Monday, July 3, 2017

A Moan-day Post

Such a postcard! Lynda had me longing for Chicago with this until I remembered we were there when temps were cooler and fellow tourists were still laid back. It might not be so nice right about now. I do not tolerate heat well but that has nothing to do with this possibly being my all time favorite view of Chicago. 

I'm still trying to figure out which building Erin lives in. *grin* I think I see her waving at me! Thank you, Lynda. Surely you're walked through reverberations left in the wake of our last visit. *grin* I leave my aura wherever I go. I can tell by your message that y'all enjoyed the city as much as we did/do/will do. 

A notecard from Susan, gifter of stamps, avid dog lover, and photographer. A golden time of day moment captured in perfect light. Such light! Thank you, Susan. This is your season to shine!

A letter from Catherine bore two bonus gifts:  Hand-painted postcards. The blue cooled my space by at least ten degrees. It's so hot here I peeled off my skin, and hung it in the shower where it's cooler. Heaven forbid that it might shrink. 

Thanks, Catherine. I like your whale! JC and I had a conversation about clouds just the other day. I asked if he and his siblings ever chased clouds; naturally he raised both brows--meaning he had no idea what I meant. So I told him how Betty and I would move our playhouse feet by feet in our little girl attempts to stay beneath gigantic cloud formations. Those cloud canopies offered protection from the hellacious summer sun that made it past the tree canopies, and bore down on our thin young skulls. 

They were the slowest moving clouds I've ever seen. Their shadows cast air lagoons of coolness that probably kept us from suffering heat stroke. Grandma and Aunt Pauline made us "go out and play" even during the hottest parts of the day. They gave us dippers full of spring or well water once in awhile, to keep us hydrated, but no way were we allowed to go back inside until we were called. I should have sued Grandma's estate 'cause I blame that heat for the degree of brain damage from which I suffer! Alas!

Johnson and I sit on the patio of an evening, and while I marvel at the cloud formations and colorings, he barely acknowledges their existence, but if I persist he might offer the same old trite and dry,  "B, if you've seen one cloud you've seen them all." That just goes to show what he knows, huh? 

A favorite card from Anna draws me in no matter how often I take it out for a look-see. It's beautiful. Anna, thank you. I'd frame it but I'd lose too much of the image with a mat. The frame I have doesn't work well without one. I do have an alternate way in mind of hanging such things. I'll share it soon.

A new envelope for special notecards, pens and postage. I couldn't resist.

. . . paused for dinner. I have to cook it, so . . .


  1. I'm so glad you like the handpainted postcards . those are the first two I have done and I'm going to do more to other pen friends as soon as I get some more cardstock . was not in the budget this week but soon . take care and watch the clouds ...LOL be well and stay well .

    1. Do you use acrylics for your postcards? Have you tried watercolor? Do you think they'll hold up in the mail? Have you sent any through the Mangler? :) I hope you get more card stock soon.

      You know there are new clouds, right? A woman discovered several of them. There are new cloud types added to the list for the first time in 30 years. Here's a link:

      The heavens are awesome. I always keep and eye on the sky.

      Be well. And thanks again. That whale has such character.

    2. actually I use the craft paints at wal mart . they are like 88 cents a bottle and that is okay with me and yes I will pick up some card stock soon take care and I will watch the clouds .

    3. I know the paint. I used it when I painted clay pots and cans. :)

  2. I love that view of Chicago too. I have friends there and want to visit but usually it is either too cold or too hot for me to go. When you live in SF you get picky....
    And I love that pretty envelope for pens and postage. Nice....

    1. I hope you might consider spring or August, but their weather is as fickle as ours is here in Texas. It was 107 degrees in Katy today; we're normally cooler than Houston.

      I couldn't resist that envelope. The craftsmanship is stellar. Besides, it matches my favorite handbag. You can find it at Macy's but I think you have your very own favorite mail bags. ;) A girl can never have too many--one for several occasions, yes?

      Be well.