Sunday, July 23, 2017

A Sunday Short

JC treated me to a meal in the pre-evening hours that included the crab cakes I practically lusted after all week. While being out and eating a good meal I didn't have to cook was a blessing, the cakes were burnt, there was lipstick on my glass of Pellegrino, and the shrimp were overcooked. All in all it was a delicious meal. Dessert was a long ride--a backtracking to Barnes and Noble--where I picked up several August issues of some really read-worthy magazines. Oh! And a lovely toy that has to remain undisclosed until I'm able to take photos of the thing in better light. It deserves every advantageous perk available; it's just that sweet. 

This has to be my third "O Magazine" in years. It's thinner, less . . . less of a sensory overload, and free of perfume samples, which makes it good enough. Hip-hip! Back when I subscribed, I requested scent-free issues only. Accommodation creates a degree of loyalty, don't you think?

It needs more women of color in the ads and articles, items on the O List are too expensive-- shamefully so--and border on being darn near decadent, in my opinion, but perhaps I am not one of "O Magazine's" target audience members. The "Bootyful Dreamer jeans that'll have you backing into a room" is clever enough copy. It made me laugh before I thought, "Women are more than booty, Oprah." Truth is, "Man of Letters" is the real reason I bought the magazine anyway, so "leave the booty and the rest of the stuff alone, girl," is what I'm telling myself as I type.

"Man of Letters" begins:  "Three years ago, my father began sending me a postcard every day. 'Twentieth century texting," he called it.  They were the kinds of cards sold on revolving trees in gift shops . . .

Then there's "Haven't Got Time for the Pain? Don't just lie there, read page 71!" It just blipped on my scanner radar when I gave it another thumb-through just for you. "Movement as Medicine" is right up my alley because it's true. It's in the Feeling Good section. I recommend it. And check this out:

"If you can't love it, eat it, wear it, sleep with it, make peace with it, gain strength with it, find joy in it, the time has come to let it go." *grin* 

I'm saving "Garden & Gun"for a future post. I learned a major lesson from the movie, "Moonlight" that was reinforced in an IKEA ad. Lessons come when and how they will.

As did another in "Mother Earth Living." 'Age in Comfort.' I am so on a mission. Plain and simple.

Be well. 


  1. I like when something of interest in a magazine hits me don't you ? like certain articles . I got two letters this week from you . both answers are going out to you . Be well stay well and I cannot wait for the big reveal of the new toy ...

    1. For real, especially in this day and age.

      Two down and one to go. I'm getting there. The big reveal is a big deal. LOL. There'll be more tomorrow.

  2. Thanks for the guided tour. Yes, it's thinner. Have you looked at Essence recently? Thinner, also. After I read it, there's plenty of material for collages. But for big, there's W. The images are striking, But it's a BIG magazine.

    1. Thank YOU. Not only are they thinner, including Essence, but the paper is so thin you can see through it, and the ink smells.

      I've only thumbed through W. I'll give it another look-see. Thanks.

  3. I agree about O having to expensive stuff -- who can possibly pay so much $$$ for things? And you mentioned crab cakes? I'll be over...

    1. See? I'm glad it's not just me. I've ordered stuff from her mag before. I have notecards from there, and had to justify the price, but they're worth the price tag.

      Yes, crab cakes. The chef is from Maryland and he's proud of it. He told me the secret is fresh lump crab meat and the right filler: either crackers or Panko bread crumbs in just the right measure. :) Girl, they'll be gone before you get out the door. LOL.