Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mama Day

Mothering deserves a celebration. Everyone had to have a mother. I stayed up late just to tell y'all some of this stuff, and to say Happy Mother's Day. Sure, I could have done it in the morning, but I'm waiting for my hair to dry. Then I have to rebraid . . . Well, what a nerve. I tried to write "rebraid my hair," and this auto correct wrote "rebrand." How universe un-diverse is that? See? It did it again. Siri and I still do battle over my accent versus hers. She wants to tell me what to say and how to say it, or she goes, "Say what girlfriend? I didn't quite get that." I just shut her down and do it myself. Just FYI? Rebraid and re-braid are not in the dictionary! But anyway, here's a cool link of the FDR stamp story: FDR's Mama Stamp. Aw, gee, I especially like the editorial cartoon. Thanks, FDR. We appreciate you trying. Don't read "Last Stamp" if you're a crybaby like me. 

There will be a pop quiz, so read all about this air mail stamp too. Did you know he collected stamps? His collection was sold after his demise death.
"3. FDR designed a Mother's Day stamp. Or at least he tried. 
Woodrow Wilson wasn't the only president to put his stamp on Mother's Day. Franklin Delano Roosevelt personally designed a 1934 postage stamp to commemorate the day. 
The president co-opted a stamp that was originally meant to honor 19th-century painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler and featured the artist's famed “Whistler’s Mother” portrait , of Anna McNeill Whistler. FDR surrounded the iconic maternal image with a dedication: “IN MEMORY AND IN HONOR OF THE MOTHERS OF AMERICA.”
Anna Jarvis didn't approve of the design and refused to allow the words "Mother’s Day" to appear on the stamp—so they never did. “Overall, she thought the stamp ugly," Antolini says.

7. Flowers are an original tradition that endures (sort of).
The white carnation, the favorite flower of Anna Jarvis's mother, was the original flower of Mother’s Day.
“The carnation does not drop its petals, but hugs them to its heart as it dies, and so, too, mothers hug their children to their hearts, their mother love never dying," Jarvis explained in a 1927 interview.
The most popular flower choice today (the rose) seems to be 'mom's favorite.' "
Oh, my. Somehow all this just snatched the taste of Mother's Day right out of my being. Earlier in the day I defended celebrating birthdays. The post mentioned  people who stopped celebrating after they became Jehovah's Witnesses because JW do not celebrate the birthdates. What's wrong with celebrating births? These days some people celebrate deaths. They call it a home-going. Excuse me while I laugh. Or cry, seeing as how no one who has died ever came back to tell us what it's like--including Lazarus. Living is one of the best parts of life, so for me, dying is nothing I want to celebrate.  Chances are good that the dead don't either. Well, technically they can't so . . . And don't forget the Day of the Dead celebrations. 
Have we become so cynical and insensitive that we forget how special the birth of a child is? We should celebrate having been born, right? I mean who celebrates a stillbirth? Try to imagine how painful that un-birthdate is to parents who live such a tragedy. They remember that date too. What? Don't tell me you think mothers who miscarry automatically forget the day it happens? Mothers bring life into the world.  Bill Cosby lied every time he said, "I brought you into this world and I can take you out." No he didn't. The day he can do that will be the day I'll be a monkey's uncle.
And don't be guilted into thinking it's wrong to spend some money on your mama. That's what it's for. To be spent, not hoarded. Let the little 'uns show their love their way. All you big Mama's children and daddies, dig deep. We brought y'all here. Now let us celebrate!
Read the full respectful article here:  Mother's Day Facts. See why I still read Nat Geo? 
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. I love this post just awesome happy mothers day ....take care and be well .

    1. Thanks! Hope your MD was lovely.

  2. :) Yes, this is a celebration I can get behind! Thanks for the link to the FDR stamp story.

    1. LOL. I do like your enthusiasm.

      I wonder how often the FDR stamp story will be posted in the next decade? I have a feeling someone will be reading it for the first time ever no matter what. So let it ride, I say.

      Hope you had a good MD too. Mamas count.