Wednesday, June 7, 2017

So This Is What I Did

I did some show and tell. Below.

I dream of black and white mail. Not much beats eclipse mail, huh? Remind me why I paid for a blackout. Twenty times! Oh, is me. What are we thinking?

I like the "as the world turns" postage, so am forever onboard with the moon and planets too. Pluto has a special place in my heart. Repeat, repeat, repeat what you like.

So, where's the sun stamp?

Evergreen and succulent. That center eye reminds me of one of my favorite flowers, the ranunculus. That eye makes me behave even when I'm behaving. I belt out "Aint' Misbehavin' every single time I see one or the other. I'm singing it now. Penfriends, can you hear me?

Why? I don't know? Am I weak for boutonnieres? A corsage for men, huh? This image always makes me smile. I wonder who saves them, pressed in a book somewhere. The groomsmen or their women?

Okay. No explanation or defense necessary here, right? I do admire people who are good at floral arrangements. Martha Stewart makes it look like it's a no-brainer. Even taking a tip from nature doesn't make a flower lover a natural. It amazes me how wildflowers seem to grow by design.

This stamp isn't just for June either. I'd send them in winter as well. Fall even. Don't ask me why I bought them. Seriously. Sitting here, trying to defend the purchase, I want to lower the blinds and pull the drapes.

All of the above for some Richard Allens. What I won't do for . . . I always think of Benson when I see this stamp. *sigh* Am willing to bet there'll never be a Benson stamp though! So, good for you, Mr. Allen.

And then there are these. I'll never run out of time with an American clock. There's something about them that appeals to me. No, it's more than wondering about whether or not there's such a thing as wasting time. It's not letting time boss you around. Do what you want with the time you have. It's yours. Still, I wonder if it's AM or PM time. Either way? It's time to move on.

Moving along . . .

I forgot to buy stamps for postcards! Almost said "for my heifers," but she's no heifer. And she deserves to stand in the middle of bluebonnets for real. Since she couldn't, I pretended instead, and wrote a handful of these before I turned off the lights and said goodnight. 'Tis the season, and a great way to say hey. So, He-e-y!

It takes a lot of hot air to make that flag billow like an overstuffed pillow.

Have you read it? Ever heard of it? Wonder what it's about? Care if it's a good read? Hold on.

I bought it way, way, wa-a-a-y back when. All the back to when I'd had the same two pen friends for nigh on a decade. I bookmarked it at page 98, and put it aside unfinished. Imagine buying a stack of old postcards and writing stories about the messages on back. Garden Ridge closed a handful of years ago. They bought books no one else wanted, and sold them for a song. Well, they sold them at a decent price, 'cause I'd be book-less if I had to sing for one.

The USPS messed with me this day. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow. *sad face*

Has there ever been a snail on a postage stamp?


  1. Snails on postage stamps? I have received some. For instance this (bottom of the post), and this one.

    1. *grinning* My favorite is the stagecoach. Thanks!

      I believe the USPS should offer snails on postage stamps too. I've fallen out of patience with the onion-eaters I find in my raised bed that gorge themselves and are then too lazy to make their way home. They should be delivering notes in the neighborhood or something.

  2. oh my what lovelies you have shown us there are just beautiful . Thank you so much for delighting our eyes this day. ty ty ty be well and stay well .

    1. You know what? I can find a reason to buy just about every stamp the USPS sells. :) My order arrived this afternoon! I'm still not sold on the eclipses. *shrugging*

  3. Now I know I need eclipse stamps. Black is my standard sealing wax so they are obviously a must.

    1. Mrs. D., do you really like them? I feel like the emperor. I'd rather have the Milky Way in b&W. :D

  4. Had a Good Time is one of my favorite books. I have kept this on all along. Very clever.

    1. It's one of my least favorites. I keep trying to like the stories but came up short again.

      What have you kept on all along? Silly me, I grabbed the book thinking that was the title of a story. *sheepish look* Very clever? How? English is not my first language.