Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How the Eclipse Still Changes My Life

Oh. I forgot. The eclipse was two days ago. But I'm still feeling the effects. I've gone through the day without pain. I drove to the grocery store, did the shopping, met JC in the store. . .  He was there. I was there. We didn't know the other was there. We melded carts at the checkout. I paid for the saffron while he paid for everything else. Why? Well, the saffron was $16.99, but was a "buy one get one free," and tonight's dinner menu was saffron rice, shrimp, mushroom, spinach casserole--made with brown rice. Guys, I made the mushroom soup from scratch! A first. I'll never buy canned again. Making it from scratch takes only a few minutes! The taste is impeccable and everything is natural. So that saffron was worth every dollar. 

I'm talking about food first because I'm full, and the parts of me that enjoy food are sated. I've had an appetite every day since the eclipse. *grin* I cooked yesterday too, but the meal was nothing memorable. This meal was tummy warming-filling-tasty and just plain good. I stopped cooking and had a small bowl of mushroom soup with crackers. Yes, it was just that good. I hadn't eaten all day though so . . . But it was still good! I double-batched my recipe so there'd be enough for two days. Mm-m-m good!

Before the Provolone topping. Before its stint in the oven too. Um, guess who forgot the saffron. *grin* And the finished photo. I was so hungry I dove right in without salad, but the iced limed tea was the best wash-down. Now here I am, posting ahead of the clock for the first time in when? *grin* 

We are under a severe weather watch tonight. A tropical storm is headed our way. Forty inches of rain? Really? Probably not forty. The depression is supposed to hover over Houston for four days or so? I don't know for sure, but JC went out and bought a lot of non-perishable food--all the water was gone from store shelves, and I didn't have an inkling that Harvey was a serious threat. The Honda had been close to empty since the last time I drove, so he filled her up, but if we had to leave for higher ground . . . We won't. But if we had to we'd leave in the truck. But best of all? I've been practically pain-free all day. I even wore a bra. *grinning* I blame the eclipse.

I blame the eclipse for all the good but not for the weather. People always blame strange weather on eclipses. Should I check the almanac? No, I guess not since it didn't predict Katrina or Ike or any of the others. Oh, and one more thing. I did get upset while cooking dinner. There was a special alert that interrupted regular programming, and it was in Spanish. Houston's new police chief is Hispanic, and has a habit of giving such special alerts in Spanish. 

Why? America's language of record is English. No, the chief did not give the same speech in English. Fox News moved on to another story. I know about waving red flags to upset people, especially when it is racially motivated--deliberately so, but we had no way of knowing if the news was an alert for events that might affect everyone in the viewing area. JC suggested I voice my opinion. This is just the beginning since I know how to write a letter. 

Speaking of letters?

The newest Taproot is here! While I am as far from Maine as a Texan can get, I'm proud of this independent magazine for including hues of the human rainbow that makes up our country. I will tell them just how proud I am in a letter. Way to go Taproot! I'm thinking of renewing my subscription. Did I mention it's ad free?

Moving on to more mail . . .

Here's last night's envelope. I needed to do something while watching "The Others" again because the plot slipped my mind. I wish I'd come up with something better to spend my spare time on, but live and learn. A big toe slipped into the Depression Pool and I was determined to find a survival tool to hold me back from stepping all the way in. Now we know there's no way a branch such as this could survive on a tree, but between you and me? it's holding up under these stamps rather well. 

Making semi-mindless receptive strokes with a specific purpose in mind helped me put my socks and shoe back on and return to shore. The movie was the extra push, so that before lights out, I was feeling pretty good. I'd written a lovely message, the tension disappeared, and I moved on to . . . guess what.

Yup-yup. More postcards! Ecliptical ones at that. I'm gonna milk the event for all it's worth. It's just that special. Wait. Let me explain the choice of stamps. Since I was out on a limb so to speak, I thought, "Hmm. What hangs on a tree?" after I'd put Richard Allen in place. His placement wasn't secure but he sure was stuck. Lifting him lifted some of everything--including the paper. I added the bird to balance the cost of the added weight, and the pear rounded things off to a fair-thee-well. I'm usually a little "over" when I round off postage, but better too much than too little, huh? 

