Friday, July 14, 2017

I Have Issues

Let's get the moaning out of the way straight up by allowing me to say this:  On this day my spine is a long, curved trail of bones that ache to the point of distraction, because the pain in my right shoulder joint distracts from the spine pain only just. Scoliosis is a warlock--the son of a female dog--too young to die but stubborn enough to go on wreaking mischief just for the hell of it. 

Now. I'm done with that. Well, maybe not. Hounded by cabin fever, I grabbed the essentials and headed east. Barnes & Noble is still home away from home, and it's still the watering hole for chance encounters with people who feel like they'd make great good friends. I always meet someone kind and interesting when I'm feeling low about humanity--someone who hammers home the truth that not all people are hateful people. I'll have to come up with a new reason to head for the hills before I run this one in the ground.

A lovely woman chatted with me about the magazines we're both drawn to, despite the prohibitive price of such imports. It does a body good to hear another voice guilt over needing wanting such totally deserved pleasures before willfully succumbing to the "I'll Get Just One Syndrome." You end up spending so much time trying to decide which one it'll be that you almost tell yourself "To hell with it," and deliberately wreck your budget and buy the best ones anyhow. You're willing to take the massive guilt injection and walk-run to the register before shame assaults you. I tell myself that if shame does such an ugly thing to me, I'll fall to the floor and writhe like a centipede on fire to distract those around me; that way I'll have an excuse to leave everything there on the bookstore floor and crawl through the exit, across the parking lot, and up the side of the car, until I can hide inside. Shame has never gotten me yet. I have serious issues, huh?

I let the title mislead me. Womankind, you say? The only one of my womankind I saw up in there was me holding it. Back on the rack you go, sister womankind. I passed Ebony and Essence, and the one for others too. They didn't represent me or mine either, not in this month's issue.

Keepers! I can explain. See, I need help being calm, and since blue is soothing, and water is too, I covered the price with my thumb, and in truth? There's some seriously good calming stuff inside. 

Like this. Hmm. Sounds like they're trying to make someone feel good for not cutting off a thick sliver of skin, or for not bleeding over everything, with the "cognates, well done, hail fellow cutting people." I am not a patterned paper cutter. I'm not safe around X-acto blades, and I wonder if taking such care and time to make this . . . I can think of better things to cut out. But most especially, what does one do with the hand once it's all cut out? Feels like another dust collector to me. 

No. This project Calm is not for me. I'd rather draw and write on my hand. At least then I can admire it all day while I go about my daily business. Wait. On second thought? Someone might hang it from the ceiling with fishing line. Then it might look like a perpetual act of benediction hanging in the air. No? Yes? It casts a lovely shadow. (Not a project for newly arthritic arthritic fingers, huh?) 

There are other fun projects inside though! Sure wish we had time and space for a proper look-see, but such is life. I'm willing to forfeit the hand to anyone willing to use the template and promise to make at least one notecard just for me. Oh! And, your word that you'll send to me as the cost of shipping and handling. *grin* I want to show you more but I've got the scanner up and running again, hooray! So I'll be scanning and resizing and sharing masses of received mail, real soon. I'd better hurry. Hmm. But it's summer. 

Will someone define simple? A slow summer? Summers are always slow. Just the right amount of friction and we'd all ignite if we didn't live it slow and easy. Sitting here in this pause, I'm watching the back neighbor's son mowing. He's all tuned out with ear buds and the roar of the mower--I should . . . Nothing. I should simply behave, and act like a mature woman who has developed enough couth to see her through to the end of days. And evenings. And ion nto the night and a new dawn. 

Don't you ever want to act out though? His brother is edging. I've never heard them fight, swear, shout in anger . . . The one doing the mowing is dressed in black. Why isn't he hot? Ah, youth. Youth watching brings us to cloud watching. I'll tell you more about that in another post. Cloud watching is regaining importance in these dramatic climactic times.  Did you know there are cloud primers? Yup-yup, I fake-news-you-not. Just wait and see.

Reading and heat require sipping, so Sipp sounded like my kind of first aid for safely soaking up heat in the shade. So I took my bag of printed words, my phone, and a glass of ice to the heat. I say I took it to the heat instead of running away! Heat said, "Bring it!" So I brung it, swung it, hung it out to dry, and watched all the too-hot people cry! Now, I gotta tell you Sipp, the crafted soda flavor, "lemon flower" over ice has some serious cooling power over a hot Texas sun. 

