Tuesday, April 11, 2017

There's More to an Old Bag Than Meets the Eye

I do believe I've come up with a way to actually include handles so they don't get in the way of being mailed as a letter and not as a package. Time will tell.

Poking holes is as much fun as stitching them. It's all Zen-like. I never poked a finger or palm even once. No blood. Yea. The new thread is good but it kept slipping through the too-large needle eye. It's time for new needles. That don't have sharp tips.

The edge of stitched circle on the right curved upward like a lily pad. Cute.

Stuffed with batting.

Good contrasts.

Is time running out?

Home Land killed Quinn. I had to watch it twice before belief sank in. I cut through two bags, punched holes in three circles, and stitched one during and after. Home Land is the one show I pay attention to, and Quinn was half the reason why. Carrie is bi-polar and still manages to be smarter than the people she works for but she and Quinn were the best team ever, dang it. She's still a strong female character despite or because of her weaknesses. I almost stopped watching when she fell for that red haired traitor in season one. 

They killed off Quinn yet Dar Adal lives, along with that mad-as-a-hatter lady president. The show had to have been filmed before the election--while some believed we'd have a female president. Well, we have a real life commander in chief who who acts like the character on the show. It's confusing sometimes. And poor Carrie has to save the president elect, hunt down terrorists, protect the innocent and maligned, all while being a bi-poloar single mom who has no social life. Art imitates life and vice versa. At least this show's writers are better.

I'm not counting down just yet, but my collection of WFM bags will run out before my bag mail ideas. Did you know it's possible to turn an entire paper bag inside out without taking it apart at the seam? That's not what happened here though. The idea came to me just before lights out, so I quickly did it. Just like that! It gave me such a rush. You'll see what I mean. The one here is meant to be flat, like the ones from the five and dime and Hallmark. Remember those? I liked those bags, with their striped pattern and almost tissue paper thin-ness. My mama always saved them for me when she bought a pair of hose. 

The address label is from Flow Magazine. It's hard to believe I used to wonder what I'd do with such small labels. There's a two or three page letter tucked inside, and quite possibly a goodie or two. The serrated edges were carefully sealed with a fine bead of bookbinder's glue; it was close, but I don't think the glue touched the contents. 

Envelope back:  Best friends are like peas in a pod . . . close. I made the little flower stamp back when I first tried my hand at making my own. Bits and pieces from the WFM bag enhance the circle theme. The small dots and centers are from the Tim Holtz collection, if memory serves me right. The peas in a pod, and the best friends tag are from a long ago stash of rub-ons. This is fun. And it's free. Oh, the glee. Seriously. How can anyone ever be bored with old bags around? Ahem.  We're They're tough, interesting, well made, filled with possibilities . . .  *grin*


  1. As usual I love it all and you are so awesome . Kerry Gold is awesome butter but very costly here in the states , I m still wanting to go to Ireland some day . Oh don't we all have those someday trips in mind ?Oh well take care and be careful in the sun .Be well .

    1. Kerry Gold is the best butter in our kitchen. It's not terribly expensive here. Maybe we can save our ducats and go to Ireland on a two-for-one special? :) Someday slips farther as we age. Can you imagine a 98 year old us trying to chase cows and leprechauns in the dark?

    2. oh yes 98 yr old us indeed and drinking green beer ,,,LOL ....chasing cows and leprechauns in the dark sounds like fun .

    3. See? We should go to Ireland together. We'd make shamrock dresses and garlands for our hair, throw loves of soda bread at the moon, and wash that germy blarney stone. :)