Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pottering about with Beatrix or Dear Dodson, D.

She nails me with her unblinking, well-practiced look of reproach until I ask what's wrong. Minuet thinks she's my conscience. I went out for awhile yesterday for a meal at the Black Walnut and a quick stop at WFM. She's given me this stare since our return. JC is spared,  mind you, although he's the one who drove. I think she sent her jinx ahead for good measure because the food was a failure. 

Our Whole Foods shopping experience wasn't much better. There were gaping holes in all the shelves, the seafood department was shameful (I promise you the faux sea bass covered its eyes in shame), and the vegetables were pitiful and pathetic. We bought so little we could have carried everything home in two hands.  

The good always outweighs the bad so here's some good:

This notice is posted on TBW's patio. I took so many shots JC asked, "How many more are you gonna take?" He was embarrassed. Should I have told him the first few were taken in video mode? I was so excited my finger slipped from photo mode to video. Poor old thing. JC, not me.

Wait. Do you think smokers should have a designated smoking space? Should it be closed in, since we 'd tend to get a lungful of secondhand smoke on our way from the parking spaces to the cafe. Do smokers have rights? But if they had equal space, what about the rights of the wait staff who would be exposed to secondhand smoke? Carrabba's Italian restaurant got rid of their patio space all together, hence, no problem.

Graphic designers make my heart light up. There's so much right here, but the wrong shakes it up. It feels like three different artists worked on the same poster, and got it wrong where it counts. And there's something wrong with my brain or my eyes lately. The poster caught my attention because I thought the ad was for water. "Matter" somehow became "water." Of course, Johnson reacted as he would have had I had a stroke. I think I frighten him sometimes. *grin* Like rounding the corner onto the tea and coffee aisle, I asked him something--I forget what--but he said what he always says when he's behind me and I talk:  I can't hear you 'cause you're talking ahead of me. *sigh* *eye roll* So I said a little louder, "Come on old dude, you gotta keep up . . ." 

He heard me just fine, proving what I've suspected all along. He hears me. If he didn't, he'd walk beside me, right? So he walks up on my left, and I see this big cheese-eating grin splitting his face just as he says, "You need to be careful what you say to me; that man thought you were talking to him." I turn in wonder, and on my right is an employee and an older man with skin the beautiful color of walnuts or Aunt Miss's favorite snuff. He wore a "cap" that would have nudged the Census into classifying him as "other," and it showed off enough gray hair to distinguish him as an old dude too. Very handsome he was. 

The gentleman . . . Gentleman? My desktop dictionary defines the word in several ways. One is "2  a polite or formal way of referring to a man:  opposite her and old gentleman sat reading." So,  gentleman it shall be. The gentleman paid me no mind. I doubt if he saw me as anything more than a blip on his radar because he was in search of what he sought. Perhaps he was hard of hearing women too? Fast forward . . .

I didn't espy these until after we'd checked out and were near the exit. I still wonder what's on the other side, but hope springs that the circle designs are here for a while longer. See? I have good taste. Nanner nanna nanner, you ate a banan-er" to all y'all who laughed at me for liking the WFM circles. My "sewing circles" are still cool!

Tote with Pride. Indeed. I know I would. Would you?

Well, I would if they were better made. Craftsmanship always counts. Always. I never buy a thing if I can make it better, and I can sew these much better. Giving credit where credit is due, I like the idea of them being made with PETE. And while the Honda always has a cache of recyclable bags and totes, JC won't have them in his truck. Men are can be obstinate odd. Remember, you get five cents off your purchases for each bag you reuse. 

The final part of my parting ritual from a WFM is grabbing copies of "edible Houston." Sometimes they're so exceptional that I've mailed copies to Shin and Erin. They wrote about the annual Purple Hull Pea Festival in Shankleville last year! 

I am so smitten with this cow. Steer? Moo moo? Does it have vitiligo? Either way it is ab-so-lute-ly beautiful. Looking at it, I smell the sweet that comes from calves, a little manure, and freshly cropped pasture grass. For all I know, this dude could be in one of the pastures I frequent when I need to take in the great outdoors. It reminds me of the George Strait song, about where you'll find him down in Texas if you go looking for him. What a song. What a cow.

I wrote mail last night as I watched Clark Gable on TMC. A single letter. 

Drew another page for "As the Werm Turns," aka "The Story of Werm Hole Hill."

Most of my models work for food.

Which brings us to the title of this post.

. . . to be continued


  1. I thought Ubuntu was an operating system? Anyway, love those bags! The circles remind me of lily pads of nasturtium leaves, I can't decide which. I have so many bags I'm sure I can be classified as a bag lady.

    1. Here's some of what I discovered about Ubuntu:

      Ubuntu may refer to:
      • Ubuntu (philosophy), an ethical concept of southern African origin

      • Ubuntu (operating system), a Linux computer operating system distribution

      • Ubuntu (typeface), a font family

      • Ubuntu Titling, a font

      • Ubuntu Edge, a prototype smartphone

      • Ubuntu Cola, a carbonated soft drink

      • Ubuntu Local Municipality, Northern Cape, South Africa

      • Ubuntu Party, South African political party

      • Ubuntu Goode, a character in The Goode Family

      In fact, the word ubuntu is just part of the Zulu phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literally means that a person is a person through other people. Ubuntu has its roots in humanist African philosophy, where the idea of community is one of the building blocks of society.Sep 28, 2006

      Yes, they patterns on the bags remind me of lily pads. I've grown nasturtiums once and the leaves are beautiful.

      Ah! Another bag lady! Welcome, my sister! I use my bags for any number of things. A different project requires a different bag. I still have a LOT more than are necessary. I really must show you the rice bag Erin sent a few years ago. I believe it is the best so far.

  2. your dear cat and the Beatrix potter journal stole my heart indeed . I love it . the cat has quite a stare does nt she ? I think that would geek me . My dog also has quite the stare or should I say glare cause they make me feel guilty for not giving them a share of my food LOL . Oh well sometime there are just no share days you know ? take care and be well and stay well .

    1. Minuet still misses Simon and needs another snuggle mate. She thinks I'm it. She's the runt of her litter and has a unique personality, but she's as sweet as sugar in her own way. Passive aggressive too. :) Geek you? LOL. Our animals are master manipulators.

      The only people food Minuet likes is ice cream and popcorn. I learned not to leave either unattended when she's around.

      Hope you have a peaceful Memorial Day weekend.

      The journal is just as special--a gift from Dodson, D..

  3. I saw that Dodson gave it to you that is awesome , oh my she likes popcorn and ice cream . well my one dog gets very sick from people food so I have had to cut all of them off LOL

    1. He's a good egg. I know Min likes popcorn and ice cream because I caught her licking the bowl one night when I came back from getting a glass of water. Her head was so far down in the bowl she didn't hear me coming. The same thing with the popcorn. She and Simon liked the corn or the salt. Not sure which they preferred, but I catch Min when she sneaks and licks the salt from the popcorn bowl. She doesn't even try to pretend, but she always waits until no one is watching. We never give them people food. They won't eat it. All they know is the KD diet food from the vet. Dry and wet.

      Pets shouldn't eat people food. They aren't people, huh? Someone in our neighborhood thinks they're doing birds a good deed by giving them white bread. A grackle brings lumps of the stuff to soak in the water to soften it before it eats. White bread isn't good for humans or birds. The winged friends get absolutely no nutritional value from it. The poor things don't know any better, so a steady diet of the stuff can cause them to starve. You're a smart and caring human, and your dogs love you. :D