Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday's Evening Post

A Stamp People album grows . . . Debbie's People . . . to include family. Perhaps a village will follow? One can only hope. *grinning*

Two treats in a day! Susan Branch. This is for all you Downton Abbey lovers who cannot wean yourself from the show's teats. Treats? Well, Susan offers such lovely treats throughout this lovely post. I'll never make it across the great pond, but I've yet to make it across the Grand Canyon either, so . . . No matter. Here's an interesting thing I noted:  Reading Susan's post took me away from the dark skies, stormy weather, and pain . . . until I came to myself! No lightning bolt dodging involved! That's what good writers do for their readers. I'm grateful for this love of reading that's never left me since it first shook my hand. Imaginary hand, but still a hand. 

Left handed pecking isn't so bad when great links do most of the work for your own post. There's another welcome storm showering us with lovely rain and cooled air. I love rainy days. The day's pomegranate ignited my appetite, so I managed a messy grilled cheese sandwich for my one meal of the day. The pickle chips were so good. Yum! No morning appetite here. My meal was so recent that I'm still full because I broke down and had a mug of "milked" tea too.  I'd give up reading for a week if I could have two of the Saltgrass Steakhouse's heavenly crab cakes, a loaf of their brown bread, the Caesar salad, and a glass of their homemade lemonade. I must be hungry again!

Being sidelined has its perks. Am blessed to have a copy of Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower to entertain and delight me through my "recovery." Does one ever recover from age? Hmm. . . So, see? Giving in to unexplained urges to buy books you never imagined reading does pay off in the long run. Crossing genres expands my minds--not that I'm new to SCI-FI, but Butler is one of the finest SCI-FI writers to ever live on the planet. I finally get Gloria Steinem's glowing introduction. (More on that later.) JC is out buying food and supplies and such. Minuet and I agreed to get along as long as she stops trying to balance on my right knee instead of my lap. She's the runt and her claws are like curved scimitars; they gouge harder when she kneads, and I need her to stop adding insult to injury. *grin*

Birds are singing so surely our storm is over.

Honorary Auntie Erin baked a cake for her sweet little friend, Sydney, who turned one. I might get in trouble for this but how could I resist? 

There's the sweetest picture of Sydney eating her slice, and as tempted as I am to show you, I asked for permission to share it here. Here's hoping approval arrives soon. The girl is a foodie of the first class. She eats Thai like I never will, seeing as how I've never had it, but there's a photo of that too. And there's a story behind the cake pans used to bake this cake. Short version:  JC found them in the pantry, packed and mailed them to Chicago just in time for the birthday girl's b'day. Imagine that! She's not even our grand . . . That's one lucky girl. 

(7-23-17 Permission granted.)

Happy Birthday Sydney! 

So. I ordered a pair of the new--as my friends Alex, Fatima, and Genesis say--"arthree-tis" gloves; I ordered a fingerless and a fingered pair. I bought a pair for my mother a few years back; not the same ones though. These are a newer design and they're made with some new fabric. I refuse to do down without exploring every avenue that might or will lead to remission. Yep. That's how I think. That's how I believe. I cannot even imagine not being able to write or draw or lift my awesome pots and pans, drive, pick up my cameras, braid my own hair, pull weeds, type, cook, wag a finger . . . It takes longer to write a post, but to paraphrase Ceely, "I might hurt, and I might take too long writing, but I'm here."

"Write, write, and then write some more," is what I plan. Or, better yet, "I'll write when I can." *grin*


  1. What a fun cake. Erin has really done a beautiful job. While I was looking at the photos I realized I just don't bake much anymore. Cherry pie is what everyone asks for here so I make that and the occasional birthday cake.

    Oh dear, bee stings and pain are the worst. I'm partially ambidextrous but have trouble with my left wrist as well as two annoying ganglions which prohibit me making much use of it these days. Still, like you, I will not be sidelined, will not be defeated. I will write on however I can manage it.

    Stamp too. I have been working and fretting over them all week. I didn't think they would be the challenge they are turning out to be. They don't look so difficult. Perhaps it is just my very rusty drawing that lets me down. The creations I have come up with look vastly different than others I've seen. I am continuing to try to embrace this new craft.

    1. I like that little R2D2-like ball tech ball a lot. Surely it's a she, right? Thanks, Erin will be pleased to hear your comment. I don't bake much any more either. What used to be fun seems more like work these days, but I make apple bread more recently than anything else, and I made great peach cobblers, blackberry cobblers, sweet potato pies, pound cakes . . . Then JC went diabetic on me. I have never made a cherry pie.

      I finally know how you feel. I've always had empathy for your discomfort--that's putting it mildly I know, but a shift in thought and naming makes a world of difference. The power of positive thinking at play. :) I have a ganglion cyst in my left wrist for years and never named it. I press on it, skim a finger across the surface, and admire it for being so bold as to pop up on MY body. :) I tell you I believe that I am above such human ailments. *grin* Your attitude helps get me through the diagnosis. My mother's does too. So, thank you.

      I thought stamp people would be easy too--especially when it came to bringing my own ideas into being. I blame my hands and lack of experience, but do keep trying. Different is okay. Let us link our creative arms in this endeavor, and skip across the hurdles. :)

  2. Oh ceely one of my fave movies the color purple and harpo and oprah winfrey at her finest in my opinion for what it is worth . a stellar cast in my opinion and God bless the ones who are no longer here with us . Also the things I think one must see some pretty awesome things when they descend to heaven . Or at least I have faith they do . My you have made me hungry describing all that wonderful food . Let me know how those arth reeeeeeeee tis gloves work for you I might have to get some . Oh well try to stay well and I will do the same . take care my friend and have an awesome day .

    1. I agree with you about The Color Purple. It's my mother's favorite movie. She knows everyone's parts by heart. She says she remembers life in the era.

      I'll keep you posted about the arthreetus gloves. :) I love those kids. The talk so openly with me about anything. I was surprised by how touched they were by their grandmother's gnarled bones and osteoporosis. Children do pay attention and are empathetic.

      Be well. Thanks.