Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Reminder to Remember

This red ribbon is my reminder to remember all the things I want to tell you. There's such good mail! How could I ever forget? 

It might remind me to remember how less is more in the telling. Perhaps this lovely ribbon is a reminder to do all things necessary to find the balance between pain and wellness. Not to use a hot water bottle anytime soon? Maybe it's time to give in and go in for a wellness check? Who knows? 

I just remembered this:  My two fingers in my left hand had bee stings last night. I could have gone on living quite nicely without being reminded of the significance of bee stings in fingers; but then I am also reminded that I must give thanks for both hands, and remembering how they've been so good to me. I must be good to them in return. And I will. Just as soon as I finish this.

Note to self:  Try using your left hand more? 
Self to Note:  Naw. We're too old to be trying for ambidexterity. 
Note to self:  Well excuse me. I was only trying to be helpful.
Self to Note: You were. You reminded me of the wisdom in keeping such thoughts to myself. A little rest and recovery and I'll be back to telling . . .
Note to self:  Perhaps you might manage a hint or two as offerings?
Self to Note:  Aha! Now I remember why I keep you around, you clever thing you!

All but two of the little yellow fellows have been released into the world of letters. Will there be more? Remind me to tell you later.

There's a new PBS catalog to tell you about! I like the series, but the book brings you closer to the characters. Masterpiece has been a marvel since I was a girl; it still is.

I must remember to let Dodson, D. tell you about his vacation. He was gracious enough to allow me to tag along via post. I believe Miss "Special K" enjoyed it too. *wink*

A bit of red ribbon will remind me to share the magic that isn't Disney. 

No reminder is necessary to tell you this silly little tip:  A too-thick disc of sealing wax can be thinned by simply pressing the still-warm wax with the back of your match box; it'll comply with postal standards, and you won't have to pay more. Remember to apply your seal near the lower part of the flap and it won't bother the Mangler.

I won't need a reminder to get me talking about the demise of Patty's Charley Pride, rooster extraordinaire. I'm still mourning his loss, but paused long enough to create a fitting tribute.  Poor Charley.

Oh, Anna! What have you given me? Hours of telling and touching and exploring and imagining and wishing . . . There's so much! I'll have to charge my batteries for this gem alone. Yet there's so much more, from so many people everywhere. Beat steadily my heart!

See? You might have thought I was making it up as I typed. Aha! Never underestimate the veracity of a limner. There's always a thing or three that needs limning. The spirit is willing even when the flesh rebels. Ouch.

Note to self:  Ask yourself, why foolish people think they're meant to carry on as usual simply because they've taken a pain pill?

Self to Note:  You can't fault a girl for trying, albeit an old one. Ouch.

Reminder to self:  Gotta run! I forgot! They're looking for me! 

Write as often as you remember to. Need a reminder? Go for it! Just write, and you will be written to.


  1. I'm very sad concerning pbs . second season of my mother and other strangers will not be . did you realize it has been two years since they filmed the first season ? no actors want to come back to it and I find that sad since so many clearly enjoyed it . but I must say I was disappointed in Rose .Oh well and that tilly woman oh my . Okay I have said my piece and I shall move on . The heat is terrible here and I'm melting LOL not really but you know what I mean . Be well and stay well my dear and I shall do the same .

    1. I'm sorry. No, I didn't know the show was over. It's not that great so maybe low ratings are the cause. I read the book and it got off to a good start, but then I realized I still didn't like any of the characters, the acting was too predictable, and there were other drawbacks. I even forgot to watch until halfway through the show. I regret recommending it. Will you forgive me?

      I agree with you about Rose, but I've cheated before too. I had to choose between two young men I liked when I was in college, and didn't know how to look beyond my own selfishness. But then what do most twenty-year-olds know about love and life?

      That Tilly woman! LOL. We all know or have known Tillys.

      Recent storms eased the almost unbearable heat wave we've had. The weeping willow was dying, I was listing, and everything in the garden and flower beds died. I have three pomegranates left; both trees were stunted by the heat, but even one is better than none, right? Yes, I know what you mean. :)

      Thanks, I will if you will. :)

  2. Okay. I'm feeling the nudge. I love to write letters but lately I can't seem to squeeze enough time from my day to sit still. Maybe tomorrow.

    1. Don't be nudged. Don't budge. I finally watched "Moonlight" last night because I couldn't do much besides, and the "you'll know when you know" stuck in my consciousness. It applies in your situation as well. You will know when it's time to write. :) Anything before then won't ring true.

      I need reminders so that I don't forget all the things I need to write about when I'm feeling better. There's so much good mail coming my way when I'm least able to respond that I fret and feel guilty, and set myself up to be stressed. Instead of fretting about it, I'm working on simply enjoying the largesse from my pen-friends. Guilt has a purpose, bot not in letters.

      I just read this, and although I learned the truth of it in metaphysical classes decades ago, once in a while I still wrestle with the words we infect ourselves with. Guilt is one of them. We make ourselves ill with words and thoughts. I want to share this quote with you now:

      "Words can have a powerful effect on your nervous system. Certain types of adversity, even those involving no physical contact, can make you sick, alter your brain — even kill neurons — and shorten your life.

      Your body’s immune system includes little proteins called proinflammatory
      cytokines that cause inflammation when you’re physically injured. Under certain conditions, however, these cytokines themselves can cause physical illness. What are those conditions? One of them is chronic stress." Studies show that as an African American, I am more likely to die from "living while black." I must take care not to live in a state of chronic stress.

