Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Limner Post Redux

I bought this stationery so long ago I've forgotten where I bought it. Hallmark perhaps? Even the name of the city and state I lived in at the time eludes me. South Carolina? The last time I remember using it was back when I had two pen friends. One in Rhode Island. One in Japan. The portfolio has a velcro closure. That's how cool it is. I almost used used the last sheets of stationery and envelopes last month but my hoarder brain overruled me, and stayed my hand. Okay, my shaky hand stayed itself. Not writing with a Pilot Fine Marker on a regular basis means I wobble due to the felt tip's drag, and I wanted to use purple ink. So much for that. There's always tomorrow. Chances are I'll forget this post and create another one down the post-ladened road. That's been happening a lot lately. Post redux. *sigh* *grin* Me thinks it's time to hang up my pen, put away my stationery, and turn out the lights here. Give it a rest.

Then I see all the stamps waiting in the wings, and . . . You know how Erika Badu sings . . . 

"Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that
I guess nobody ever told you 
All you must hold onto is you.

One day all them bags gone get in your way
So pack light

Bag lady you gone miss your bus
You can't hurry up
Cause you got too much stuff

Girl I know sometimes it's hard
And we can't let go

If you start breathing . . .

Let it go
Let it go
Let it go . . . "

It takes practice. Learning takes practice. So that's what I'm doing. I'm practicing letting my bags go. A lady can go on her own, or she can be asked to leave. She can make it easier on the asker by doing a thing that creates the "you gotta leave moment," leaving everyone with clean hands. Yep. I've done my Erika Badu bag post before too but who's counting?

Perhaps emptying it makes letting go easier? Let's see.

Current bag. By the way? I'm canceling my subscription. Who has the time to read all the magazines, even on handheld devices? Not this bag lady. And all those daily e-mails. Too, too many. All they do is guilt me into feeling guilty 'cause I can't keep up. I have other things to do! Like handling what's in my bag. My daily bag. Not my handbag. My necessary bag. One of the bags that makes me a bag lady.

From top to bottom. Here's the top. Anna gave me this lovely booklet about the Hereford Cathedral several years ago. You'd think I'd know it by heart, I've read it often enough--sometimes I simply pore over the photos. It's kept me good company this past week. I'm not done learning from it just yet. I still check their web site. That library and the map never get old.

Today's headband. It's still windy here and that means a headband is necessary. Creepy crawlers fall down on my head from the willow, and I can't always tell if it's stray hair from braids or a creepy crawler that strokes my face. Besides, I hate it when I inhale and a strand or a bug goes up a nostril. It's usually hair hence the headband. Hair whipped against an eyeball is no laughing matter either. A headband is as good as a hair Band-aid. FYI.

And there's this. Do you have a copy? Isn't it lovely? No. Isn't it beautiful? It's my latest wish book. I try to imagine how long it took the artist to do the cover, and I just go "Oh, wow." Then I wonder, "What if the artist messed up?" I know the answer but I still wonder. The lettering, the drawings, the coloring . . . just everything! 

A better view. I took the photo on the patio last week. I'm always thinking of y'all, wanting to share, and hear what you think. Here's proof for the doubting Thomas and Thomasine among you.

The back. "My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive and to do so with passion, compassion, and some style." Learning to live up to such a mission statement is as desirable as "The Three Sieves" and "The Three Gates of Gold." Style and grace and a smiling face are all good things.

I can explain. I told Cathy I would. I did. And did it while standing in a bed of fire ants.

It's worth the dragging around time. Think hand carved stamps + envelopes + stationery.

It cost $6.95 in 1997. Today? Priceless. Cannot be found.

Does this make me a double bag bag lady? *grin*

What would I do without it? How many do you have?

I came across these while searching my stash for tomato seeds. They expired in 2015. One has to try, right? Does Mother Nature stamp canceled on any seeds? You hear me, huh?

A single sock. I'd have put it on my right foot because it's persnickety when there isn't a pair on hand. Today it would have been the wrong foot however, seeing as how the fire ants bit my left foot. Clogs bite sometimes. Had I worn tennis, I'd have been shod with two socks, and perhaps that would have confused those pismires. The little piss ants!

