Monday, May 8, 2017

Neither Snow Nor Rain or the Texas Sun

It's here. Safe and sound and making rounds from the patio to the studio. "Neither Snow Nor Rain", this day came into my possession. Oh, yea. JC came bearing a bag of mail and two bags of my favorite bird seed. There was good mail, people. Such good mail! There was mail in the bag on top of my book and behind my book. I couldn't read for grinning! And showing JC. He likes me getting mail almost as much as I do. I was so happy I cooked dinner early. And yes, I cracked the cover, and read like I was in the middle of a desert and parched for words. The mail on top came from our cluster box, while the mail to the back came from the post office. I'd make a decent detective don't you think, seeing as how I deduced JC picked up the post office mail first, retrieved the book from the parcel box and then retrieved the mail from our house box. Agatha Christie, roll over, girl!

I started in the middle of the impromptu mail bag with the book. It didn't have the old new book smell, but an old girl can still hope. The new inks stink even if they are safer for the environment. Or is it the paper? Both? And publishing houses seem to hire fewer editors these days because my copy is riddled with mistakes and oversights someone like me makes. Books aren't cheap either, so you'd think they'd be edited to within an inch of their book life. Life goes on. "Neither Rain Nor Snow" should be required reading for every American. While I am not big on statistics, the numbers are worth knowing. And we should learn why we are so lucky fortunate to have a postal system as fine as ours. Sometimes we cannot see where we're going until after we've had a look at where we've been. Every perk we enjoy as Americans has come at a price. And, a scary, frightening, terrifying fact is, we need to use the USPS more than we do, lest we lose it. There are forces working to destroy something we rightfully need and deserve. The United States Postal Service must not be allowed to die. 

If the telephone didn't kill the mail what makes some believe the Internet will? According to Devin Leonard, the Internet might be what saves the USPS. What he might mean hit me the instant I read that. "People in the technology industry say that the Internet is killing the USPS and that this is how it was meant to be, but the Internet may be the postal service's best hope." The quote is from the end of the prologue. No explanation or details follow. What do you take it to mean?

End of public service announcement. 

I almost wish I'd bought these stamps. They're more personable up close. The colors appear to be too close in value for my liking so I passed. I like the way the reds here take the eye in an upward diagonal path and back. Very clever Pamela. The blue stamp ink did its job as well. And yes, you do keep the postman busy, girl!

How'd you get the ink to match the ink on the card? I've seen these online yet never imagined they'd be this lovely in hand. Moon phases? Luck and Love? Peace. The all seeing eye? Rainbows, yes! Stars and pens and pencils and hearts . . . What's not to like?

Sushi! Oh, joy! And ships ahoy!

The paper equivalent of wasabi. Sweet little bits that warm the spirit and stimulate creativity. I have just the right Microns for such tiny future address labels.  My new slower pace allows for more attentive responses, and it is soothing. Writing is pleasurable once more--not a self-conscious chore. Thank you for your patience. 

My outgoing mail bag is slowly filling as well. Two boxes sit atop the rail, in need of packing, sealing and sending. There's always something I feel someone might enjoy. Poor JC might expect a title and salary soon. He's the best mail fetcher and sender I could ever hope for.

Reciprocity is more fun than a barrel of minnows. 

Flow offers some of the best wrapping paper. A single sheet is worth the price of the gift it covers. The gift tag is icing. 

Package No. 5 has a lovely surprise. Well, it does if I remember correctly. My mouse battery is very low, according to my mouse. So I must pause for a recharge.


  1. what wonderful mail . I love all of it and I might get that book . I'm reading a book right now and am enjoying it . It is called voyage of the heart . so far so good . but alas my yard maintenance does keep me outside a good bit this time of year . well you be well and stay well.

    1. I like the oxblood reds. The book grabs and holds your attention. It's fascinating really. People like Franklin were true seers. Not much beats a good book even if you have to read a paragraph here and there between doing yard maintenance. :)

  2. I hope you enjoy Neither Snow Nor Rain as much as I did!

    1. Thanks, Jen. I am. Who knew the history of the USPS could be so interesting?