Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pottering About with Beatrix or Dear Dodson, D. Part II

This came as a gift from Dodson, D. awhile back. It had to be "de-scentisized before I was able to enjoy it, but when I did, I went all out. "All out" included watching the movie about Beatrix that starred Rene Zellweger. The animation was annoying but I admire and respect Beatrix Potter more than ever having seen it. She has to be one of the first female illustrators, and I didn't have a little girl clue back then. And my Peter Rabbit came by way of a Little Golden Book. So, thank you again, Dodson, D., from the bottom of my childish heart. You gave me an especially beautiful gift that keeps on giving. I still wonder how you knew I'd develop a deep love for it. As in, "love: a great interest and pleasure in something."

The back is just as sweet. "I have been asked to tell again how Peter Rabbit came to be written. It seems a long time ago and in another world . . ." Her story is one of self-empowerment. Is that a word? Self-empowerment? If not, it should be. And children should be encouraged to create art again. Some might grow up to become artists or storytellers. Texas is bassackwards when it comes to the arts in schools. It's embarrassing but true. 

Such penmanship, yes? The sweetest little bird makes me smile. I confess. I am not fond of creatures in human clothing. It's silly, but so are my whimsical drawings. One of my favorite illustrated songs from childhood is all about a frog that went a-courting. He did ride with a sword and pistol by his side. He proposed to Miss Mouse; he said, "Oh, Miss Mouse will you marry me, yonder by that old oak tree?" I own several copies of "The Wind in the Willows," yet have never read the full story. 

I believe illustrations honed my childish imagination after I graduated to books without pictures. Drawing what we see is better than drawing what someone else has seen, although copying is great exercise. We could do worse than Ms Potter as an invisible mentor. 

Nature is a fine teacher too. But, rabbits, hares, frogs and moles won't wait. Did you know Beatrix walked about with Peter on a leash???

Dodson, D.'s lovely is ripe with such surprises. All the little bits tucked in here and there are delightful! Surely Dear B spent most of her time drawing and painting and imaginating a whole other world? 

And yes, there's mail. Postage stamps? Peter mail? He knows you're looking. Wondering if one of those letters might be for you? Here comes Petter Cotton Tail, hopping down the bunny trail! Hippity hoppity, Peter 's on his way. And according to the fantastical history of the USPS, I halfway believe Peter could very well have had mail in his sack!

Hair loss? Oh, no! I deduced the cause to be lead poisoning. From her paints. B is so working that cut though. Am willing to bet it freed up more time for artistic stuff, and courting perhaps?

. . . to be continued


  1. Glad you are enjoying it. Kaylee still pulls out her copy every now and then. Kind of a fan of these types of memorabilia books. My favorite is my baseball version that includes old tickets, programs and such.

    1. Knowing I'm in such good company makes it even better. I appreciate it more each time I engage. Will you post a photo of your baseball version? I'm curious.

  2. I for one adore it and would love to have one . I loved peter rabbit as a child , yes I did . I think I still love it these days take care my friend and I got your lovely card in the mail and one is on its way back to you and yes I would love to have the little stranger thank you for such a lovely thought and thinking of me . be well and stay well darling ....

    1. I Googled the title the day it arrived, and again the other day. I wanted to pass on the joy to someone special. We can't have it our way all the time. :) See if you can find a used copy. Abe Books are honest dealers.

      I'll send The Little Stranger first chance I get. Did you Google the title? Read an excerpt? :)

      Be well.

  3. oh I found one it is on amazon and I think I must have gotten the last one my dear no no I understand not getting my way at all . I think you should read the beauty queen of Jerusalem I think you would like that book . talk to you soon stay well and be well .

    1. Oh, good! I'm glad you found a copy. It's a gem you will enjoy time after time.

      Thanks for the title. I must finish The Dovekeepe, and at least eleven others I bought and hope to get around to. My book cup runneth over, girl. I like keeping a list of recommends though. Read on.