, twisted and put upon, yet they leaf and are fruitful, multiply and delight; they cast shade, enhance a breeze, shed their leaves as signs that signify something is going on. It might be they need a drink, need less to drink, are preparing for sleep . . . Trees love to gossip, and sing, dance, wave, holler, and don't expect it to rain dollars! So indeed I do believe that I will forever think that I shall never see a great big ole plant that's as lovely as a tree.

The temperature just dropped a notch. A clear sign that it's time for me to make like a bear. And hibernate, or pull out an afghan, and snuggle with Minuet. To everyone in the storm's path:  Don't get wet unless you want to. I like walking in the rain too, but be safe. Use common sense. And to all who have loved ones in its path, send up good thoughts aka prayers. Be well.


  1. Good luck with coping with the storm (inadequate word to describe Harvey, i know). Love your L tree mail.

    1. Thanks, FB, we think we're battle tested veterans but no storm is ever the same. I believe we're fine.

      I'm embarrassed to confess that the L shape wasn't intentional, and I didn't notice the resemblance until you mentioned it. :) The L tree drew itself.

      Thanks for commenting. Responses reveal things we might miss.

  2. I've been thinking about you as Harvey draws near. I'm glad you have taken precautions. Let's hope your dream is a presentiment and that no harm is done.

    I like trees too. I love trees in fact and that poem about a tree you started to quote. In fact we are going to walk in the forest today and I cannot wait! Pictures will come.

    Take care and be safe.

    1. (hugs) and thanks! We're getting our share of rain. We're usually an island surrounded by flood waters and this year will be no different. All the creeks have flooded but the rice paddies are our work horses. I have no idea what'll happen after all the paddies have been developed though.

      We seem to get douses in doses. JC fed the birds for me between douses; they sit on the fences and wait for food. We're well.

      I look forward to pictures! It's been awhile since I've been in a forest. I hate when it happens but someone needs to have timber cut on our family's land. I hear the trees are reclaiming the land. I miss those pines, although they were always my least favorite growing up. I'm trying to learn how the should be illustrated; so far I'm still in the studying stage. The Japanese artists were so good at capturing the green needles and brown bodies. I'm intimidated but my try-it-girl date feels near. :) Do you like pines? They're blamed for sarcoidosis, so I'm ambivalent since several relatives, including my sister have the illness.

      I hope/know you will collect leaves! :)

      Thanks. Be well.

      Thunder rolls again!

  3. I feel like a ghost from the past but I just had to check in on you when I looked at the forecasts. Good to know you are ok so far!!

    1. Randall, hey! Good to see you. Thanks for thinking of us. :) It's still raining but the high winds and tornadoes have passed on. We'll dry out soon enough, God willing, 'cause the creeks did rise. LOL. Maydee Creek is like Old Faithful. She rises like sour dough bread mix. LOL. Dinner Creek does too, as do all the creeks that surround us.

      Be well.