Friday, May 19, 2017

Line Upon Line

Line upon line a letter makes. 

Less is more.

State your case.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

"He who speaks from the lips chatters.
He who speaks from an empty mind adds confusion to discord.
He who speaks from a full mind feeds the minds of men.
He who speaks from his heart wins the confidence of mankind.
But he who speaks from his soul . . . " 
                                                                            Annalee Skarin

I'm expressing from a different bag today. Rotation meets each separate need. I hope and pray there's never a plastic garbage trash bag day. 

"Oh, girl, what bigger eyes you have."

"The better to see life with, my dear."

I need to see my way clear of a major pile up. The extra t-shirt serves its own purpose.  Not that short sleeves help, but some days you do the best you feel like doing. I smell like barbecued goat. The neighbor sets the backyard air on fire like there's a fire sale and he was first in line. At first it smelled like he'd singed the hair off a possum. *gagging* Please, don't even wonder or ask. Singed possum stinks. 

Ooo-wee, girl! What a big book you read. The better to understand my self, my dear. I need all the help I can get.  *grin* But seriously. 

Jasmine won Master Chef Junior last night. Justise cooked goat. Both sweet, talented girls who can cook circles around me, and they're just eleven. Jasmine is so generous and caring--and confident. Justise is so sweet, charming and attentive. I'd lip kiss Wolfgang Puck if I could. I'd whisper a special message in Martha Stewart's ear if I had the chance, and I'd tell Gordon Ramsay, "You're not such a don-key after all." But I'm stalling. Moving on . . .

I like this postcard. I'd like to show you the other side but then you'd see who it's from and I'm in enough hot water as it is. I will tell you that The Mangler destroyed two of the loveliest vintage-to-me stamps. It chewed strips from the card itself. Shame on you, Mangler. You can do better. Your unkindness does not minimize the cool factor here. I am crazy for continuous line drawing. Thank you, Cynthia. 

I'd intended to use the yellow used for lines down the center of a Texas country road. I'm out. Had to use Copic's YR12 Quamquat instead.

I created one of my own. Yellow is still mellow--like the Texas sun this season. Then made do with Faber Castell's Pitt artist pen, Dark Chrome Yellow. 

Lovely yellow eggs on my Christmas cactus. I may never eat saffron rice again.

Written last night. Will ask JC to mail. 'Tis time to write that apology. I believe truth is always spoken/written from the soul.

Be well. Be honest. Be true friends.


  1. hey hey what lovelys you have my dear about the greenhouse why don't you go get one of those 40 dollar ones at home depot and it has a cover you can zip up. But if you put it out on your patio remember to strap it down because of those texas sized tornadoes you all get . I for one wish bluebonnets would grow here but they don't . they are a beautiful flower . well I have sunflowers and zinnias everywhere . and I also put in some really nice marigolds by my walkway . hopefully next year we are going to frame out and make an additional walkway . it is not that hard to do ... we watch you tube a lot . LOL . be well stay well .oh yeah the neighbor charred goat gross tell him to stop ....LOL

    1. A $40 greenhouse??? No way on Earth. Besides, I want the real deal. I don't want to end up in Oz holding on to something that flies. Someone could see up my skirts!

      Sorry about the blue bonnets but y'all can't have everything. :D I planted cream marigolds from seeds. Hope I remember where, and don't yank them later thinking they're weeds. Zinnias loved the soil at the old house. Not even a little here where it's clay.

      I watched lots of YouTube today. There's an amazing botanical artist who inspires me to use watercolor pencils. I haven't so far but she mixes them with other good things like regular colored pencils and graphite. Live and learn. And there is so much more to learn and try. And do.

      Speaking of goat? Gordon Ramsay said it's the most consumed protein on the planet.

      Have a good rest of your weekend.

  2. Gordon ramsey can eat it then I'm not eating a poor goat ...I love goats we used to have a lovely nanny goat on my grands farm that goat was so sweet and never caused any problems . Grand loved that goat . we loved her we miss her grand and the goat .

    1. LOL. But don't you eat chicken, beef, pork and the like?

      Sometimes you make me laugh so hard. "We loved her we miss her grand and the goat." It's even funnier as a run-on sentence. :D Write on, woman.

  3. LOL yeah I see what you mean ... yes I eat chicken I don't eat port or beef because they give me such problems trying to digest them so I avoid them chicken and fish are my mains these days .