      What are thoughts but words unspoken? I've been impacted by my own negative thinking lately, and the proverbial chickens have come home to roost. My body hurts and aches from stem to stern; even my brain feels swollen and achey. Inflammation has set up home in this body--all because I invited it in, the way one must invite a vampier entree.

      I hope you never write another letter unless you feel like it. Enjoy the light! Be well. :)

  3. Thank you for the tip about sealing wax. It's one thing I need much, much more practice at.

    I'm sorry your hands are giving you trouble. I'm in the same boat. I think, "This one little postcard or letter won't make it hurt any worse." then I'm up all night in agony.
    I do try positive reinforcement, I believe you are right about the negative words. Sometimes it takes great effort. I have been scouring my herb books for natural relief, cherry juice is good, and you have discovered turmeric. I do not want to give up writing, I will do what I can to continue.

    Oh Yay, your book arrived! I enjoyed making it for you. I don't know if I mentioned it but the book is made from a single sheet of paper. It's folded in a specific way and then a few strategic snips help it to fold into a book. I've never done one that large before and lessons were learned! LOL I love blue and white together so it was a joy to make.

    1. You're welcome. The good postal clerks always pass on tips that improve my postal experiences. The not so nice ones will charge for extra postage if the sealing wax hesitates or touches their template's slot; the clue was positioning the seal just so, or decreasing the thickness.

      You DO understand. Aging is one surprise after another. Surely someone has written at least one manual by now. There's "What to Expect When You're Pregnant, "From Birth to Six Months," "How to Do This, That, and the Other," so why not "How to Age with a Little Help from Those Who Know" or something like it. LOL. I wonder if there's a how-to for "what to expect if you think you're dying.?" :)

      I learned to note changes--to pay attention to what's going on in my body--and it's been such sound advice. No one told me to keep an eye out for the "buzzing and bee stings" in knuckles, or things like waning taste buds, the odd snap-crackle-pop sounds from joints, the floaters I swatted at thinking they were pesky gnats . . . LOL. My grandmother's hands were like flippers, my mother has arthritis, but I'm so special I just knew I'd never be afflicted. Our bodies remember the falls and jolts; bones never get over a fall down a flight of stairs on your back. All those slides into home plate, falling on the track, the whiplash . . . The body remembers.

      Yes, natural remedies are always my first choice. I remember gathering herbs with my aunt, our drying and storing them under Grandmother's directions. She was crippled, in a wheel chair, and still wise enough. I cannot quite forgive her for having Aunt Pauline drink hot tea with liniment for menstrual cramps. Hot politics did nothing for my aunt's fractured hip--a result of falling down the back steps. They drank Watkins liniment, and the Watkins Man lied to them about the cures he swore by! Liniment was not for drinking! Sorry. Some memories die hard.

      I usually eat a ripe pomegranate on an empty stomach, and I've noticed an absence of pain until four or five o'clock. I feel more alert and am less inclined to be wary of moving or doing too much because there's zero pain. There are three left. *whimper* I should have written these things in a letter but this isn't a good letter-writing night. I forgot myself and clapped too hard for tonight's star baker on the British baking show. I cheated and Googled the winner of season 4, and am so tempted to stop watching now.

      I've written instructions for JC to tape a pen to my hand if I lose my grip or even entertain the idea of giving up penning letters. I do understand though. Typing isn't easy. I pressed too hard with an E-xacto blade last night and my index finger tip is still swollen. :) Surprise!

      Yes! My beautiful, exquisite books found its way home. I cannot thank you enough but surely you can imagine how much it means to me. I won't touch it any more without cotton or latex gloves. I've taken photos for a future post but must wait until the swelling in my shoulder goes away. The anchor inside shifts if I lean forward or backward, which causes even more inflammation and aggravation!

      The book is a study in itself! How did you get the satin ribbon to work as a spine??? And where did you find the lovely metal pieces??? The Peter Rabbit ephemera??? The book Derrick gave me, coupled with your masterpiece give me hours of pleasure, especially when I doubt my worth as a human being. :) I've taken so many photos and chomp at the bit to showcase your work. Is it vanity on my part? Perhaps vanity adds to my recovery time? The colors are beautiful. I promise a feature post as soon as I'm able. Thank you so much. I wrote a thank-you card the day it arrived. :)

      i look forward to sharing all the lovelies I've been blessed with. In time.

      See? I've overdone even this. I am my worst enemy. *sigh*

  4. I am right handed but left-moused. I learned to use a mouse with my left hand when I was 30 years old. Practice little things with your less dominant hand every day. I just found your blog and will be a regular visitor from now on.

    1. Hey Teresa the Technical Writer and all-around helper person. Thanks for dropping in for a chat. Thanks for the tip too. I learned to do a lot with my left hand a few years back, after several surgeries left me with an immobilized right shoulder/arm. I even learned to draw and write a little--pretended I couldn't vacuum or pay bills that way. :) I prayed for a bidet.

      My left hand has bee stings and some swelling now though. I blamed the heat and humidity. :D I think this will be my one and only "hey-I-hurt-all-over!" week. Pretending it isn't happening hasn't worked so far. :) Limners wear down too. LOL.

      I hope you'll come again.

      Be well.

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