Sidebar:  There's a baseball player--a pitcher--named Tony Sipp. SIPP is also an acronym for self-invested personal pension that "allows individuals to make their own investment decisions . . ." It's a UK government-approved scheme . . .

Sipp, the soda has lemon, elderflower and tarragon. It's not a typical American soda, thank goodness, and it's barely sweetened with agave, so . . . So I like it. It's refreshing as all get out, and has a tarragon kick at the end that makes me think of dinner. Shh. Don't tell, but I bought turmeric soda too. I sure hope it's good 'cause I bought two four packs. My favorite beverage is still water. Always will be.

Sipping Sipp is cool by me, since it has a mere 88 calories. 

Yup, I have issues. And this! This, my friends, is a very special issue. We're talking the 500th, as you are clearly capable of seeing for yourself. What does one give for a 500th issue anniversary? An eye? Or simple, heartfelt congrats?

I like how she's calling home fish from the sky! I remember when I felt I was too poor to subscribe to The Sun. It was way back when--when an affordable "good" magazine still cost ninety-nine cents. Those were the days when my weekly food budget was $75, and bringing home magazines, along with the fake bacon, needed justification. Or so I thought. Silly me. Now here's the 500th issue! It's been a long time coming. Congratulations, Sun!

I wish it would rain. See? There I go thinking I need another excuse to curl up with a short stack and lose myself in words. I'd write a song about how "it's rainin' words, and I'm gonna get wet!" Somebody's already done that, huh?  Wish they'd do away with the need for an excuse to do nothing more than read and sip some iced Sipp, 'cause it still sounds lazy somehow. I readily, freely, and justifiably place the blame squarely on "Black Boy." Wright stirred those old memories with his own "reading is forbidden" tales. The book keeps me awake at night; Johnson sounded like my parents this afternoon when he told me, "And don't be up all night reading!" I'm too old to sleep with a flashlight, but I was tempted to revert to girlhood episodes of reading under the covers. There are some things we never outgrow. Not the emotions anyway. *grin*

I broke another promise. Said I wouldn't buy any more books this year seeing as how I'm reading six and listening to one on audio (Many more thanks, O-Birrd! The Ruth voice is perfect.); then I caved and bought this. I feel like I'm running out of reading time. I'm shortlisting my possessions. Our daughter shouldn't have to clean out this house after we're done with it, so why can't I just stop buying books?

And gifts? I bought two. One for ye, and one for me.

 I haven't used the one I bought awhile ago from John Neal Booksellers. 

Minuet will knock it over on the day it gets its initiatory ink libation. Mark my words. Ha! a pun. Ink'll be in all the wrong places. I'll go, "Oh, no!" and Minnie will run and hide. Chastened, I'll call until I get tired, "Min-u-et? Where you at?" until she gets tired of me pleading.We'll make up and eventually the ink'lll stop bleeding into the space where it ought not be. 

Both ink wells were made by the same company. Who knew? One is twice the price of the other. Will the ink evaporate before it's used? 

It definitely evaporates inside glass jars. We'll see. Soon enough. I have so many things going on that I'm sorely pressed for time. Will I catch up?

When pigs fly?

That's what I said to myself after I asked Minuet if I'd ever learn how to do what others seem to do so effortlessly. Well, somewhere, somehow a pig flew. She's a work in progress but we thank the pig. And Dodson, D. for the royal bee. The idea came while watching "Mr. Sherlock." They should not have killed the wasps; the wasps did what wasps do. Oh! The royal bee is from the back of a Dodson, D. envelope! *grin* Thanks, D. D.! And thank you, God, for the hoarding gene. All the old PBS and The Great Courses magazines, and Anna, and all you mail art specialists. 


My first "stamp lady" postcard. *grin*
May all your mail be well inked.

Write on.


  1. oh where oh where do I start okay first off love the fish , that picture of the girl holding the mask is so powerful . The ink , I have never seen ink wrapped that way awesome. The pig with wings LOL wherever did you find such a cutie ? My jaw just dropped when I saw all the goodies you have pictured the pig , the fish , the photo , the ink . wowza my dear just wowza . You got me drooling , I found the cutest eraser I'm never going to use it , It is a dalmation dog with a fire fighter uniform on and I snatched it for a dollar at the local wally world . I was busier than a coonhound and a one legged buttkicker in a butt kicking contest yesterday . stay cool have an awesome and hold onto ya drawers ....LOL

    1. :) The fish are chopstick holders and they hold dip pens just as well. The Sun Magazine has powerful images as well as words, right?

