Wednesday, May 10, 2017

What a Wonderful Day

. . . and now that it's night, I want to tell you about parts of it before I sleep. This bit is the most colorful. What a waterfall of color! I found it quite by accident. Okay, the Universe directed me to it. I was searching for green glass beads when a wrong turn, executed out of frustration, forced me down the very last aisle . . . and there it was. A singular bolt of cloth among many such bolts of cloth! I wanted it. 

A close-up reveals such lovely surprises. See why I like watercolor? And I am willing to bet you'll never guess what it has hope of becoming. A pair of spring capris? A caftan? Chair upholstery? Cushions? Pillows? Book covers? Hmm. All that sounds good!

Although the colors are kin, put a hold on it! Don't buy a copy of "Put a Stamp On It!" just yet. Give me a few more days and I will tell you why. Yes, excerpts fooled me. Do not order it. Be warned. Cautioned? Read this:

" 'And when the letter went through the cancelling machine, the pressure of the date die stuck exactly over the coins. Did you ever make coin rubbings when you were a child?' 

Dr. Watson, though Black, and recalled that he had.

The Littlewood's man returned a few moments before five."

That bit is from "Sherlock Holmes and the Littlewood Pool." Does it ring a bell? In all fairness the author died before he published this confusing mess. I can only wonder why no one thought to edit "Put a Stamp On It" before publication. Such is life.

And, no, I didn't make it to the post office this day either. We traveled east. The post office is south of we. 

Moving on . . . 

I penned two notecards that are as good as letters. I think so anyway. The embellishments are reminiscent of lemonade, lightning bugs in Mason jars, and carnivals. We're sneaking up on summer you know. Slow and steady sets the pace. No sweat.

So is there any wonder why yellow is a recurring color in my life lately? The sun's a mellow yellow this spring. I even drank lemonade in Starbuck's this afternoon, and  while I'm not yellow . . . I'm all about the mellow in me. And mail! 

In summation? I went to JoAnn's Fabrics. I bought green and gold beads, special threads, a lovely clasp set for a handmade surprise, fabric that originally sells for $21.00 a yard on sale for 50% off, and some lovely cold lemonade. Afterwards, I sat on the patio and stitched until my leisure time was over.

What a wonderful day. I hope yours was too.


  1. you have a letter on the way my dear keep your eyes peeled at your p.o. box and yes I think you should grow some maters ..I realizd the other day I have a tomatoe plant that might get to 8 ft ...yeah I doubt it not on me . Oh well enjoy and make some pillows . I love pillows that color .

    1. Oh goody! More mail. :) I wonder what would happen if there were no mail one day that wasn't a holiday? Sort of like the movie "Death Takes a Holiday." Used to be everyone hoped for mail. Nowadays too many people can't be bothered to check their boxes. People used to pick up their mail at the grocer's, the pub, and even road side inns. Today EVERY home has a mail box.

      Okay. I will plant tomatoes tomorrow. Thanks for the push. Goodness! Your tomato plant is taller than my tallest sunflower. Birds are going to town on the ones that've already dried. They try to peck the bigger flower heads upside down. It's comical.

      Pillows would be lovely against my spring/summer quilt but Minuet would shred them in no time. I'd try chair pillows for the kitchen table but . . . I'll have to see. :) Such pillows would clash with my reading/writing chair. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks.

  2. I'm a bit rusty reading and writing blogs since my fall. I've missed reading your blog, there is always so much goodness. I love the fabric you bought. These days I envision curtains and cushions but I used to make fabric book covers and bags. I get inspired as you do when I see a nicely patterned material. I was never much good at sewing, but I still try. I liked the embroidered sun you did, the yellow and green compliment each other very well. I've been working on a pattern for my moon mosaic.

    1. I am happy to hear you are better. If thinking of you were medicine, you'd be running a marathon by now.

      Yes, you are much better, and retain your sense of humor. Your comment about my posts made me smile. I'm such a jelly head but cannot change without a lobotomy, so I will hug you for being so generous and kind instead. You make me want to do better and edit more; my brain does what it wants and I cannot seem to help it.

      The fabric is like sunshine indoors! I smile when I see it. I want to sew gold glass beads where the stamens are. Surely those flowers are done in watercolor?

      I think I sent you a piece of the dragonfly fabric. It is so lovely and deserves being used for something special. Although I'm an ex-seamstress, I simply enjoy looking at it from time to time, especially when light strikes it just right. I miss being able to use our Singers. Too many fabrics have sizing that makes me ill, so I poke holes in paper and stitch instead. :) Keep trying, and surprise yourself.

      I've tried imagining the blue colors. Will you share a photo of a tiny piece? The design will reveal itself to you in due time.

      Ah! You like my sun! Thank you. :D It gives life to the green.

      Be well.