Sunday, May 21, 2017

Catching Up to Myself

Is catching up with myself the same as being beside myself? If it is, and once I do, what do I do with myself? How much time do you have? There's more to do than there is time to do it in. There has to be time for doing nothing more than sitting, observing, thinking about what I see--what I want to do--and ought to do. I tend to do the opposite of ought. Ought carries very little weight these days. 

I ought to put away the folded laundry. I ought to put away my tools, but if I do I'll just have to take them out again tomorrow; I ought to listen to more music since I feel like singing along with Otis Redding, and I would but I forget where I put my iPod. Can you believe I forgot how to turn it on? Seems it needed charging first. I did forget how to turn the thing off though. Yep, it's been that long since I used it. I prefer it to the larger/newer version JC gave me. 

A gift from JC. It's hard to believe this is older than Alex. Okay. I'm listening now. It's old music. Good, and worth ear drum use. How many thumps in old ear drums? I don't mind using them for this joy though. I cannot get it back--used eardrum cells; it's like washing away used skin cells, right? They regrow without our notice. We enjoy wearing away our joints, our hair, taste buds, and other renewable self stuff. It's not like we can save any of it t by not using it. Right? Heck, I made myself laugh with that one. So, I shall write while I listen.

Well. I've forgotten what I set out to say. Perhaps listening awhile longer will help. 

Nope. So onward and forever hopeful . . . There's this:

Yellow Mail

Black Mail? 

Last Night's Mail

I lost misplaced last night's mail. Searched without success. Had to ask JC if he'd seen it. *shamefaced grin* Embarrassed, I set out on a personal search party of one. Found it too. Three more down with maybe seven more to go before I'll be back on track--er, caught up. This does not count the "thinking of you," or "Annie are you okay?" and "I simply had to show you this!" kind of mail. Packages don't count. Or do they? 

P.S.  I bought The Saffron Kitchen several years back. I bought it on Audible too, thinking I'd ease into listening to recorded books and not fall asleep. I'd read along as practice. Guess what. It did not work. There are several really great books on both iPods that I've never heard. There's The Bookshop, Christine Falls, The Rest of Her Life, Toast, The White Tiger," and one I am too embarrassed to tell you about, but The White Tiger is so hilarious I had to buy a hard copy. So. How do I teach myself not to fall asleep? My mind wanders too, so any advice on how to stay focused? I'd like to hear The Saffron Kitchen from beginning to end. *sigh*

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