      I bought a bunch of the pigs a few years back, gave all of them away except for this one and her mate, and wish I could get more. If I did I'd lob a few with a sling shot, over the fence, from my car window, and JC's truck while a passenger of course--just so people could see pigs fly in Texas. I'd probably be arrested though, huh?

      I saw that same eraser in Aaron Bros.! LOL.

      Girl, you were some kinda busy then! :) I'll hold onto my drawers for sure 'cause it's for sure been too hot to wear 'em! I thank God for today's storm. You stay hydrated, and write on.

    2. yes powerful words as well I was so busy thinking about what I was going to say I had to type before I lost my train of thought , has that ever happened to you ? it is awful is nt it ?

  2. Limner, life would be so dull without you. Thank you for simply being you.

    We're on the same wave length with lemon soda and magazines. I bought the same on my trip to town. I have to limit myself too. I buy too many books and I'm reading as many as you and also listening to a book on tape. I like being read to. A girl can get into trouble going into a charity shop that has the most wonderful books and magazines that cost pennies. Who cares if they are old? They read just as nicely.

    I like your stamp lady. I have an idea for a stamp creation and need to settle myself down and grab the idea before it gets away from me.

    Be well, dear Limner.

    1. You are so sweet. I get to live out loud here in this space. :) I wouldn't know how to be anyone else, so thank you for convincing me to not give up my current personality. People who know me would be quite shocked if they knew how I carry on here. LOL. Shh. Don't tell. ;)

      Summer is all about lemons, iced tea, cold water and magazines. Ink dries faster in this season, so letters are slower to get going; blogging makes up for it. A single post is the equivalent of countless letters, don't you think? We know how to do summer, girl!

      I'd come to England just to visit a charity shop, if I were a rich man. :D You make your finds sound better than anything one could find here in a vintage store. Did I tell you about the special old Bible I found in a thrift store when I visited my mom one summer? The woman who owned it had such beautiful handwriting--she'd written her name and address inside in case it was lost. She'd lived several houses down from my parents!

      My stamp lady came about as an indirect result of your Elizabeth book. It's on my drawing table(Elizabeth from Anna); I've longed to do something similar. I liked how the collar worked out with the postage stamp punch, and despite the body/head ratio being distorted, I liked it, and Bob's your uncle. :D I thought the actress in the image from the PBS series was Emily Blunt, until I put my glasses on. LOL.I wonder who did the first stamp person? There are so many creative people on the planet! You'll share your stamp creation with us, won't you??? :D

      I'll be well, dear Anna-Anna. You too.

    2. oh my miss anna you sure do have a way with words .

    3. What a lovely compliment, our friend. :)

  3. It's been ever so hot here too and you are right, blogging is easier, but trying to corral all the ideas is the hard part. I get overwhelmed with the whirlwind of things fighting for my attention amongst my thoughts.

    Oh, gosh we'd cause havoc in the charity shops here. We'd have to hire a van to take our things home! When I go to town, there are times when my bags get so heavy I have to stop and rest. There are so many interesting things to be found. There isn't space enough to enumerate the treasures I have found and I don't mean priceless objets d'art. I get useful things for the house, things they don't make anymore or things of good quality that today's brands don't have. They are treasures to me.

    My idea for a stamp person is a little different I think, I just hope my drawing skills don't let me down. I never developed them as I should have, shame on me. But, I have been trying to do some things to improve and this is going to be one of them. I will show you, I just hope it is worthy!

    1. You're singing to the choir, my sister. LOL. I have four or five projects going, jot down ideas that fly by, and bookmark ideas that come in the mail. If I only had a clone.

      You've got me giggling over the charity shop movie going on in my head right now! You sound like you're living large on your own Treasure Island. Good for you. :)

      Wouldn't it be funny if our ideas prove to be one and the same? I'll share mine with you first when it's done. My drawing skills are rusty and hampered my a bum shoulder, but where there's a will . . . You'll surprise yourself, so draw on. You never cease to amaze me. :)

  4. I'll be changing up my stationery soon :) Just received 4 new pads from my supplier. Really love the brand. Getting harder to find though. My current supplier just notified me they will stop carrying that brand and I will have to order directly - from BELGIUM 😳😳😳

    1. I thought you were on vacay??? :) I like that stationery so much. It's a bit pricey for me. Translation? I'd hoard it if I had it. LOL.

      Stop carrying the brand? Oh no! No wonder I had to order my favorite journal from Florida! You need a Belgian contact, dude; then you could hook a sister up too. ;)

      You don't know how hard it was to cut that bee, but the postage stamp punch makes me do things I never imagined. :)