Saturday, July 15, 2017

Dear Jenny Nunn,

Dear Jenny Nunn,

Thank you. 

You never cease to amaze me. Teachers never do! 

You're my first Saturday Super Star. While the scanner is up and running again I'm not ready to give up the convenience of the simplicity of "shoot and post" just yet. Scanning requires a lot more work; there's all the resizing and . . . I do that now but it doesn't require . . . Never mind. I'll simply do what I sat here to do, which is showcase some of the marvelously creative, unique, should-be-shared talent that comes to me via mail. It's the "you won't believe it unless you see it" kind of mail myths spring from. It begins with you, dear Jenny.

Enjoy, y'all!

Well defined!

So much to touch and see.

She's looking at me!

If you'll pretend this is a silent short, I promise I won't make you listen to organ music or read dialogue with lots of quotation and exclamation marks, since this is really Show and Tell Saturday. All the orange and gold reminds me of . . . Dang! There I go! You'll need to provide your own commentary. And, simply enjoy. 

Part II

The End?

Twenty-three photos later, and I still couldn't manage to show you everything. It's just that awesome. I wish I'd thought of going spiral with my little folder book. I used binding thread instead. And wouldn't it be clever to write a lovely letter in such a clever way--each page holding a separate part . . . ?

"And the bird flew away . . . with the secret tucked beneath her heart!" 

The End.

Thank you Jenny Nunn, for all the stories that've only just begun, because of you. 

Sincerely sincere,



  1. I think Jenny has outdone herself. Oh, that orange. It looks like hours of lovely fun.

    1. I second your comment. Every time I look at those orange colors I hear Juan offering me a "tangerina." His tree was on fire with the color! So, right on, Jenny!