Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Whole Lot of Show n a Little Bit of Tell

How did this make it through the mail safely?

From the Dodson, D's. Family Vacation. That 3-D is such a toy.

Whimsey gets me every time.

Babushka birds, eh! Both pieces are fromPatty.

As are these! Thank you, my friend. I'll be handy capable soon, and I'll art 'em up like it's nobody's business.

From Anna.

More from Patty, the real Wonder Woman.

Dodson didn't lie. There's always a little bit of this-that-n-the-other inside each envelope, and I do declare dog saliva was used to wet the glue on a flap two letters ago. Ahem. That's the bee I freed. 

Goodies from Anke in Germany. Thank you. I am crazy for the envelope, the lovely stamps, the ephemera, the note . . . Simply everything.

These are the chicken's knees. I remember seeing these on Flynn's blog and drooling. 

I cannot tell you what it meant to see these here in Texas. I won't even try.

And this? This is a bird I coveted unlike anything else. It's egg yolks, a tequila sunrise, sunrise itself, happiness, warmth from sunlight, a mystery . . . It brightens the room. Thank you, Finn. Wow.

And then there were three. Proof that the French finally learned how to be funny. *grin* 

These two will never cease being funny. I'd share the punch line but . . . It's private. Please note:  Aged people have a brand of comedy that's all their own. *grin* And the older I grow the less stodgy and stuffed I become. *grinning with both cheeks stuffed with laughter*

. . . to be continued


  1. "Both cheeks stuffed with laughter " I like that very much . Oh my what goodies you got this week . Enjoy them my dear and be well and stay well .

    1. Nephew II cheeked his food as a kid; it drove most adults around him nuts. I don't know why but it drove Erin to the edge, poor NII. I prefer cheeked laughter. :D

      I'm sorry. I've had a lovely steady stream of mail since June. It's all so great that I'm determined to photograph and post as much as I'm able. :) Repetitive tasks drive me a little nuts. Carpal tunnel, anyone? Mail is worth the ouches. I enjoy each and every piece. :) Thank you.