Monday, May 22, 2017

An Early Berd Mail Werm

If werms write, who delivers their mail? Early bird mail is their norm. Ever see one when the sun is high in the sky? No, 'cause they usually die if they lie exposed beneath the rays without mud sunscreen. 

Guess who. What? I'll explain later.

One postcard went out to wing its way across the Great Mail Way. Thank you, JC.

Beached mail. Beach themed mail? Just mail. Two pages.

Brown Girl Beams

First Mail Opened today. Good and lovely words galore. Thank you, Anna. 

The moral of this post is:  Early werm mail goes out in the first post, but only if the early berd don't eat it first, 'cause it woke up hungry. 

Write more mail. Well, write more mail, and mail it.


  1. I just love all of these sorry I got behind with posting and commenting . I hope all is well . be well and stay well

    1. You are very kind. Please don't be sorry. Obligations return to resentment and other dark emotions. I hope you don't feel obligated to leave comments on every post. Most of my posts are simply ongoing conversations, often one-sided, but pleasurable. :) A blogger's got to blog like a bird's gotta sing. :)

      You might be surprised if you knew how many blogs I read/follow/lurk in the shadows of, and leave comments on or not. many times I'm so caught up in what I read I sit back to think, Google a fact or an opinion I've read, am called away and forget to leave a comment, or even feel too ignorant to leave a reply. And yes, there are rare times when I am too stymied to say anything at all. When I find myself saying thing the same thing, well, I know it's best not to say anything. That's not to say what I read wasn't thought provoking or entertaining.

      We're having work done on the house exterior and I am not a happy consumer today; otherwise life is like a giant peach. :)

      Thanks for commenting. I subscribe to your posts. Nothing has come down the pike lately. Does fault lay on my stoop? Be well.

  2. no no no ones fault I just mainly review books now because I have really nothing to say much other than a book review you know ? I read a lot and get a slew of books from publishers so I just review em and be done with em .be well and stay well ,

    1. Okay. I understand. Thanks for being such a staunch visitor. I'll always leave the mat out for ya. {{hugs}}