Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hump Day, with Nary a Camel in Sight

Let us write to one another until the cows come home. A notecard from Patty.

I found a ruler for fifty-three cents--the better to measure you with. 

A belated Juneteenth postcard from a once-upon-a-time bff. Segregated members of the WACs. Thanks, T.!

More handmade envelopes. They need letters, but not today. Today is hump day.

This is from the other day. There's no mail-writing on this hump day.

Great conversation starters to help a limner make it through hump day. Wear these, and Uber will pretend you're invisible.

Designed to cute-up some camel toes, huh? The perfect shoes for Hump Day! I want one with double humps! 

Then there's the monkey see, monkey do pair.

I chose these. They're as lovely as can be. JC scoffed. Said they're prison shoes. So, I put them back. Am writing this in bare feet, just so you know. And I think my fingers are arthritic. Some of them feel like they are. But what do I know, having never had arthritis before? Two or maybe three of my drawing fingers buzz, the index has little bee stings of pain--more interesting than painful, but there's also a little knob in the same spot where I hacked away a button of flesh, right down to the bone that wasn't there before. Kneading an eraser isn't as easy as before either. I have to write through pen spasms, and if I persevere, the letters flow like before. 

Drawing is something I miss. It's the one thing I believe I've been pretty good at. "Use it or lose" it is true. I'm so rusty I can taste it. It's time to draw something every day now instead of writing so much. My fingers have let go of some of their drawing memory. Then again, I have the gall to believe I can "draw it without seeing it." Draw what you know! That's ingrained . . . I had the idea that I'd like to wear my "peasant" blouse, a favorite ankle length ruffled skirt with the front hem tucked into the waist band, the better to see my half-laced combat boots and striped leggings. I will be an old lady with sass. I might not be able to tie the laces in my boots, but by golly they'll have a spit shine, and my braids will have their ends tied with colored strings . . . 

Heck. It's hump day. I refused to write a single letter all day. I wrote one last night though, and JC mailed it after the mail man had come and gone. It's hump day.

I have plans. This is what I'm gonna do. I'll wear my costume, stand on the bottom step of the stairs, and take a picture. I'll be my own model, yes?!! Yes! Then I will draw a better, older, more decorative me. Otherwise how can I draw what I don't know? Oops. Wait. Houston, we have a problem! I don't own a pair of combat boots! Perhaps rain boots will do? Heck, it's Hump Day.


  1. I love everyone of those shoes to tell you . prison shoes ? really JC how do you know that ? never mind I don't want to know LOL . the taxi shoes were uber cute sorry could not resist LOL. the last pair matched your new handbag very well I think . But that is just my opinion for what it is worth . You be well and stay well and tell arthritis to take a hike yeah

    1. I'm so glad that you do like the shoes too. There are two pairs I kept back for silly reasons, but yes, JC and Nephew I think they're modeled after the shoes prisoners wear. Check out the footwear in Orange is the New Black. LOL. Those slip-ons are dangerous and uncomfortable--I think they are designed to be that way. Their design sure would keep an inmate from running very fast. I had problems walking around in them on a test walk. Dr. Scholl's shoes fit better. I used to be crazy for those shoes! They're $65 dollars for a pair at Nordstroms.

      I shall tell arthritis just what you said. :)

  2. Arthritis sucks, it's creeping into this bod too... I rub and rub, it helps. I slept a lot on Humpday, new meds were knocking me out. Yesterday I got my order of Noodlers ink! Woohoo! As soon as I learn how to fill Mr Ahab I will be writing you a letter with him... Cheers for now, enjoy the weekend. Carroll

    1. Oh no-no! I empathize. Sleep is good. Hope you feel better soon.

      Here's hoping you give Ahab a workout. What color ink did you buy? Wait. Don't tell me here. Tell me in a letter. :)

      Enjoy your weekend too. Be well.

    2. what kind of filler is he ? let me know and I will see if I can help ...

    3. Oh thank you, phonelady! I looked it up online and found lots of help, and it was easy! It's a piston style filler, if I remember correctly, and I like it!