Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Saturday Night Post

Laughing here. The latest hot water bottle burns are mere scabs. Or so JC says. I should tape a copy of this to both bottles to remind me of what might happen. Thank you, Jean. Is it from a stamp or is it a jpeg? 

The stamp looks better on an envelope than online. I touched--thinking hoping it's embossed. You changed my mind about these.

What an interesting souvenir for Pedestrian Day. Dodson, D., do people really walk the length of the Golden Gate Bridge? There's an actual bridge-walking  fiesta? I'd walk it! What a cool way to cross over. The ticket number is depressed. Tres cool, dude! Thanks for giving me such a teachable postcard. I learn something new every day.

I like the elk. They follow each other nose-to-tail on all the nature shows they're in. And their call isn't what one would expect of such a strong, strikingly "masculine-looking" animal. They bleat. They're beautiful. Thanks for the double dip, Dodson. What a view, too.

Cynthia, where do you find your stamps? Lovely stationery, too. I saw the collective bargaining postage on Mystic. I think. I added them to my cart, the phone rang, there was a long-long-long conversation. I wonder . . .  Nice placement. Such balance! Thank you.

This is . . . Pardon me while I check the thesaurus for something that better than amazing.    Okay. This is a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping, stupefying postcard from Mim's the Word. Why can't I see the world this way? I am too pedestrian, that's why. Thank goodness the world has a need for people like me. Thanks Mim. Both sides are amazing to me. You have serious scissors skills too. 

Sweet Piglet! Thank you, Anna. Purple and gold. Colors of royals and the J. H. Rowe Tigers.

Write more letters, indeed. And I will. 

Write more letters! Postcards are good. Notecards have more room. 

"Downton Abbey's" Lady Mary is now Letty in "Good Behavior." What do you think? Rose went on to fight vampires while wearing sheer dresses with Empire waists. Which reminds me. Have you seen "The Royal Tailor?" 

I finished this a little while ago. It ended on a note of hope. 

I found my little seed on the floor. The second is missing. I will plant my little seed and fertilize it with hope before I cover it will soil. It looks like a crowder pea, huh?

I clung to enough hope to fuel my desire to pick up pen, and ink, and another practice sheet. The day will come when I'll be good enough to address an entire envelope calligraphically. My problem is still believing I can master anything I set my mind to. With a little whole lot practice. You know? Great expectations are simply Hope with a longer name. Truth is, I read this: Ink Flourishes, and it turned a little house of hope a towering mansion. Thank you, Heather.

Until then . . . this'll have to do. My hand is steadier-stronger-surer. So I'll write on. And hope. 


  1. I copied and pasted the image off the internet. It says: jpg

  2. lovely mail indeed . well I saw a black widow in my garden today I cannot allow to live because they inflict harm on humans and if I were to be bitten or stung by her it would be very bad for me . So I had to spray her with the bug killer . I don't kill many spiders at all unless I know them to be deadly to us humans and the black widow is one and the brown recluse is another . Please don't think ill of me for doing such a deed but I want to live another 20 -30 yrs or more . take care my dear and stay safe and be well . My squash is done for the season and I got a good haul from one plant and next spring I will do two or three . take care my dear and be well and stay well .

    1. I was in Home Depot today and overheard a staff member telling a customer about the best spray for killing insects. I immediately thought of Charlotte's Web.

      You're funny. Why should I think ill of you for living your life as you see fit? I kill fire ants. I don't kill snakes but I wouldn't let one bite me.

      In the movie Blade II, the old-as-dust vampire patriarch, Eli Damaskinos, asks his daughter who she thinks God favors in the web, the spider or the fly. She doesn't answer, but I believe God loves each equally. :)

      Congrats on your harvest. I sowed well and reaped less than. There's always next spring, yes?

      I'm breathing easier and I'm as happy as I allow myself to be. :)

      Be well.

  3. Hi! The stamps are from
    Glad you like them... another set of 4 to follow.

    1. Thanks! I ordered from him once. Perhaps it's time to do it again. Great choices you've made. I especially like the ones on today's mail. :) Thank you.

  4. I figured this summer (and possibly more) that when ever I take a trip this year, I am going to send PCs to my regular writing folks. I live in a state with so many interesting places and climates that some will never get to see or experience. A little snap shot of life. Who knows, maybe it will entice others to get out and see the world beyond where they live. Hiking trip to either the Sierra or Point Reyes this coming weekend.

    1. We really do like postcards. I don't know anyone who doesn't.

      You're right about the beauty in America. I tell anyone who'll listen how you can find everything in Texas: mountains, beaches, desert, snow, caves, springs . . . probably volcanoes too since I remember seeing volcanic rocks on my Grandpa Anderson's land when I was a girl.

      I walked pastures before I ever hiked on the side of a mountain in Colorado. Hot air balloons come so close to our roof we can see faces! LOL. I'll bet you've never ridden a cow though. Uh huh!

      Thanks, D.