Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I Canned a Quart of Rocks Today

May 2, 2017

Dear _________,

Mail is stacking up here so I'd better not write any more until after a post run. Backed up mail is never any fun. We've been hanging out up north you see; the post office is south, and pick-up does not happen by word of mouth. A package has to be weighed and that means I'll have to choose another day to mail it; I cannot recall where I tucked all the new postage for safe keeping and goodness only knows where I put the postage scale. Can you tell I cleaned and tidied up again? 

These newly arrived succulents are in a very safe place. They happen to be right next to me. 

There's always good mail! Lovely mail! Fun mail! Late mail! Happy Birthday mail, too! Confetti stamps float against a sky blue envelope. Oh, the lovely balloons, the bunting fair! And spring washi tape at interesting angles! See the lovely B a-dangle, all suspended in mid-air? So many goodies on an envelope almost doesn't seem fair. But it's in celebration, I do declare! 

How the card could be just as lovely is beyond my ken, but there it is again. It's in celebration of my latest birthday, you see. Happy bunting and sweet-sweet wishes came to me. Thank you, dear Anna. I am so bad at remembering, so I decided to keep it low key. But you remembered. Thank you. I do however, remember when I didn't think I'd live to see twenty-one. Then we doubted thirty. Goodness, gracious me, but I did it! And here I am to tell the tale.

So, JC and Erin had me submit a list of five things I wanted for my birthday gift, and they'd get what they believed I really wanted. One year Erin gave me my first Barnes & Noble membership. I was in hog heaven! It's in an old journal now but she opened a door that has never been closed to me since then. That place is my home away from home; only the Black Walnut comes in second. 

I believe I have everything I ever dreamed of, making my cup runneth over before Christmas, my birthday and Mother's Day, so this is what I decided. I asked for two charms from James Avery. They are special people they are. The last several years they have a bracelet, necklace, charm special in April that runs through Mother's Day. Buy two charms and get a bracelet or necklace for free. The maximum value is $69.00. What's not to like, huh? 

This bracelet is almost full. The other envelope with the red heart is on a second bracelet but James Avery retired this envelope. I'll have to rent this mail box in perpetuity, won't I? Each charm has a story. The sales staff at JA are ever helpful in making your "vision" a reality. They have the patience of Job. Honest. 

This year's list included a magnifier and something else. I forget what and don't have the catalog in front of me. They really do magnify, so why not get two? Right? I wanted "double vision" which sounds foolish if you think about it. But the lovely lady who helped me didn't even blink at my request. The blank space between the two is for something super special for a later date. The bracelet is their newest design. Lucky me.

It really is pretty, and it opens up your wrist unlike any other bracelet. They've added the little JA logo piece, and it's sweet. The envelope comes courtesy of our Jean. Thank you, dear Jean. I'm not so far behind these days. 

This is from JC and Erin per my request. I do like the typewriter font, don't you? So I asked for the L and the I for my birthday. I may have jumped the gun when I said, "You can get me the M and the N for Mother's Day, and we'll call it quits until Christmas when you can give me there E and R." Even if they choose to teach me a lesson by not remembering the last two for Christmas, I'll still have a word that I thoroughly enjoy. 

Now here's the kicker. The lovely lady and I spent a good long while getting two bracelets co-ordinated/visualized, and four charms pinned in just the right places. 

I wrote the word, drew a line, and the lovely lady wrote notes. Specifics could not have been any clearer. She called over the expert to make sure she'd done it right. I was reassured that all was well. I could pick up my bracelets the next day.

This is what JC brought home. He suggested turning it the "other" way to see if I had it backwards. When is Mother's Day??? I'm especially embarrassed because the one who solders is a woman. *sigh*

I canned a quart of rocks today. JC asked, "How long do they cook?"

"Until they're done," I said.

When I was done, 
I sat in the sun 
and worked on some 
fine stitch-ery.

Sincerely sincere,



  1. oh my what lovelys . I myself don't care for jewelry all that much maybe has something to do with my mother telling me that jewelry was for show off and loose women so she never wore any either . Too bad but it has stuck with me . I truly wish adults especially parents would think before they say things to kids you know , things stick sometimes . well anyways what lovelys you are a very lucky woman ,,, hope you enjoy the sun . take care and stay safe .

    1. I like the tinkly sounds they make. It's Erin and JC's way of belling the cat; they can hear me before I catch them misbehaving. Religion does that to too many people. Your poor mother. She never wore a wedding ring? Now THAT'S show off jewelry. It shows the world you're married. LOL.

      I'm loving the sun so much you can't believe how much. Its heat is tempered by the cool winds. Life is good.

      Be well.

  2. Happy Birthday! Love the bracelets and the charms--especially the envelope with your name! :)

    1. Thank you! I feel rare. I never imagined being this age, and it's better than anyone ever told me.

      Thanks too for liking my charm choices. There are so many to choose from. I wrote to request a postage stamp charm, and a fountain pen charm, but there are too few letter writers who wear charm bracelets. *sigh*

  3. Oh! I definitely want to try hand-stitching on paper! I've always liked the look of the stitched paper, but using the sewing machine always seems like such trouble. I used to do embroidery, and your beautiful work seems to combine both. I can't wait to try it!

    1. I hope you'll do just that. It's fun. I bought bunches of 12 x 12 sheets before Archiver's closed yet find prefer using an awl with the Whole Foods Market bags. When smaller holes are necessary I use a tapestry needle. Beading needles are tricky with metallic threads but who's in a hurry, right?

      I'm unable to use either sewing machine so I play it by hand, and am slowly remembering old embroidery stitches. When sleep eludes me I punch holes in paper or keep myself in stitches. :)

      Did you embroider pillow cases too??? :) Do you cross stitch? Girl, we are stitcher sisters. I look forward to admiring your work. Thanks for making my day brighter. Fun always do that.

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