Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Totally Independent

Happy Independence Day

Johnson is out back barbecuing a slab of ribs. I made a casserole for both of us, and a a big pot of vegetable soup for me. The neighborhood is eerily quiet, thank God. I am all for families going out to celebrate. Houston is putting on a show our neighbors need to witness up close. The parade is always worth the trip. *grin* 

We're recovering from a visit with Nephew I. He flew in on Friday. He left yesterday morning. Saturday was my time to treat him like the son I'll never have. Nephew II, his brother, couldn't make it, so Nephew I ate enough for Nephew II and Nephew III. Watching Nephew I and Johnson took me back to the good old days--the days when my kitchen stayed hot. No matter the time of day or night, when the Nephews visited, Auntie would take to the kitchen. Those meals are why we have two dining areas that'll seat six apiece. Feeding twelve used to be one of the easiest things I did. 

Loving is eating together. Used to be, it seemed like I was always cooking for a group of men that needed feeding, and a select group that especially wanted some good home cooked food. No burgers, steaks or ribs on the grill. Home cookin'! I told Nephew I we'd take him for dinner at JC's favorite steak house, but he declined; he wanted Auntie's good home cookin' . . . By golly, then that's what he'd get. 

Spaghetti with meatballs, Caesar salad, hot buttered Italian bread (The two ate an entire loaf, leaving the two butt ends for the invisible guest.), and beer. I was the cook, server, and fetcher. Used to be I was the last one to eat; it was the same this time too. I loved every moment. I packed Nephew I enough for two to take home to his mama's house, in case hunger attacked before bedtime. He left Chez Limner's a little after 10:00 PM. 

I hope your extended weekend holiday is filled with family, good food, safe fireworks, cool breezes, and blessings. May we remain forever independent.

I finally got around to wrapping and labeling the last eight packages. JC mailed them yesterday. Some days the post office seems so far away, even though he does most of my posting for me. Not having a thyroid gland makes some days taxing. It's hard taking the pill at the same time every day. Some mornings I wake up with the pill box in my hand, yet there are days when I hit the floor running and don't remember to take it until well into the morning or early afternoon. I need a keeper. 

So, to my dear recipients, apologies for the dates not matching the actual postmark. Don't let it get your goat. *grin* He's (She's?) the centerfold in the new issue of Modern Farmer. It's all about the goat. Such an interesting looking animal, don't you think? Look at those ears. Why? The nose. Why? Reminds me of a camel's. The goatee! Why? That mouth--shaped like a heart. Why? Those amazing eyes. Why? The better to see what it'll head butt? Such a wise looking goat. Here's hoping there's no goat on anyone's menu today.

Happy 4th of July.

P.S.  I need a couple more days off to recoup. Cooking with cast iron is a workout unto itself. *grin* (grinnin' and groanin'!" 


  1. I will attest to that cooking with cast iron is a task in itself . I have a stye which is very uncomfortable . I hope it goes away soon . be well and I will try and do the same .

    1. Food tastes better when cooked in cast iron. :D

      I'm sorry you have a stye. I hope your eye gets well asap. Have you heard of using a warm tea bag as a cure? Pain killers are recommended. They hurt THAT much? I don't think I've ever had one. Poor you, rest and be good to yourself.

  2. Yesterday was a fine day! I worked on Monday and I get to go to work today but I was thankful for having the 4th off to go celebrate Independence Day with many likeminded friends. Let freedom ring!

    1. Well just so you know, I wrote to Congress recommending all workers have Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday AND Tuesday off. With pay. I guess they didn't listen that time either.

      I'm glad we still have the 4th as a holiday, but I feel for all the pets that are frightened by fireworks. Our neighbors lit up the sky as usual. JC has video of the night, and let me tell you. . . They put on a show!

      Sounds like you had a great Independence Day. :) Someone in our hometown (usually our cousins) will have placed at least two flags alongside my father's headstone in our family cemetery--along with all the other brave military men and women who are interred there. There are picnics and barbecues, and a second cousin always plays taps and then Amazing Grace. My veg soup was red, white and green. :)

      I cannot imagine America any other way than independent.

      Thank you for sharing. :)