Thursday, June 15, 2017

On Being Made Whole

I haven't shopped online since my last post, but the last of my purchases and replaced items arrived safe-and-sound, in other words, whole. I don't think being sick has anything to do with it--not shopping I mean. I shop online when I need to, not so much when I want to. It's a little like replenishing my pantry:  I run out of a staple, discover a new product that might make life easier, or come across a new magazine. . . You know what I mean, right? Uh huh.  *grin* *groan*

So, I am physically ill again. For a change. As opposed to mentally ill, which is just me expressing self every day. Still and all I'm so proud-of and grateful-for my immune system. It remains a workhorse after all these years, although sustained stress-related assaults weaken and overwhelm it at least once or twice a year. Goodness, what a long sentence. Filtering and backspacing (deleting?) makes my head swim. I finally understand what people mean when they say that. Ugh. Constant sea sickness/motion sickness ain't nothing to crow about either, but . . . I'll give it another twenty-four before going in to see doc. Pardon me while I go make a some tum-tum tea.

11:00 PM

11:18 PM  See? I really did make tea. I seldom treat myself so well when I'm feeling punk, but who else will if I don't? It took me all of eighteen minutes from start to finish. It sure felt longer. Like an hour. Or so.

Oh, wow. A whiff of that lemon almost made me upchuck. Did I tell you about drinking and liking saffron tea, and getting hives because I'm allergic? Sometimes I am so slow. Dangerously so. But this is good, this turmeric tea.

There was so much mail yesterday and today! Or was it just today? Sleeping a lot makes time overlap. My head swims, my stomach sways, and I seek a cuddle and solid ground in bed. Surprisingly, I never have trouble falling asleep when I am ill. How strange. 

So. A new I have a new, unmarred, not-Mangled copy of Taproot Magazine. It was pro-tected. Hooray for y'all, Taproot! And, thank you. Your customer service is excellent. I'm glad I subscribed. I'd be reading in bed but for the swimming in my head, and blurred vision when I try to focus. The words'll keep until I can.

I have been a fan of Waterford ink for years. Whereas I'd order several boxes at a time back in the day, I learned how a six pack will do for the time being. Cartridges do dry out you know. While I'm sure I could have found them in Houston, Amazon got these to me by way of Goldspot Pens, from Aberdeen, New Jersey of all places. Wow. I feel a little concerned about carbon footprints and such, but they got here . . . no problems. Thank you, Goldspot Pens. That Aurora pen uses Aurora cartridges, by the way. 

My complimentary copy of Bound & Lettered. Thank you, Nikki. You restored my belief in sellers and people in general. Acts of kindness are as good as medicine, while acts of unkindness are as bad as disease. Read dis-ease. Enough of it takes a toll. You've been kind and considerate, empathetic/sympathetic, intuitive and restorative. You've been very kind.

Am off to bed again . . .

. . . to be continued


  1. I'm praying for you to get well . I am good thanks and I pray you will be soon as well . I don't have much to tell you at all . It just goes day by day .

    1. Thank you very very much. I'm able to eat more than tea and toast without wishing I hadn't. Glad you're good. :) The weather's too special to be under it. ;)