Wednesday, August 16, 2017

National Calligraphy Day

Will there ever be simple have-it-your-way-noncelebratory-day days anymore? Wait. Maybe after International Toilet Paper Day? If every day is a celebration won't there be celebration burn-out? The average person works five days a week, has Saturday off, and Sunday as a day or rest/worship. We have a weekend 'cause we're too tired from the week, so I say, Give us a break with the National and International holidays.

There are e-mails aplenty to alert me several days in advance like I'm going to rush out and buy crap for people who already have more than enough crap. Check the amounts of garbage your neighbor puts on the curb twice a week and you'll see what I mean. "There's more room out than in" is still true of stuff as it is about farts. And which is worse? Methane or landfills of crappy stuff? 

I long for the day when we'll imagine in whatever it is we want. Can't you see yourself imagining a house full of everything you need from the day you move in to the home you imagined. Then, when you want to change say . . . the living room furniture, you simply imagine it gone; it goes, and you imagine in a whole new room of furnishings. No, you cannot do it with spouses, children, pets, or debt. It'll only work with stuff.

But as I was saying . . . John Neal Bookseller wants us to know there's a John Neal Books World Calligraphy Day Sale going on in celebration of World Calligraphy Day. I sent a good friend a lovely calligraphy set ahead of time 'cause I'm psychic that way. Uh huh, sure am. I hoped she'd like it because I have one too, and want to imagine how diligently we will both practice until we're so proficient we'll bedazzle our envelopes so-o-o well the post person will be jealous. Okay, not really, but let us practice until we are good enough. 

World Calligraphy Day UK has a holler post about the day as well. I have a handful of Manuscript pens and they're as fun as any pen can be, and there's pleasure in their novelty. There's a template to download, use, and post your calligraphy talents on social media. I don't show my face on FB, I don't Tweet, Holler . . . Maybe I do holler a lot, but only from the comforts of here. Did I ever tell you how I'm banned from FB? Uh huh, for real. 

Couldn't make it to the UK events? Well, there's no place like home. A good place to start is here: Calligraphy Stars on Instagram. It's from 2015 but it's still good writing. I recently cancelled my subscription to The New Yorker because they'd begun to form themselves into pile. Stockpiles. They'd slide off their perches and fall onto me or before me barring my way. My e-mails ranneth over with New Yorker news, previews of what was to come in my mail box; the piles shoved against each other in the trash file, I felt overwhelmed by the pushy New Yorker. I grew tired of reading too-long stories. This is coming from me, the woman who whined about too-short stories and articles . . . The New Yorker wore me out. It won.

Okay. The best part of that piece is the Albert Einstein font, but ask yourself, "Why would I want to write like Albert Einstein?" Then move on to do something to celebrate National Calligraphy Day by just writing it your way, only legibly. And be done with it 'cause you'd better believe your bootees there'll be something else to celebrate before the ink is dry.

But wait! If Calligraphy isn't your cup of coffee, substitute it with this: National Handwriting Day Be informed: This is post is four years old. National Handwriting Day is officially on January 23, but who wants to wait that long? If you start your practice now imagine how well you'll write come January! 

I discovered this is a recent purchase of ephemera. It's interesting to see what schools deemed important back in that day:  Deportment, effort, penmanship . . . Ah, penmanship! Anonymous Student's penning was average. Is that below "good enough?" Good enough to read? Hmm. Said student improved in Art. Wow. He drew better than he spoke? Interesting. We had citizenship classes! We were not immigrants! It was brainwashing. Pure and simple. Is a good thing I was the only one in our class who paid attention. 

Student Eleanor did very well at the beginning of each semester. Why did she miss thirty-five days in the third quarter, and manage to do well in those twelve days she managed to attend? She had good penmanship though.

I can use a remedial course in Penmanship for Oldish Girls. In my defense I used a new Macron marker that needed breaking in . . . Okay, okay. I need to take better care forming letters and words. I even forgot to dot an I. Darla, JC dubbed her Darla, doesn't seem to mind that it's missing. She's just waiting for the eclipse. What? You too? I'm waiting for this flareup of fibromyalgia to douse itself. First asthma, now this. Can a sister get break??? Perhaps this sister is simply reaping. Hmm. Reap on. 

Am interviewing for assistants. What do you think? Goodness knows I need one. I had a weeks worth of outgoing mail hiding between the very low part of the mattress and the footboard. Then I had the nerve to wonder why friends X, Y, and Z hadn't hollered back to let me know the packages had arrived. Duh, doh, dumb. Minuet has an annoying habit of knocking things down-over-and-off when she's annoyed. I forget to look on the floor below the footboard. Duh, doh, dumber?

But just like Jello, there's always time for art. I drew in bed propped against a flotilla of pills  with two hot water bottles on both sides of my spine, and fell asleep mid-draw. I awoke around 4 AM and picked up where I'd left off. Somehow the drawing was slept on too. It's only a little wrinkled so it goes out to recipient on the morrow. My blue bird somehow manages to leave a lovely blue tint that forever enhance my cloud's silver lining. I hope yours tints too. Be well, tell the devil to stay the hell in Hell, then watch as all goes well.  *grin*

Happy World Calligraphy Day!


  1. maybe poor Eleanor came down with something or she was in the hospital and recovering at home ? depending on a lot of things I suppose . well great post my dear Limner stay well and be well .

    1. I like your answers because you're probably right. Then what if she had to help with the crops. Or her parents were too poor?

      Be well.

  2. Funny what can turn up if you check various calendars for this kind of occasion. Almost every day has a celebration for something, and many are for very focused niche groups. I have enough trouble with major holidays and birthdays, but admit to admiring those skilled calligraphers who turn penmanship into art. :) Love your latest drawing!

    1. Jimmy Fallon said there's an organization that creates all these faux holidays. I guess they have nothing better to do. Or maybe they get kickback from companies they create business for. :) By jingo, want a Limner Day! I'm with you on not remembering major holidays and birthdays. One year I forgot my daughter's. She's never let me forget.

      I've always admired calligraphers. Too bad I'm not good at the art of reproducing those lovely alphabets. That doesn't mean I'll stop trying. :)

      Knowing you like my drawing makes me want to do better. I'd rather draw realistic birds but these things won't leave me be.

      Thanks for chatting with me.

    2. now remember one sons bday would be kind of hard because I was in labor for 72 hours according to my dr so I think I will always remember that one LOL ...those people who say you don't remember the pain are full of it I do remember the pain I sure do to this day I remember that pain and dear said son is still a pain and so is his kid Lol . good to know that he is now having a pitb kid like he was LOL .

    3. LOL! I'd bet your son hasn't forgotten either, and perhaps that's why he was a pitb kid. :D The best revenge is having one of his own. I am laughing too hard! Sorry for enjoying your comment so much. :)

      I agree with you about not forgetting the worst pain we voluntarily take on to keep the planet occupied, although an aunt and a cousin barely had even a grunt worth of pain; they had the nerve to complain of "just a lot of pressure," and the doctor begging them to hold on until they could get them into the delivery room. Once was enough for me although mine was a C-section delivery. I never had sex again either. I learned my lesson. :D