Thursday, July 27, 2017

Pretty Is As Pretty Don't

A funny card from Phonelady. The kind that keeps on giving, 'cause I laugh every time I look. Thank you, PL.

9:30 PM  I promise you that I do try for brevity and succinctness and clarity and transparency, but it I'm seldom successful. I enjoy reading your posts, your photos, your thoughts . . . all the things you share. I do declare it so. Susan Branch has been a favorite since before I knew she even had a blog. Discovering Letterwriting 101 was like getting a hit of morphine before post-op pain wipes you out ahead of the god-awful pain. You never forget the feeling.

So here I am again, trying to be brief with Phonelady's lovely card, failing after falling under the onslaught of delight that comes with discovering SB's newest post. Wait. I just had a thought. What if all the rib pain, the shoulder and other bone pain isn't caused by my right side trying to twist itself into a perfect C, but what if . . . It's a big 'un, but what if all this physical angst comes from my body righting itself? Reversing itself? What if the C is being turned into an L, and . . . "One never knows, do one?" asked Fats Waller. But here's the link I came to share:  Beatrix Potter's Birthday from Susan Branch.

Dodson, D. gave me a copy of the same book! Hugs to you some more, D.D.! Gentle hugs though. Anna made me a Beatrix Potter book! I'd planned to post all the photos,--lots and lots of photos, along with sotto voce comments today, but the lovely bones refused to come on board. 

Here's a single whet. Okay, two!  

Can you make out the delicate silver letters to the left?

I should take better photos in better light, but these are all resized and waiting in their own little Peter Rabbit file. But who knows? Oooh, I am so excited! There are new chickens too! And so much more mail that needs scanning and sharing . . . I must return to SB's for now though. I paused in the reading to come shout out a holler to alert y'all to the good goings on over there. Hurry up and follow me!

. . . to be continued

Oh my goodness! Beatrix's Secret Code


  1. I thought you would like that card my dear ....I love those cards I really do . be well and stay well and mr Dodson does lovely Beatrix potter how nice is that I ask you ....get some rest if you are ill , if not then that is a good day . be well my dear and I will try and do the same

    1. I do like her shoes! :)

      Thank you, ma'am.