Wednesday, July 5, 2017

A Good Book, Great Mail, and How to Stay Cool in Hell

I often roam the children's section of Barnes & Noble; sometimes their books are better; it's too bad they're so short. (The stories in books, not the children.) Brevity isn't a sure-fire deterrent though, so had you followed me when I was in the book store the other day, you'd have found me talking with my friend, Pam, bookseller for far too long. She made me laugh so hard I had to buy water to replenish the moisture I lost through my mouth. And purely by chance, I discovered Bruce. Bruce has a problem.

"After the events of Hotel Bruce, our favorite curmudgeonly bear shares his home with not only his four geese, but three rowdy mice besides! Fed up with their shenanigans, Bruce sets off to find a rodent-free household. But as usual, nothing goes quite according to plan. . ." It's "a hilarious sequel for fans of the previous Bruce books . . ." (quotes from Amazon review.)

When I asked if I might take a some of the adverts, Pam acted like the great PR person that she is, and passed on some of the promos that happened to be the perfect size for postcards. I misplaced them in my hand bag in plain sight for whole four days before I rediscovered them last night. Don't you know I had fun in bed before the lights went out. 

Closer inspection reveals why I'll buy a copy of "Bruce's Big Move." Aren't they cute? Don't they look like problems? Um, they are in real life so why not in pretend? I also like the idea that Ryan T. Higgins wrote and illustrated his own book. If that's not clever and talented, grits still ain't groceries, and Mona Lisa still could have been a man--hence that cryptic smile. *wink* Poor Bruce.

Determined to show my appreciation, I used the cutouts to make a bit of fun stationery. Bruce deserves much more but what's a limner to do? 

A limner does what a limner can. Improvise! Have some simple fun. Write a letter--but just get it done, before she sleeps. Cause fun ideas don't always keep. 

Abstract mail detracts from other issues . . . but always works as a clever segue into . . .

. . . a cool summer jam notecard. Thank you, Angela. You made me laugh! Even in this heat.

Catherine, you made me growl, like a bad Tibetan tigress. Grrrr!  Thanks for a lovely card. It's too hot to write much lately, but I try. It's too hot to sit at a desk with the drapes pulled back to let in natural light; heat follows, it slaps you in the face and pours across your skin, making your breasts sweat beyond the wicking power of any bra, which leads to chafing when you move about, and we know the dangers associated with talcum powder. We do not perspire here in Texas. We sweat. If we sit too long we have wet outlines of our hiney on back of our skirts, dresses, slacks, and shorts; it looks like we sat on a Xerox copier too long. 

In fact it's so-o-o-o hot here, leaves on trees are curling and dying from the bottom up, ants are seeing relief in our kitchen, veg have stopped growing because it tires them out, birds have taken to knocking on the kitchen door--asking for water and food. I turn on the sprinkler and pray. 

Tempers flare like dry kindling in a wood stove. Yesterday's recorded temp in Katy was 107 degrees Centigrade. Like they say, "God created Hell, and then He created Texas." That's not boasting.

Keep your cool, stay cool and hydrated, and have sympathy for the mailman. But write on. Write long and well. Oh, and root for Bruce. 

Recipe for Limed Iced Tea

Make a pitcher of tiny tea leaf tea aka Tetley's Tea
Fill a glass pitcher with ice (Sweating glass cools better than plastic!)
Sweeten with turbinado sugar
Squeeze as many limes as you like--including pulp
Add juice atop tea and ice
Somehow the lime makes it so much more colder and refreshing. Lime beats lemon hands down!

P.S.  Remember to wash your limes with hot soapy water and rinse well first.


  1. well I'm certainly going to try lime in my tea and oh so glad you liked the tiger I like him too much more proud than Tony I must say ....I got those from a pen friend long ago and just now started using them . Good things come to those who wait , yeah right not hardly LOL . be well and stay well and I will do the same .

    1. I hope you'll like the lime as much as we do. :) Thanks.

  2. thank you so much for the lovely pkg I received yesterday . What did I ever do to receive such a lovely friend as you ? I surely don't know and Lord knows I don't deserve you but I sure am glad you are one of my friends . Love you take care my dear .

    1. Do you like the dragonfly? Hang it from your patio table umbrella and watch it dance on a windy day. LOL.

      Aw, gee, but you're kind. I believe we pretty much get what we deserve.

      Enjoy! Hope you'll post a photo so I'll see where you choose to hang it. :)

    2. I love the dragonfly and I had another dragonfly and I chose the two to be friends so I hung them together inside my house I'm afraid they would ruin and rust outside and I could never hang a lovely gift such as yours outside . Lord knows , Thank you so much and yes I will post a photo my dear Look on my blog

    3. Aw, that's so sweet. No matter; it is yours to hang where you choose. I'm pleased because you like it.

      You're welcome. I've seen a single dragonfly so far this summer.

  3. The pen arrived today, and what a handsome pen Mr Ahab is! Many thanks for sharing, what a kindness... It's my birthday next week and this is the first present me thinks. I already ordered some ink... The summery pencils were great companions on the journey and will also be put to good use..! Keep cool!

    1. Another success! I'm glad you like it 'cause it felt like an unwanted stepchild here, and I tried so hard not to be a neglectful evil stepmother. LOL. Happy early birthday to you!

      I couldn't find the ink but it wouldn't have traveled well anyway since it had been opened. Such things always leak.

      Aren't those great summer pencils? I bought two bunches to keep and share. One can never have too many pencils, 'cause when ink gives out, graphite has your back. :)

      Enjoy! Will do.