Correction. I'd already planted the tomatoes when they struck. I was covering the beans then. How can green beans be brown seeds? Oh. Never mind. I get it. It's like pinto beans are brown-speckled. 

Be patient. We're almost there. I saved the last chapter to read today. The end didn't come soon enough but I think I learned something about another culture from this book. Live and learn and thrive. I try. I won't be redundant by showing a different photo of the pen and pencil. Besides, the photograph isn't that good anyway.

Showing the front cover is not redundancy. I'm showing the front because I like the jacket so much. It's designed by Martha Kennedy. Such sweet seeds. Goodness! I just got the connection. The story is about human "seeds." Children if you will. Very clever.

Ever wore the name off a thing? In our throw away society discovering something that's wearing out or worn out from actual use is too often a novelty. These nibs hold up well. The writers are ideal for fine line letter writing. Sometimes you just need a little ink to say what wants writing. Cocoiro has you covered.

Not knowing when I'll feel a letter coming on means having good paper on hand is a must, even if fancy isn't. This is lovely for writing outdoors. You have a stable backing, a forgiving surface, and it feels good and solid under the side of your palm and wrist. The "moon" part. Envelopes and stamps can wait for later.

Just like Forever Amber. Forever Moleskin. They're _________.

They allow you to be a smart ass in private.

They're handy for proofing your personal stamps.

*sigh* I remember when I was a poor student and could afford just one Moleskin. They were as good as gold back then. Then, when I could afford them they went the way of most dreams. South. The quality went south.

And there's mail. 

It's like the man said, a "genuine letter." Handwritten. 

And there's always room for the unexpected. 

And we're done. Bottoms up! 

Humming . . . "

"Bag lady you gone hurt your back
Dragging all them bags like that
I guess nobody ever told you 
All you must hold onto is" your thought, a pencil, a piece of paper, and some postage for the envelope.


  1. I'm just as happy as a bug in a rug if you will . glad you planted the tomatoes . OMG the fire ants put out bait not killer bait . they seem to go away with the bait not with the killer . I am tickled pink I want to read that book as in seeds are children , I get it human seeds . Yeah and then there are the seeds we plant in our kids minds . You know what I'm talking about right ? anyways I'm so tickled you did it , I'm so proud of you ....my black beauty squash has a flower so I hopefully will have a squash a zucinni soon . well stay well and be well my dear friend .

    1. I forgot to ask. Have you seen these??? http://www.rareseeds.com/glass-gem-corn-/

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will tell JC because we gave up on bait several summers ago. They seemed immune to it after awhile. I don't mind ants terribly since they eat enough aphids to make up for the few times they bite, but I'm allergic to a degree and the infected spots itch and are such a bother. It's too hot for the fever they cause! I tried a truce with them, as in live and let live but they broke it. I have not declared an all out war just yet but the possibility is not off the table. :)

    Yes ma'am. Seeds are seeds and poisonous ones grow noxious weeds. Our poor children.

    Hope I didn't wait too late to plant those tomato seeds but only time will tell. I almost bought starter plants from WF but didn't want to cheat. LOL. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Aww, good for you and your garden. I must Google the Black Beauty squash. I planted the plain old yellow squash. So far so good. And the cucumbers are growing like weeds already, with broad leaves the size of saucers. I forget if the other plant is eggplant or just weeds. LOL. I should keep a garden journal but I take photos almost every day, so . . .

    Those giant sunflowers are drying nicely. You should see the seeds!

    1. mine sunflowers have not put heads out yet . I hope soon though . I lost two of my tomatoes yesterday one to a rabbit and one to disease already fusarium wilt . just gotta learn and live with a garden . yes I have seen glass corn but you cannot eat it it is supposed to be for decoration . sad huh ? oh well take care and so glad hope your maters fare well and your cukes too and everything else you planted .be well and stay well .

    2. I think I had a head start. They tend to grow faster when they are fed large doses of patience. I am sorry for your loss. When I plant I always plant a little extra for the "others." Then I use netting. :) What I wouldn't give for a greenhouse.

      That corn can be used for popping, corn meal and corn nuts. I'd plant it for one other thing. :)

      Thanks for your hope. Be well.