Thursday, August 24, 2017

. . . Continuation

The lady on shore saw decided how powerful and strong Sir Lunar was, simply from viewing his reflection. It was instant infatuation--some call it love.

So she shoved her boat into the water to search for him, the Man in the Moon. Surely the one who'd usurped the mighty Sun, albeit it briefly was worthy of her hand. Love at first sight, alack and a red haired lass in lust is foolishness enough indeed.

Sadly, she'd mistaken his reflection for the real dude, and to this day she yet searches for him when there's an eclipse. Some say she searches forever, even on cloudy, overcast rainy days, and that the raindrops are her tears. The sun comes out amid mighty clouds of joy, drives darkness away, and the lady goes on, to search another day. Hence . . . the true story of The Lady in the Lake. And Happy Lunar-Pause!

On another page, on another day, I'll tell you the true story of Ulysses. I'd ask you first if the storyteller had told you true, that a lunar eclipse was what truly saved him from the Sirens? No, you say? Then hear it this day, this way:

Yup, Ulysses focused on the eclipse that fateful day, and was so mesmerized that he blocked out everything else! His hair fell into his eyes, obscuring his vision, while saving his sight, but the Sirens were so outraged over being ignored that they looked to see what was more seductive than they, and they were mesmerized! And so it goes . . .  that they were blinded. They formed an all girl band called "The Lunartics" and their first concert at the Coliseum was sold out! The group then went on to open for the "Harpies of the Shore," and never missed a gig. Now doesn't that just tighten your wig?

Mail in. No mail out today. There's always tomorrow. May your mail bag drag 'cause it's so heavy. 

. . .  to be continued

Oops! Serials are better in threes. Okay. I forgot this one.


  1. Stay safe! Harvey is on his way and looks damn scary!

    1. Thank you. Your area appears to be safe, thank goodness. Houston always takes on water like it's getting ready to float. I'm praying.

      Be well.