Friday, August 18, 2017

I'm Just Resting

I try to keep abreast of . . . A breast? I have two so let's start over. I cruise blogs that some of the bloggers I follow cruise, so you can imagine how confused I was to see "The Missive Maven" was active while being defunct. Defunct, as in unused. Headscratchers need scratching right? And if you want to get to the truth of an itch you go right to the source. So.

Why is your blog described as defunct? 
  1. Hi Limner - where do you see that description? It shouldn't be!

    So again . . .

And there are stranger things going on in my universe. I've led a sheltered life. Or maybe I just don't get why some people do some things. Like the following:

Phonelady, my staunchest, most loyal supporter has a following. Someone wants to be you, my friend. They quote you! The do it while pretending to be someone else. If that's not flattery then I don't know what is. *grin* 

Doesn't anyone know why such things happen? Half land in the spam folder and half wait for me to deal with them. The silliest thing is . . .  I feel so sorry for them. 

I get over it by imagining my feet in these. Oooh la! I pinned them so long ago I forget to look for them in stores near me. I know I'll never wear them because the toe box looks too narrow, but eye candy does what eye candy is meant to do. Yum!

I began a letter to Anna about what's eating the crepe myrtle. The is an absolute first for me. Nothing, I mean no thing eats crepe myrtle leaves! Has the heat and drought made some insect desperate enough to turn to crepe leaves because its food source is no more? *sigh* 

And I did write another actual letter. Using my gold nib Italic was less stressful because I just had fun printing with purple ink instead of focusing on not being able to hold it as well as I used to. And just now I saw the silly eyes and smiles mouth. *grin* Life is what I make it out to be when things change. And have you noticed how often I use "I," "just," "so," "because," and "and?" I apologize.

Look who has a new pen! I won't be buying it though. Ball points are not my thing. They're temperamental, spotty, clotty, subject to being ruled by humidity, and leak more than any fountain pen I have. That's a clever lie though:  Life is too short to carry an ugly pen. I mean, who carries a pen? It should read, Life's too short to write with an ugly pen. Right? Oops. It's a rollerball which reminds me of roller derby. Snob. Snob! Snob! And to quote Popeye, "I am what I am!" I own it.

I own these too, yeah! They've been in storage for seven years or so. JC found them a couple-three days ago and I've been intimidated ever since. So-o-o-o . . . I got over myself and did something.

I did something for real. I admired them. All the little colored soldiers awaiting my command. What a turn-on. Pretend you don't see the furled labels. Turn away now in case you spy the one that's . . . oh me, upside down! But did you know the whole thing will hang on my wall. Yup. Good old Letraset the genius. Who wants to keep reaching up to grab a marker? And guess what else. They're all pointy.

Pardon the dingy white stripe. But do notice the red I chose. Randomly, too. These are so old they have only one end. The other is . . . It just is. But these are the markers we used in art school. We thought they were so expensive back then. Who knew the day would come when we'd pay eight bucks for a single. *sigh* And, Pantone? Seriously? Why didn't I remember that? Hmm. 

For all my crowing and reminiscing, there's one missing. Wouldn't you know it? So what's a limner to do?

This one gets busy is what! Oh, what fun it is to write with a sleigh full of markers tonight! Seriously. I just . . . Well I didn't actually write here, I sketched instead. No. Don't even ask why I have another Little up in here. The Littles that live here are from many tribes. We don't discriminate, pontificate, fornicate, nor do we truncate. We do try to elucidate however. *grin* It often ends up sounding like we deliberately obfuscate. 

verbmere rationalizations to obfuscate rather than clarify the real issueobscureconfusemake unclearblurmuddlecomplicateovercomplicatemuddycloudbefog. ANTONYMS  clarify.her work became more and more obfuscated by mathematics and jargonbewildermystifypuzzleperplexconfusebaffleconfoundbemusebefuddlenonplusinformal flummox.
Surely I obfuscate by telling you about my renewed relationship with my Letraset markers, then show you an unfinished illustration of a new friend being rendered in colored pencils. But you must understand. Every story has a beginning, middle, and an end. And sometimes the image comes before the story is halfway told. A story deferred is often as good as gold. Hold on to that because . . .

There is an old woman who . . took the bucket from atop her head, filled it with wishes . . . But she has no legs! She write her messages in sand, and unlike me, she has a strong clear hand. She writes the past, the present, and in the future tense. Everything she writes make perfect sense. 

Her seven daughters have their own stories to tell. They're much too wordy to share via mail. Enough said! Besides, it's time I finished at least one story that lives tucked inside the story bag. Or they'll all go with me into the cave for old-girl hags. *grin* Then, JC will roll in place the silence stone to seal the gateway. And every color--line-and word will be nothing more than a dead bunch of "herstory." 

I'm just resting for now.

. . . to be continued


  1. okay whoever sin soling is get the double hockey sticks off my blog and my friend limners blog you little scammer you . we are onto you and you had better skedaddle out of here . cause I'm Italian and irish and in case you have not heard our tempers can be quite flared when provoked got it ? good now LImner your post is wonderful . your comments are now up and running and thank you so much . you are a wonderful lady and I love the shoes too but I would have the same problem because I have my daddys fat feet LOL but I also have his gift for gab so I guess it makes up for it yeah ? LOL . How that correlates I have no idea . Oh I got prime tv on your recommendation I love it thanks . I quite enjoy the amazon originals well you take care and I will do the same .

    1. LOL! You have a healthy sense of humor. They only cut and pasted from your comments so you've got fans. :)

      Hahaha! Fat feet are better than flat feet. I hear flat feet hurt. :( I cannot stand narrow toe shoes. Our feet were not meant to be squeezed into wedges.

      Oh no. I'm sorry. I wasn't promoting Prime, I only meant to share thoughts on movies I've viewed there. I've had Prime for years and used it solely for two-day deliveries. JC and Erin said, "Shame on you for missing out on the other stuff!" So I gave it a try. I like foreign movies too so . . .

      Have you watched many of their movies yet? Anything good? Any titles you care to share? :) I hope you'll enjoy your Prime.

      Be well.

  2. I just got it Friday night so all I can recommend right now is the original show Goliath with billy bob thonton salty language though but the premise is good and the hubby like it well now I know they have changed primes shipping deal you have to buy something by amazon and not a third party selling or shipping it must be shipped by amazon. so that they have changed .