Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Clarification & a Timely Response

Yesterday I wrote a couple of sentences that some took the wrong way. This is what I said:

'I believe there are more good people in our world than not, and in spite of what Ann Coulter said about rather believing that God punished Houston for having elected a lesbian mayor than in climate change, I say to her, "I love you, Ann Coulter. And by the way, our district attorney is a lesbian too." '

I did not side with Ann Coulter. I meant this: Houston had a lesbian mayor for six years. Houstonians voted for her. We have a lesbian district attorney. Houstonians voted for her too. The city of Houston has its fair share of flooding and will continue to do so. It's not called The Bayou City for naught. Our new mayor, Sylvester Turner happens to be African American. Houston voters seem to vote for the people they believe will do the best job, notwithstanding the state's conservative leanings. And, Ann, if you don't believe in climate change . . . Well, wait for the first flood when it's your turn, then try to flag down an ark to thumb a ride. 

My friends, there's flooding in other parts of the world right now. They're more devastating than I could ever imagine. More people are dying. Perhaps someone should tell the North Korean leader to strengthen his country's infrastructure, to concentrate on what is best for the people who "elected" him, and to be kind to others. Who knows when he'll need humanitarian aid. Glaciers are melting and sea levels are rising. He might need to thumb a ride with A. C. someday. *grin* There are other "floods" going on around the globe even as we dry out. Turkey isn't just a bird for Thanksgiving. It is home to people who want democracy and freedom too. A third grade teacher there is fighting the powers that be while democracy is "flooding" that country. Change is in the air everywhere. Here in the US we have the KKK. Turkey has the PKK. There's a distinct difference.

Photos of flooding in India look just like photos of flooding in Houston. We are more alike than we are different.

I wrote a single letter last night. Yay-hey me! Flow's sheets of stationery are the perfect size and the designs and colors seem to fit my every mood. 

My little letter is in response to a lovely notecard/letter dated July 2. See? I really am catching up. Slow and steady is the best pace, and a most sincere way to "eat a mail elephant." I'm seldom in such a hurry these days that I have to dash off a paragraph or two. Waiting for the right time work better. Getting older has its perks. *grin* 

It's so quiet. The whirling blades of a lone helicopter sounds like an assault. It came out of nowhere. It just seems that way. How odd that it took me back in time to new clips that showed choppers in Vietnam though. And now it's gone! It came in left in the time it'd take before a count from one to ten. . . . Again. It's so quiet here. 

See you in the mail.


  1. Glad you and J.C. made it through the storm. Hugs.

    I think it takes a special brand of snowflake to believe, let alone say aloud, that bad things come to others because they don't believe/think/act the way someone else thinks they should.

    1. Thank you so much. I'm sorry for being so late with my response. I have a feeling it's me but sometimes my responses get lost in the shuffle. I see them in dashboard mode but not on the actual blog.

      I agree with your comment. I think people search for answers when they cannot find them in science or religion. And like-minded people find comfort with those they identify with, then often fail to ask themselves why bad things happen to them too because they're so good. That might not make sense but I can't make sense out of some of what I'm seeing and hearing now either. :)

      Thanks for your comment. :)