Still and all I couldn't get the "strange fruit" thought out of my head. Sharing lessens a load. So here we are. 

Hence the extra postage! *grin* There's also other stuff inside but it's not fair to share it. I'll share this though:  I made a cute little eclipsed orb to hang in the air among the branch, and couldn't find it. Until just now. *sigh* And all that negative space at the top annoys me. Poor me. I blame the eclipse. But the mail went out today. Thanks, JC.

. . . to be continued


  1. I have a moment of internet so I thought I had better use it before it disappears! I liked your post from top to bottom. Thank goodness you have had pain free days, and also look depression in the eye and closed the door on it. I hope you have many more days like this. I liked your tree envelopes. I just wish I could create something like it. My envelopes are fairly well boring most of the time. I need to think about that and try some new things.

    Making things from scratch is always balm for the soul, especially when they turn out so well. I have a basket of apples from our golden delicious tree and I've been looking at recipes trying to decide what to make with them. They all sound so good!

    I hope today is another happy, pain free day for you.

    1. Yay! Aw, gee, thank you! I appreciate your like and good wishes for my pain-free days. I seem to be having remissions, and am ever so grateful. I cooked again. Well, warmed up casserole, salad, and a healthy appetite made it feel like I cooked again. :)

      Sadness that hangs around, smoldering and getting in the way are warnings I try to pay attention to. Being pro-active often helps but I have to remember to heed the signs. Thanks for the empathy and hope.

      Trees are special to me so I incorporate them into my wellness. Not much beats sitting beneath the willow and listening to the whispering that goes on between the leaves and wind. It feels like a benediction when a branch leans my way and caresses my head with leaves.

      I'll tell you about the lavender in a letter tonight. The crepe myrtles . . . There i go again! I try to save such thoughts for letters but forget them when I'm finally free to write at night. :)

      Goodness no. Your envelopes are never boring. We always pore over them because there's always something different and interesting to look at. I saw "we" because JC brings in the mail most of the time and he examines your envelopes too. The stamps are different so they're an added bonus. I have my favorites. I really must do a book when I retire from blogging. I'd do one . . . This must wait for a letter too! LOL.

      Indeed it. I caught part of the Rachel Ray show last night and she reinforced what I believe to be true. She advised never to cook when you're angry. I cannot boil water if I'm upset, angry, or unwell, but when I feel good, everyone benefits from my time in the kitchen. :) I read "Like Water for Chocolate" . . . I should stop and write a letter right now!

      An apple tree! :) I immediately thought of apple crisp! :) And I'm not a fan of cooked or baked fruit. Please tell us what you end up making? :)

      Thanks for your hope since it seems to be working. This is another good day. I threw back the covers and hit the floor skipping. :) I feel wonderful and worked on the studio some more. It was short-lived and I'll tell you why later. ;)

      Thanks for your feel-good comment. I hope you feel as wonderful as I do. Always.

      Be well.

  2. hey that girl in the boat has me to thinking did I ever tell you I would take the canoe out on the lake behind my grannys house and I would lay down in the bottom of the canoe where no one could see me . my granny used to say to me stop doing that because you could end up in the great lakes somewhere she used to tickle me pink with that one . But I was only 11 what did I know ? but thanks for bringing back a good memory . Nice post as always . Be well and be safe and hope you ride out this storm safely .

    1. You had a wonderful life! I like the picture you paint of lying in the bottom of a canoe, all alone, and enjoying it. :) Your granny sounds like she was more fun than mine. Mine always had an all day list of don'ts. LOL.

      I'm glad the memory was a good one. And thanks for sharing it with us.

      Glad you liked the post.

      We're trying to finish the ark. But the nails are rusty, dang it! Thanks for thinking of us. Hurricane Harvey is due to reach land tomorrow night. Remember Houston in your prayers? Thanks.